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Apps to increase efficiency in your hotel

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Remember the days when mobile phones were just like payphones or the phones you had at home? These primitive machines (that now seem like relics from the ice age) made and received calls and then (when things got really hi-tech) they sent and received messages (making the trusty pager somewhat obsolete).

Today, however, these handheld beauties now serve as extensions of ourselves, work like a second brain and allow us to interact with the world around us. Our smartphones may even know more about us than some of our closest family members and contain more information about ourselves than we have in our own homes.

Many industries, as well as the ways in which businesses operate, have also been impacted by the ‘app economy’. The tourism/hospitality industry is no exception.
From helping hotel staff make guests’ stays pleasant/smooth to coordinating vital processes behind the scenes, whether you are a hotel manager, barista, cleaner or chef, smartphones and apps are here to help make life and work that much easier.


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Apps to increase efficiency in your hotel

  1. 1. Apps to increase efficiency in your hotel
  2. 2. Get a quick view on reservation statistics and which channel drive your bookingseZee Absolute
  3. 3. Allow customer to make bookings, View your availability calendarFrontdesk Anywhere
  4. 4. Make running your hotel as easy as you possibly can? Real Time communication with team members VoicePing
  5. 5. In room control for guest, extend concierge services & Smart keyHandy
  6. 6. Manage guest request, even across departmentsALICE
  7. 7. Job specific apps for hotels. Maintenance, Housekeeping, Glitch, Service, Mobile and Inspection. KnowCross
  8. 8. Automate daily operations. aAlert staff them, in real-time, about service delays or guest incidentsHotSOS
  9. 9. We believe that all outdoor field workers should be equipped with the Right Work Mobile. As work gets more digital, companies should provide their field workers with the right Work Mobile to communicate and run business apps. Smart Walkie enables this by providing Rugged Devices, a Field Communication App and suitable Business Apps. WORK MOBILE, WORK RIGHT http://SmartWalkie.com