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  1. DITI is a creative design studio where we build Products, Systems and Brands through Innovation in Thinking © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO
  2. WE ARE OUR MISSION A team of innovators and thinkers ! We create memorable brands, develop seamless systems and invent ingenious products through the collaboration of unconventional research and design methodologies Is to bring innovation into every industry ! Through a design based approach we aim to create unique products and services that bit-by-bit revolutionize the way we interact and live our daily lives ADITHI SAROVAR FOUNDER AND DESIGN STRATEGIST Adithi has been working extensively in the core creative design industry from over 6 years. She started her professional career as an artist and soon shifted to visual arts and design communication. She has been professionally trained at product design and design strategy tools from London’s leading school of engineering and design at Brunel University, prior to which she was successfully running her own design ventures that included a visual design firm and an institution that was educating over 60 students in the areas of art, design and music. RATNAKAR ARI MARKET STRATEGIST An enthusiastic graduate with a master’s degree in business studies from the UK and a combined experience of 8 years in business development, customer services, resource analyst and marketing. Ratnakar is an avid learner and an energetic leader with international expertise. UTKALIKA MOHANTY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT A dynamic and result focused marketing professional from Bangalore’s Alliance Business School, Utkalika has an experience of over 5 year in the Sales and Marketing sector. She comes with extensive knowledge in the areas of Business Development, Key account Management, Client Relationship Management and Brand Management. VISHAL PRASAD DESIGN ENGINEER Vishal is a master’s graduate in advanced engineering design from the reputable Brunel University in London. He specializes in mechanical design and computer aided engineering that enables analysis and optimization of a product for superior quality and reliable design solutions. TUSHAAR BAJAJ TECHNICAL ENGINEER Tushaar is a highly passionate technical engineer, specializing in prototyping and design for manufacturing. He holds a master’s degree in automotive and motorsports engineering from Brunel University, London, where he was also the design head for the motorsports team. © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO
  3. WE BELIEVE In designing experiences for people through human-centric products and systems Icons made by Freepik from and is licensed by : "Creative Commons BY 3.0" In creating impactful design solutions focused around the needs of a consumer In approaching challenges through unconventional methods to achieve distinctive results © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO
  4. WE WORK WITH Companies with a need to expand their current business through new product development and innovative systems thinking Research and Development labs who are open to explore unconventional methods to solve complex challenges through a design based approach Organizations who are socially driven and want to impact the lives of the less fortunate by innovating for the community Businesses who want to make their presence known to the world through strong brand communication and strategic business design Entrepreneurs with an aim to collaborate through open innovation, helping the community of innovators to progress and develop as one © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO Icons made by Freepik from and is licensed by : "Creative Commons BY 3.0"
  5. CORE PHILOSOPHY Discovery and Design Facing Challenges The key to develop a strong design solution is to discover the hidden challenges. At DITI, every brief is approached with a distinct process that specifically addresses the challenges associated to it. Innovation Strategy Function vs. Emotion Creating the right balance between the functional aspects and the emotional aspects of a product or a service is our strategy for innovation. We cross technical hurdles creatively and creative hurdles technically. Think as the User Empathy Our highest priority is to make sure that users are not just satisfied, but fall in love with the product. In a way, we build relationships between the user and the brand. Inventing Solutions End-To-End At DITI, we don’t just invent a solution, but take it all the way through to execution and till the end customer, making our products and services truly end-to-end. Inputs from manufacturing, marketing and business development all come together with design and engineering to invent one great solution. © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO
  6. CORE STRENGTHS INNOVATION IN THINKING Tie-ups with rapid prototyping labs and various manufacturing units who have the facilities to deliver products with reliable quality and superior finishing ASSOCIATIONS A team of internationally qualified design thinkers, engineers, market experts, business strategists and manufacturing expertise capable of delivering globally effective design solutions CAPABILITY Experts who are professionally qualified from around the globe to employ a research driven process with the latest international market and design research tools RESEARCH A business model that leverages the global open innovation platform where experts from multiple Disciplines put their heads together to strategize and innovate OPEN INNOVATION A balanced mix of young and enthusiastic minds working together with industry experienced professionals with the capacity to approach any challenge with a strategic design process PEOPLE © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO Icons made by Freepik from and is licensed by : "Creative Commons BY 3.0"
  7. CORE CAPABILITIES DESIGN RESEARCH PRODUCT AND PACKAGING DESIGN SYSTEMS DESIGN BRAND DESIGN MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS User Behavior User Interaction Opportunity Identification Usability Testing Observational Research Ethnographic Research Human Factors Ergonomics Anthropometrics Technical Research Design Research Gap Identification Design Concepts 2D & 3D Modeling CAD & CAM Rapid Prototyping DFM Simulation Market Research Design Strategy Gap Identification Benchmarking Case Studies User Experience User Interaction & Behavior System Maps & Mock-ups Brand Positioning Market Trends Analysis User Perception Brand Manual Design Guidelines Logo Design Stationary & Merchandising Market Analysis Market Trends Industry Competitors Digital Marketing SEO | SEM | SMM Web Design & Development Presentation Material Print Media Corporate Presentations Animated Videos Advertising © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO
