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Pre sales preparation

  1. Pre Sales Group-7 By preparation
  2. To save time and money by efficient re- source allocation. Most start-ups spend time on minute managerial aspects and fail to do any meaningful business. An inefficient team fails to bring business and is actually one of the major reasons that many corporates fail upon. Why Pre-sales
  3. Distinct from marketing and sales operations, presales provides a specific set of activities that lead to qualifying, bidding on, winning, and renewing a deal. • Consistently achieve win rates of 40–50% in new business. • 80–90% in renewal business—well above average rates. • Five-point improvement in conversion rates. • 6–13% improvement in revenue. • A 10–20% improvement in the speed of moving prospects through the sales process What can pre-sale accomplish
  4. How to prepare a Pre-sale Imagine that you are a business owner and a fitness enthusiast who wants to open a brand new gym in your hometown. As you start building the facility and preparing for opening day, you want to gauge the public’s interest level while also generating a little excitement. So you decide to begin the pre-sales process. Rather than just opening the gym and starting off at zero, you decide to open up a pre-sales office during construction. Potential customers can view a 3D model of what the gym will look like and test out some promo equipment. Some may even sign up as customers at a discounted rate. This is what is known as a pre-sales process and it is an important step for your business, regardless of what industry you are in.
  5. Sales vs • Covers a broader aspect of acquiring customer. • Sales is emotive. • Contact leads and Pitch the sale. • Involves responsibilities of creating trust and maintain relations with the customer. • Has to maintain relations and make renewal/referral sale. • Pre-sales is the initial stage of the sales cycle. • Pre-sales is technical, also called sales support. • Prospecting, Lead Qualification, Research ,and design methods. • Provides demo, identify pain points, provide solution. • Identify requirements to help make renewal/referral. Pre-sales
  6. Product Demonstration Identify Pain points Solution Preparation Closing Deal Renewal/ Referral Market Research Prospecting & Qualifying leads Pre-sales cycle
  7. • The most important quirk for any business, is it’s ability to understand the fine points of the market like, supply and demand, pricing, competitors, the pain point involved etc. • Launching a product by not analysing at least 2 of the fine points will lead to the failure of the said product. • The pre-sales team are usually experts of Data modelling and Data analytics that provide the necessary information required for the success of the product. • Common methods include generating ideas for the Marketing team to implement, like advertisements, mailing systems, digital marketing ideas, appointing business ambassadors etc. Market Research
  8. Finding leads has become easier with the advancement of digital technology and sales solutions. However, more leads doesn’t always mean better leads. That’s where pre-sales comes in. Pre-sales teams are experts in data analysis and lead evaluation. They use sales technology and customer insights to build profiles of ideal clients and their patterns of behavior to identify opportunities that are most likely to close. Lead qualification ensures the sales team invests their time and resources on the most valuable leads. Prospecting &Qualifying
  9. Result of an ineffective planning
  10. Customer Discovery Involves 2 phases of the Pre-sale cycle: A robust pre-sales team will have sales reps who are experts in both their business’s solutions as well as the customers’ businesses. • Product Demonstration : A good demo helps to find out exactly what the customer is looking for and what their unique challenges are. Rather than spend hours on research, a simple product demo will help the customer make his requirements rather clear. • Identify Pain Points : Once a customer has made his requirements rather clear.A pre-sales person had to identify a solution for “how to make that happen?”. Customer Discovery
  11. • Every Business has it’s own pain points and the job of a pre-sales team is to provide tailor made custom solutions to the clients, by understanding the existing pain points. • The solution must include the potential serving the existing market as-well-as concerns regarding upscaling the solution in the future to serve a larger market. • In case of a renewal deal the market needs to be thoroughly to cross-sell and up sell various new products to the same clientele. • “A happy customer, makes a profitable business”. Provide Solutions
  12. • Once the necessary solution is arrived.The proposal can be submitted to the customer to be bid upon. • Most of the time, role of a pre-sales team ends at the time of closing the deal. • But a exceptional team can crate timelines for the expected growth of the customer and send reminder alerts, promotional offers of other services/products. • Create a support system to enable the customer clarify their issues or doubts. • The leads to a strong relationship between the entities that a result in closing of deals for projects even before entering the RFP (Request for proposal) stage. Closing the Deal
  13. • To Improve Sales, Pay More Attention to Presales from Harvard Business Review by Homayoun Hatami, Candace Lun Plotkin, and Saurabh Mishra. • Pre-Selling Simplified: 6 Steps to a Successful Presale By Matt Ackerson Reference