Digital Lead Generation for Economic Development

Atlas Integrated
11 Apr 2016

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Digital Lead Generation for Economic Development

  1. Presented by Guillermo Mazier/ Atlas Advertising
  2. Topics We Will Cover 1.  Understanding Digital Lead Generation 2.  Why is Digital Lead Generation Important? 3.  Typical Objectives for Digital Lead Generation 4.  Defining Implementation of a Digital Marketing Program to Drive Leads 5.  Summary: Key Takeaways
  3. 1.  Respond faster and more accurately, knowing what a prospect needs or wants based on their persona 2.  Use digital tools and tactics to nurture a lead through your sales cycle as slowly or as quickly as necessary 3.  Succeed in driving revenue at a faster rate, opening opportunities for increased visibility and spending on community awareness 4.  Let your website and other online assets do the heavy lifting After Today, You’ll Be Armed To…
  4. Digital Lead Generation isn’t a FAD marketing program. It’s an ongoing investment that must be resourced properly. It’s not a one-stop, one- campaign paradigm. It’s not built on quick wins for leads. There are hard costs and soft costs associated with building a successful Digital Lead Generation strategy that deserve proper budget allocations and future considerations such as EDO focus, staff capabilities, and resources. - Atlas Advertising
  5. “Technology is the most consistent factor in rendering a job useless.”
  6. When Websites Replaced Travel Agents
  7. NAICS: 561510 - Travel agencies Planning a trip today is a do-it-yourself endeavor: you can book accommodations, transportation, discover restaurants and entertainment, and navigate your route all online. Thus, the traditional travel agent is no longer necessary. *CareerCast listed travel agents among “useless jobs” that are becoming obsolete.The list also included data entry clerks, sign spinners and shoe repairers. When Websites Replaced Travel Agents
  8. Economic Developers are ! SLOW TO ADOPT DIGITAL
  9. The Composition of Digital Lead Generation Compelling, purposeful content coordinated to drive traffic, convert leads, and nurture until sales ready.
  10. How can I really focus on my prospects/customers through marketing?
  11. •  To create an effective Digital Lead Gen strategy, you must first be clear on your target audience •  The most efficient way of doing this is through the creation of buyer personas – fictional biographies of your target audience •  To create a buyer persona, start by asking simple questions: •  Who are my ideal targets? •  What are their goals? •  What are their challenges or limitations? •  How can I most effectively reach them? •  What types of content do they digest? •  You may very well have multiple target personas, but by answering these questions for each of your targeted industries or customers, you will be able to craft a fairly detailed persona for each potential contact or lead. Focus on your Customers
  12. Sample Buyer Persona - Manufacturing Manufacturing Mark Mark (60-65) is the CEO of a mid-sized automotive parts manufacturing business in the Midwest. Mark’s responsibilities range from business development to finance. He is committed to the continued growth of his business and insists on being involved in most of the businesses processes. Because of this, his daily schedule is full of meetings with representatives of the business’s various departments. Due to the size and budget of the company, Mark has not had a need for a dedicated site selector but the business is growing rapidly and he is considering a new, larger location in Northeast Ohio. The selection process is new to him and he is looking for expertise in selecting the right facility where the business can operate now and grow in the future.
  13. Sample Buyer Persona – Site Selection Site Selector Steve Site Selector Steve (35-40) is a commercial site selector in metro Dallas. Working for a nationally recognized brand, Steve is well versed in market trends and analytics and is keen to find the best solutions for his clients. Increasingly, Steve is looking beyond the immediate city limits for those solutions. Steve is receptive to new ideas and wants to be at the forefront of new areas of the market. Digitally savvy, Steve reads emails constantly. He is also a staple at real estate industry events, both regionally and nationally.
  14. How should I go about selecting targeted prospects/ industries?
  15. •  Companies in “transition” •  New leadership •  New product/patent/technology •  Recent cash infusion/M&A •  Market forces •  Unique or defined asset users •  Workforce recently available •  Unique site – example 1m square feet of refrigerated space •  Upstream or downstream gap exists within existing cluster supply chain •  Connection to location innovation environment Targeting Recruitment Prospects
  16. •  Companies in “transition” •  New leadership •  New product/patent/technology •  Recent cash infusion/M&A •  Market forces •  Impact on the community •  Direct revenue: payroll/real estate tax •  Indirect & induced impact: Modeling software utilizes headcount, revenue, and other data sources) Targeting Retention/Expansion Prospects
  17. Do you believe that web pages ranked higher in search results are more trustworthy than those ranked lower?