  8. CORE CAPABILITIES DESIGN RESEARCH Researches at DITI look at situations, scenarios and opportunities through the lens of the user. Design based research is great when it comes to understanding people – What people think, their behavior, their likes and dislikes, their reactions to situations, etc. The process involves designers observing, interacting and connecting with the users to really understand what the user feels while using a product or engaging with a system. This process helps us gain valuable insights which can then be converted into actionable design solutions leading to great business opportunities. Our design based research contributes towards inventing intuitive products, human-centric interfaces, smoother systems and operational structures, social and cultural challenges and everyplace where a problem needs to be tackled through unconventional thinking © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO
  9. Our team handles product development from the concept stage through to the analysis and manufacturing. Design and Development: Our well-structured design approach brings out relevant insights and opportunities to develop human-centric concepts that connect with the user. Design concepts are then evaluated and validated for their functionality, technological feasibility, market situation and business potential; the best ones are developed further. We test and analyze our designs using advanced computer aided engineering tools that can further optimize the technical aspects resulting in more reliable and cost effective solutions. Prototyping and Manufacturing: Designs are prototyped at a very early stage to ensure its functional and technical aspects. This lets us go through the iteration process earlier and develop great designs that can go into production sooner. DITI designers work towards developing original product and packaging solutions that tic boxes in both functional and emotional aspects. Design of a product involves the right mix of qualitative and quantitative research outcomes; this combined with an effective design process results in innovative strategies and concepts for new product development or for re-design of existing products. CORE CAPABILITIES PRODUCT & PACKAGING DESIGN © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO
  10. Our approach to designing a system, is primarily research oriented combining techniques of design thinking and systems thinking, where we lay out all the elements that go into creating the system, including the people directly involved, the environment, user behaviors and activities, stakeholders involved, etc. We then analyze all the information, prioritizing, arranging and making connections where relevant, building a unique and human-centric system that can address the challenge areas. Service Design: We aim to build well-structured and meaningful services that are a pleasure for the users and hassle free for the service provider. Our methodology is to keep it simple for all, making it a valuable experience for the stakeholders. Business Design: Building a business requires expertise that covers many domains. We leverage the value of a design thinker collaborating with market experts, business strategists and branding expertise to really bring out the best in a business proposition. Understanding how a system should work so that it facilitates the maximum productivity and provides for a comfortable user journey is the core focus while designing a system at DITI. A designed system can be the way employees of a company interact during the course of the day for maximum productivity or it can also be the design of an educative module to ensure that the maximum learning capacity is extracted from children or also systems to address social and cultural challenges. CORE CAPABILITIES SYSTEMS DESIGN © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO
  11. The identity that a brand carries with it speaks of the company’s philosophy, values and core focus areas. A consumer’s first touch point is the visual stimulus that a brand creates, through social media, adverts, a visit to the store, etc. This visual stimulus is simultaneously converted into an experience that impacts the consumer. Brand Strategy: Our method of developing strong brand strategies combines the thinking of market and trends experts along with branding experts who leverage the key trends in the current market scenario to build strategies that effectively form a bond between the consumer and the brand. Brand Identity: We create memorable icons with strong symbolism, form and color based stimuli and other complimentary branding elements that connect the viewer to the company’s brand philosophy. Our design process is shaped to explore and bring out the most out of a brand’s strategy, resulting in an iconic brand image that is sure to make a lasting impression. At DITI, we understand and recognize the key elements and philosophy of a business and design the brand’s strategy and identity accordingly, making the brand appeal to the right audience through various symbolic and emotional stimuli. CORE CAPABILITIES BRAND DESIGN © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO
  12. A business, no matter what size or which industry, our market-research methods, domain expertise and project management skills ensure that we obtain measurable results. We are capable of handling largely complex global projects which are rife with variations, customizations and schedules and we equally understand that when it comes to business requirements, one size does not fit all. All promotional material and business collateral is developed keeping our client’s customer in mind, ensuring that the right message is delivered to the right audience. At DITI, we are flexible enough to provide tailor-made market solutions to our clients as and when required. Our approach is built around what is right for the current market scenario and also fits well within the budget. CORE CAPABILITIES MARKETING & PROMOTIONS © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO
  13. GET IN TOUCH Call us +91 99 00 800 344 Email us Our Website Our Facebook Page © 2014 | DITI DESIGN STUDIO