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To healthe wound quickly, applying bandage is the primary process. Wound-care bandages can be used for both acute and chronic wounds. They can be used for holding tubes, leg bags or stoma bags and more. You can search for different types of bandages in different sizes on our official website.

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  1. 1. Bandages Wound-care.co.uk
  2. 2. Bandages – A Secondary Dressing • Used for securing the primary dressing • Effectively holds tubes, leg bags, stoma bags • Different types of bandages like compression, non-compression, tubular, gauze and woven • Available in multiple sizes
  3. 3. Actico Cohesive Bandage • An inelastic compression bandage • Used for treating leg ulcers, swollen ankles or legs • A perfect substitute of four-layer bandage which is used for healing chronic venous ulcers • Easy to apply and remove
  4. 4. Cellona Bandage – An Effective Padding • Used under compression and Plaster of Paris • Prevent pressure points from forming • Used for providing comfort to the patient • Self-adhesive aid application makes it easy to apply and remove • Available in multiple sizes
  5. 5. Easifix – A Lightweight and Porous Retention Bandage • Made using polyamide and viscose • Offers a secure fixation of wound dressings on awkward areas • Allows air circulation which reduces the risk of skin maceration • Finished with soft edges which preventing fraying
  6. 6. Flexiban Padding Bandage – Provides Comfort and Support • Made with 100% polyester • Designed for providing maximum comfort and support • Ideal to use as padding under the first layer of multilayer compression bandaging • Helps in relieving pressure sores and avoids sweat under bandages
  7. 7. Gypsona Plaster Dressings – Used for Stabilizing the Bandage • Made from a specially woven leno cloth • Porous and absorbent • Used for orthopaedic applications and management of unstable fractures • Makes the bandage stable and reduces distortion or creasing during application • Available in various sizes
  8. 8. Email: info@aidability.com Telephone : 0845 900 1309 Address: Wound-care.co.uk Aidability Limited, PO Box 482, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 9HA