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The 5 Best Self-Empowering Podcasts

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Alvin Hope Johnson, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, recommends his top five favorite self-empowering podcasts.

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The 5 Best Self-Empowering Podcasts

  2. 2. THE QUEST FOR SELF- EMPOWERMENT  and enlightenment can be a rough one, but it doesn’t always have to be a long one. Here are five of the most moving and inspirational podcasts, perfectly crafted by people that understand the gravity of life.
  3. 3. JESS LIVELY is a radio personality that is well-known for her breakthroughs and insights in the self-help field. Her podcast includes frequent guest appearances such as those by Brene Brown, and multiple allusions to her breakout book, “Rising Strong”. Her years in the field have honed her empathy, making her a formidable force.
  4. 4. THE DAILY BOOST offers straightforward advice to people who have become jaded with the increasingly confusing jargon of the modern self-help industry. This is practical advice for practical people, a quantity that has been sorely lacking as the years climb on. has made breakthroughs in both the medical and psychological field. His eponymous podcast delves into issues such as the way we as a society have a morbid compulsion with comparing ourselves to others. Baccili stresses that focusing on self- yields the best results. DR. PAT BACCILI
  5. 5. YANSS is an enigma wrapped in a mystery; a riddle cloaked in concern. Inexplicably, it is equally simple as it is also an abbreviation of one of the spiciest psychology podcasts in the industry. YANNS wastes no time in tackling a monolithic problem that goes unnoticed by many in their every day lives: How built-in skepticism, ingrained into our subconsciousness over time, fortifies our perceptions and ultimately incorrect beliefs. Don’t sleep on YANNS.
  6. 6. BRI AND THAIS are a pair of bloggers that double as two of the most motivational figures in the self-help community in recent times. Equipped with a gripping stretch of inspirational rhetoric, these two operate on a similar tune to the aforementioned YANNS, bringing attention to the way we sabotage ourselves while offering solutions to our self-imposed traps and snares. Bri and Thai are engaging hosts, quick to offer help that can be easily received.
  7. 7. Self-help doesn’t have to be arduous and stressful. After all, stress is one of the main factors in seeking self-help in the first place. Fortunately, podcasts such as these exist to sooth the mind.
  8. 8. THANK YOU FOR VIEWING! AlvinHopeJohnson.net