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How to create an awesome Resume ?

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Use these simple tips to create a better resume. A resume that will fetch you a call letter!

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How to create an awesome Resume ?

  1. 1. How to create an Awesome resume!
  2. 2. IMPORTANT Things to Be included In Resume! Name & immediate Contact details Educational Qualification Work Experience (if any) Achievements Skills Reference
  3. 3. Include your Contact details On top of the page
  4. 4. Have a Professional Sounding Email ID
  5. 5. Objective- Must be What you Are & What you Can offer
  6. 6. Must be highlighted!
  7. 7. Check spelling, grammar and alignment
  8. 8. Don’t use Fonts & Design!
  9. 9. Make use of Free resume templates Available on internet
  10. 10. Do not be Tempted To lie, Exaggerate/ Boast!
  11. 11. Do not include Hobbies Unless it Is relevant To the Applied Job!
  12. 12. No overloaded information!
  13. 13. Use resume descriptive
  14. 14. Max- 2 pages
  15. 15. Have Different Resumes For Different jobs
  16. 16. Thanks for Listening!