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Rti Act
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Official secrets act

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Official secrets act

  1. 1. OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT,1923 An act to consolidate and amend the law relating to official secrets
  2. 2. OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT,1923 Applicable to all Indian citizens residing inside or outside the country (inclusive of government servants ) Official Secrets Act ,1923 is a comprehensive document relating to official secrets and defines a number of offences – 1.Spying 2.Wrongful communication of any secret official code , password or any such sketch, plan, model, article , note , document or or information. Objective –Maintaining the security of the state against the leakage of information , sabotage, and like.
  3. 3. OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT,1923 Sec 3 (1)If any person for any purpose prejudial to the safety or interests of the state – 1.Approaches , inspects , passes over or in the vicinity of or enters any prohibited place or 2.Makes any sketch ,plan, model ,note which is intended to be directly or indirectly useful to the enemy or 3. Obtains , collects , records or publishes or communicates to any other person any sketch ,model , plan , article , note ,document or information intended to be directly or indirectly useful to an enemy or which is likely to affect the sovereignty and integrity of India , the security of the state or friendly relations with foreign states he shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend ,where the offence is committed in relation to any work of defense , arsenal , naval ,military ,air force or in relation to affairs of the government to 14 yrs and in other cases to 3 yrs.
  4. 4. OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT,1923 5 )1) if any person having in his possession or control any secret official code or password or any sketch ,plan ,model ,article ,note, document , or information: (a)willfully communicate the same to any unauthorized person (b)Uses the information in his possession for the benefit of any foreign power or in any manner prejudial to the safety of the state (c)Retains the secret information when he has no right to retain it and willfully fails to comply with all directions issued by lawful authority with regard to return or disposal thereof (d) Fails to take reasonable care of and so conducts himself as to endanger the safety of ,the sketch , plan , model, article , note , document , secret official code or password or information He shall be guilty of an offence under this act. (2) If a person voluntarily receives any secret official code or password or any sketch ,plan ,model ,article ,note ,document or information in contravention to this Act ,he shall be guilty of an offence.
  5. 5. OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT,1923 (6)(1)If any person for the purpose of gaining admission or of assisting another person to gain admission to a prohibited place – a)Uses or wears without lawful authority ,any naval ,military , air –force, police or other official uniform or uniform nearly resembling the same used for deceiving OR b)Orally or in writing in any declaration signed by him makes a false statement Or c)forges, alters, tampers with any passport official pass , permit , certificate ,license d)Personates or falsely represents himself to be a person who is officially issued a secret code or password or e)Uses or has in possession any seal or stamp or belonging of the department to deceive shall be guilty of the offence.
  6. 6. OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT,1923 7(1)No person shall obstruct knowingly , mislead or otherwise interfere any police officer or member of armed forces engaged in guard , patrol or similar duty shall be punishable and hold guilty (10)(1)If a person knowingly harbors any person who he knows or has reasonable grounds for supposing to be a person who is about to commit an offense,it shall be the duty of every person to inform to superintendent of police or Inspector –General commission of Police. (11)(1)If the magistrate or sub divisional magistrate is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds of offence to be committed ,the magistrate may grant a search warrant authorizing an police officer to enter in any time along with armed force to search any sketch , plan , model ,note , article , document .
  7. 7. OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT,1923 (2)The police officer shall have to provide a report to the Magistrate in this regard. (15)If instead of a person ,a company is and every person responsible for the conduct of business ,he should be deemed guilty . However if one proves that such activity has been conducted without his knowledge or that he had exercised all due diligence to prevent the commission of the offence ,he shall be considered free.
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