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Supporting Indonesia's Developer Ecosystem

Sami Kizilbash - Developer Relations Program Manager, South & Southeast Asia

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Supporting Indonesia's Developer Ecosystem

  1. 1. Confidential & Proprietary Sami Kizilbash Developer Relations Program Manager, South & Southeast Asia Supporting Indonesia’s Developer Ecosystem
  2. 2. Google’s Developer Relations Ecosystem Team We want to help you make great products and businesses!
  3. 3. I. Education II. Community III.Local Expertise IV.Thriving Business From School to Series B
  4. 4. In-person trainings and study groups paired with Udacity online Android courses 3,311 fully trained in 2016 across 8 cities Over 400 women trained through women-only groups I. Education
  5. 5. Dicoding will be the first Authorized Training Partner (ATP) Program in Indonesia Recognized training partners that provide courses leading to Google Certifications, such as the new Associate Android Certification I. Education www.dicoding.com developers.google.com/training/certification
  6. 6. 6 Google Developer Groups (GDG) 53 Events in 2016 4724 Developers Attended Women Techmakers, I/O Extended, DevFest, Codelabs 6 Google Business Groups (GBGs) 18 Events in 2016 II. Community developers.google.com/groups
  7. 7. 2 GBG Stories Winners were from Indonesia: Reblood, a blood donation app Pasienia, an app for cancer patients Winners are heading to Google I/O in May and will present to hundreds of GDG Leads II. Community
  8. 8. III. Local Expertise developers.google.com/experts
  9. 9. A set of tested methodologies and best practices for all stages: Ideation Stage → LP Start Development Stage → LP Build Growth Stage → LP Scale, LP Connect, LP Inspire, LP Accelerator IV. Thriving Business developers.google.com/startups
  10. 10. Work closely with Google for 6-months ● 2 week all-expense-paid bootcamp the Launchpad Space in Silicon Valley ● 1:1 Mentorship from a network of over 300 Googlers and experienced entrepreneurs from around the world ● $50,000 in equity-free funding developers.google.com/startups/accelerator
  11. 11. Criteria for Indonesian LPA Startups Built by and for Indonesia Enabled by technology Product-Market-Fit developers.google.com/startups/accelerator
  12. 12. developers.google.com/startups/accelerator/asia
  13. 13. Kerjibilitas, Kakatu, eFishery, Indonesian mentor (Sanny Gaddafi) The teams celebrating the end of the two week intensive boot camp at Google in Mountain View, CA
  14. 14. Kakatu The team at Google in Mountain View in a workshop to improve their user experience and the design of their app
  15. 15. Success Stories Snapcart raises $3M post Class 3 IDN Times raised Series A funding post Class 2 Jojonomic raised $1.5M in Series A funding post Class 1 developers.google.com/startups/accelerator
  16. 16. Confidential & Proprietary Sami Kizilbash Developer Relations Program Manager, South & Southeast Asia samikiz@google.com Thank you!