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An Introduction to the WSO2 API Manager

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An Introduction to the WSO2 API Manager

  1. 1. An introduc+on to the WSO2 API Manager Rob Blaauboer, Senior Consultant, Yenlo Nuwan Dias, WSO2 November 18th 2014
  2. 2. About the presenters 2 Rob Blaauboer Senior Consultant, Yenlo Rob is a Senior Business Consultant and Solu+on Architect with more than twenty years experience. In addi+on to his work he is an ac+ve blogger working on a number of ar+cles on the 'Internet of Things' and a WSO2 'GeIng Started with ...' series in which he talks about WSO2 components and their purpose especially aimed at non technical readers. Nuwan Dias Associate Technical Lead, WSO2 Nuwan is an Associate Technical Lead in the solu+ons technologies team where he mainly focuses on the WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 ESB. Nuwan has also par+cipated in numerous WSO2 QuickStart development consul+ng engagements. Nuwan is an ac+ve contributor of the Apache Synapse and Apache Axis2 projects and has spoken in various user conferences.
  3. 3. 3 About Yenlo ๏ Global enterprise, founded in 2007 with an internaEonal focus on delivering integraEon soluEons based on Java open source ๏ #1 in the field of Integra+on Solu+ons ๏ #1 in Managed Services for middleware environments ๏ #1 Global Strategic Alliance partner of WSO2 ๏ WSO2 Product Support ๏ WSO2 Development ๏ WSO2 QuickStarts ๏ WSO2 Training & Cer+fica+ons ๏ WSO2 24/7 Managed Services ๏ WSO2 Events
  4. 4. What Yenlo delivers 4 Enterprise Architecture SoWware Development Managed Services WSO2 Product Support WSO2 Development Support WSO2 QuickStart WSO2 Training & Cer+fica+ons WSO2 Managed Services WSO2 Events
  5. 5. Agenda 5 An introducEon to the WSO2 API Manager ๏ The need to integrate or connect systems ๏ Key funcEons of the API Manager ๏ AddiEonal WSO2 components ๏ ConnecEng to billing systems, internal and external API’s ๏ Development Roadmap for API Manager ๏ Installing and configuring API Manager
  6. 6. APIs in the broader picture 6
  7. 7. The WSO2 API Manager works together with other components 7
  8. 8. The need for integraEon 8 AccounEng soWware General Ledger HR Manufacturing partner Logistics partner
  9. 9. The zip code is: 90210 and the city entered is: Ventura 9 Finding City and State from ZIP
  10. 10. WSO2 API Manager 10 ๏ Publishing API ๏ Development community management ๏ Scalable rou+ng traffic ๏ API Life cycle management ๏ Fully compa+ble with other WSO2 products
  11. 11. Three main Components Store Publisher Gateway 11 Key Manager
  12. 12. How they work together 12
  13. 13. API Manager Roles Consumer Publisher Creator 13
  14. 14. API Lifecycle The text of the documenta+on mismatches the image below 14
  15. 15. Publish/Subscribe/Consume Workflow API Store API Gateway API Publisher Back end services 2.Subscribe to API 4.Call backend service 16
  16. 16. API Manager Store 17
  17. 17. Publisher 18
  18. 18. Publisher Design 19
  19. 19. Publisher Implement 20
  20. 20. Publisher Manage 21
  21. 21. Gateway 22
  22. 22. API Manager 23
  23. 23. How to moneEze your APIs 24
  24. 24. Internal and external API’s 25 Internal
  25. 25. Se`ng up The API Manager Public Private 26 API Gateway API Publisher API API Store API Gateway Gateway API Store API Store
  26. 26. API Gateway API Gateway Internal network Public (DMZ) Se`ng up the API Manager Load balancer -­‐ AWS Load balancer -­‐ AWS API Store ESB ESB BAM BAM API Publisher Iden+ty Server Verifying… 27
  27. 27. On the roadmap for API Manager • Developer Portal ๏support for Issue repor+ng ( bugs, feature requests ) ๏No+fica+ons ( subscrip+ons, api life cycle changes, new versions ) • Monitoring ๏Role-­‐-­‐-­‐based views for usage reports ๏Smart API Throfling leveraging CEP. ๏Addi+onal Workflow Extensions ( Token Crea+on on ) ๏Integra+on with 3rd party repositories such as GITHub ๏Product Manager and Opera+ons Dashboards (with BAM) • Social/Store ๏API social “wall” ๏Custom API LifeCycle • Key Management ๏support for custom Key Genera+on Workflow and 3rd party key managers. ๏Integra+on with 3rd party mone+za+on engines • Security ๏Support for Addi+onal Inbound/Outbound Security Tokens 28
  28. 28. Try the API Manager yourself! Trying the API manager is quite simple. What you need to do to try it on your own PC is: • Download the API Manager from the WSO2 website What’s new in API Manager 1.7.0? • Unzip the API Manager • If you don’t have JDK installed, download it and install • Set the JAVA_HOME parameter • Go to the BIN directory and start the WSO2Server (bat or sh) file • Access the console, store or publisher using hfps://localhost:9943/carbon, Store or publisher 29
  29. 29. QuesEons & Answers 30
  30. 30. 31 Download the webinar presentaEon on slideshare: hfp://www.slideshare.net/YenloBV
  31. 31. Contact us !