  18. •  Organic search engine results are 85% of all end user clicks, as opposed to only 15% for sponsored ads, like pay-per-click (PPC) •  Website marketing and applying SEO (getting found) strategies works for you 24/7/365 vs. traditional ads on the radio, newspaper, TV and billboards, which are time sensitive Why is Getting Found so Important?
  19. Takeaway 1: Before they buy, they Google COMPANY LOOKING TO EXPAND/ RELOCATE YOUR EDO
  20. Takeaway 2: Social takes a back seat to search when buying >Google
  21. Takeaway 3: Ranking well can make you seem more trustworthy
  22. • What generates most of my leads? •  What are my best conversion tools? • How can I increase conversions?
  23. Use Inbound and Content Marketing to Convert
  24. •  Infographics •  Videos •  Blog articles •  Off-site guest posts •  Off-site guest articles •  Datagraphics •  Gated content •  White papers •  Webinars •  POV documents •  Email marketing •  Real estate updates What Does Content Marketing Look Like?
  25. How it Works Awareness Whitepaper, Ebook, Kit, Tip Sheet, Checklist, How-To Video, Educational Webinar Evaluation Product Webinar, Case Study, Sample, FAQ, Data Sheet, Demo Video Opt-in Free Trial, Live Demo, Consultation, Estimate, Coupon Your Content Landing Pages Leads+ =
  26. LeadIQ is a lead generation software plugin to your website that tells you for 10 to 15 % of your users: •  Which company came to your website •  What they did •  What they searched for •  What properties they viewed •  What kind of properties or companies they searched for •  And how to contact them Use Business Intelligence Software to Convert
  27. •  Company name •  Location (latitude, longitude, plus address) •  Industry •  Number of employees •  Phone number •  When they visited (Date •  Company phone number •  Pages viewed •  Properties viewed •  + 30 other fields Data Included in LeadIQ
  28. Sample Digital Campaign Tracking for EDO Marketers (ONE MONTH)
  29. How to Measure Digital Marketing Detailed, real-time metrics for: q  Site traffic details and analytics q  Total impressions q  Click through rate (CTR) q  SEM performance q  Opt-in conversions q  Downloads q  Conversions q  Leads q  Length of sales cycle
  30. •  Custom Dashboards •  Marketing Automation Platform Analytics •  Google Analytics How to Measure Digital Marketing
  31. Tell Your Story Where Your Audience Looks for Information Create a Continuous Digital Lead Gen Program, Measure Results Establish an Integrated Digital/ Marketing Automation Infrastructure Extend Digital Presence, Set Goals 4 Steps to Start a Digital Marketing Program
  32. Establish an Integrated CRM/ Marketing Automation Feature Select MA Platform, Set Goals Implement and integrate with website and CRM Set up lead nurturing Extend Current Digital Presence SEO/SEM Website Content: Web & Assets/Offers Social Tell your Story Where your Audience Looks for Information Content Creation and Distribution Social Webinars Media/Bloggers Create a Continuous Content Marketing Program KPIs CTAs Landing Pages Email Digital Marketing Program Elements
  33. How do I implement a Digital Lead Generation Program?
  34. 1.  Define your Digital Marketing Objectives 2.  Messaging Baseline –  Content audit and development plan: •  Buyer persona targeted •  Top, middle, and bottom of the buyer journey –  Distribution: channels where prospects go to ____? –  Buyer personas –  Message map – unique differentiators 3.  Digital Baseline –  SEO: Keyword evaluation and selection –  Website – messaging to buyer personas, calls-to-action –  Blog – Set one up, develop editorial calendar –  Social media accounts: LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ 4.  Lead Nurturing Baseline –  Create unified contact database in marketing automation system –  Segment audiences –  Establish initial KPIs and reports Phase 1: Discover (30 days)
  35. 1.  Marketing Automation Platform –  Integrate to website, blog, and CRM –  Calls-to-action –  Landing pages –  Contact database –  Social media 2.  Website –  Copywriting to support CTAs –  CTA placements throughout the site 3.  Social Media –  Account set up and followers targeting 4.  Content Creation –  Define Q1 campaign –  Premium content plan –  Blog editorial calendar –  Emails 5.  Search Engine Marketing –  Set up campaigns to drive qualified leads and build the pipeline Phase 2: Develop (Next 30 days)
  36. 1.  Campaign Content Development –  Blog –  Premium assets 2.  Inbound Marketing –  Website content –  CTAs & landing pages –  SEO (w/ optional PPC integration) –  Email workflows 3.  Social Media –  Posts, tweets, engagement 4.  Email Campaigns Dare to Influence *53 years ago, John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth Phase 3: Deploy (Months 3-12)
  37. 1.  Follow up 100% of the time, and follow up quickly! According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that try to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving queries are nearly 7 times as likely to have meaningful conversations with key decision makers as firms that try to contact prospects even an hour later. It’s not enough to be the first to respond. It also helps to be the first to answer their questions. Be sure to deepen your knowledge of the prospect and the product.
  38. 2.  Use ‘Digital’ to generate leads and quantify them Figure out the number of leads generated through digital, speed of response, conversion of lead to opportunities, and inquiry.
  39. 3. Understand How Users Interact with Your Community’s Website
  41. BUILD THIS 5. Make it easy to measure results and Setting a Plan so That Each Staff Person Can Drive High Performance