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Dataprotectionac tinforequestfollowupletter


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Dataprotectionac tinforequestfollowupletter

  1. 1. “INSERT YOUR ADDRESS HERE”“INSERT NAME AND ADDRESS OF LOCAL AUTHORITY”CC Information Commissioners OfficeWycliffe HouseWater LaneWilmslowCheshireSK9 5AF“DATE”Dear SirsFormal request for information held under the data protection act 1998I formally requested information held about my children, family and me undersection 7(1) C of the data protections act 1998 on “INSERT DATE OFPREVIOUS LETTER”This includes information relating to telephone conversations, meetings,supervised contact sessions and any other documentation that you hold,electronic, or any other medium, past, present or future.I am aware that I am legally entitled to this information under the act and thatyou have a statutory 40 days to comply with my request.To date I have not received this information and you are now in breach of theData Protection Act 1998. Therefore please ensure you supply me with thisinformation immediately.I have sent a copy of this letter to the data protection act commissionernotifying them that you have failed comply with my legitimate request.I look forward to receiving this information.Yours faithfully