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  1. M.Hashir Aaqiba Faheem Zehra Abbas Zoha Nabeel Sheeba Tajvar Saad Jamshed
  2. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND  Lal Qila “A Theme Restaurant” was started in 1998.  A Mughal Traditional Theme.  They got inspiration from Shahi Qila.  First “buffet only” restaurant in Pakistan.  Ambiance is culturally oriented.  One of the very rare ISO 9001 Certified Restaurants.  It is situated on Shahrah-e-Faisal.
  3. MARKETING MIX Product Price Promotion Place People Process Physical Evidence
  4. PRODUCT  Lal Qila has over 150 + dishes.  The Dinner buffet has about 100+ dishes.  The Lunch buffet has about 60+ dishes.  Variety of dishes of different cuisines.  The products are made using premium ingredients.  Product is aimed at a niche market of the upper-middle social- class.
  5. PRICE  Price is completely based on manufacturing costs.  The products are priced high as the ingredients are expensive.  The price of the buffet is strategically set.
  6. PROMOTION  Marketing tool: "WORD OF MOUTH".  Response of customers causes more people to visit it.  Facebook is used to market through electronic media.  They don't promote their restaurant through print media.
  7. PLACE  Lal Qila has its main branch in Karachi Pakistan.  Another franchise is in Lahore.  Other locations: major cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Johannesburg.  Market segment: dining, delivery and catering.
  8. PEOPLE  Around 250 employees.  Professional training is given to all employees.  Highly trained and motivated staff.  Staff has good communication skills.  The waiters have a specific dress code.
  9. PROCESS Effective processes for preparing, serving and delivering food. Reservations beforehand. Customers visit and wait for their turn. Delivery is available according to the time.
  10. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE  Represents a real Mughal Qila.  Interior designing is an imitation of Lahore’s Red fort.  The quality is reflected by the packaging and delivering of the orders.
  11. TARGET CUSTOMERS  Its focus is to target a specific audience that can afford it.  Target mostly families or groups of colleagues.  People of certain income and social class.  Customer base of about two or three million people.
  13. MARKETING GOALS AND OBJECTIVES  The marketing tool of Lal Qila is “WORD OF MOUTH”  Does not use any specific medium for marketing.  Treat every customer empathetically.
  14. MARKET ANALYSIS Combination of intrinsic or extrinsic forces. There are two factors of Analyzing Marketing Environment: 1-Micro Environment 2-Macro Environment
  15. MICRO ENVIRONMENT  Microenvironment deals with the internal environment.  The company or business itself is a restaurant.  They have distinguished suppliers.  Marketing intermediaries are social media.  Less competitors.  Lal Qila is a customer market.
  16. MACRO ENVIRONMENT  Microenvironment deals with the external environment.  Demographically; upper middle or upper classes.  Economically; high purchasing power.  Naturally; the covid situation was a hard time.
  17. CHALLENGES LAL QILA FACES  The space is small.  Location at which Lal Qila is located is Shahra-e-Faisal.  Sometimes Lal Qila faces customer dissatisfaction.
  18. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
  19. SWOT ANANLYSIS Strengths:  Lay a ton of accentuation on their word of mouth.  Strong and efficient supply chain department.  Extensive menu with a minimum of 100 dishes.  Service quality.
  20. SWOT ANANLYSIS Weaknesses:  Very little space.  Structure like Lal Qila have high expenses.  Very high costs are made to maintain ambiance.  They don't have a wide range of fast food.  Website which is rarely updated.
  21. SWOT ANANLYSIS Opportunities:  Broaden their franchising network.  Opening franchises in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  More focus on providing catering.  They can further develop their product development department.
  22. SWOT ANANLYSIS Threats:  Biggest external threat is the growing number of competitors.  They cut customer volume.  Lack of branches.
  23. COMPETITOR ANANLYSIS  Lal Qilla’s biggest computation is CHUPPAL and CLOCK TOWER.  They offer the same quality standard of food and service.  They have a decent market share as well.
  24. CONSUMER ANANLYSIS  2 million people who have the purchasing power to afford.  Ambiance also plays a very important role
  25. RETENTION STRATEGY  Employee retention strategies; reduction in employee turnover.  Even during the difficulty of the pandemic nobody was terminated.  There are mentorship programs for employees.  Restaurant have leaders rather than bosses.  Customer retention strategies; worked hard to build customer trust.  Best customer service.  Lal Qila offers a membership card.
  26. PRODUCT POSITIONING STRATEGY & PRICING  Prices are reasonable for the upper and upper-middle class  Quality is maintained thoroughly.  The buffet services are priced at a premium level.  Cost-plus pricing.  Laal Qila uses this type of method to make the price affordable.
  27. PROMOTION STRATEGY  Main marketing tool is ‘word-of-mouth’.  Focus is quality.  The best the quality, the more the customers flow in.  Active on social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  Direct marketing.
  28. DIGITAL MARKETING  Lal Qila doesn't involve much in marketing and promotion.  More focus on facebook.  They target their customers by different deals.  Sponsor some events and programs.
  29. SUPPLIERS AND CHANNEL MANAGEMENT  Suppliers:  Do not rely on any one supplier.  Different suppliers for different ingredients.  Channel management:  Own riders for online delivery.
  30. JOINT VENTURES & PARTNERSHIP  Lal Qila announced a partnership with Super meal Pakistan.  Karachi kings announced Laal Qila as their restaurant partner for Pakistan super league 2020.  Other co partnerships with the companies and websites like bogo, vouch,and savyour.  Lal Qila has planned to have more partnerships and joint ventures in future.