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Sustainable ecosystems

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Sustainable ecosystems

  1. 1. something like this (still haven’t thought about it) a prettier version of this one:
  2. 2. SUSTAINABLE ECOSYSTEMS AWARDS Calling out to all app makers and developers to create now a better world! what is an ecosystem? ec•o•sys•tem (ˈɛk oʊˌsɪs təәm, ˈi koʊ-) n. a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with its environment. An ecological ecosystem is a dynamic environment where living beings and non living elements work together to create a sustainable, self sufficient whole. A social ecosystem is a community of people that achieves well-being and happiness because its members share, participate, respect/cultivate mutual differences, and come together to join forces. Today’s world, and more importantly the world of the future is all about ecosystems: the challenge we face is to create self sufficient communities where people help each other and most of all to defend the sustainability of our planet’s resources: water, land, energy, and food. SUSTAINABLE ECOSYSTEMS AWARDS is a competition for the best mobile apps in the world developed to support environmental and social ecosystems and keep them healthy and productive over time. How does an app create or support ecosystems? When you make an environment or system more self sufficient and happy in the long run, you are contributing to the creation of a sustainable ecosystem. Many apps support social equity, economic equity, sustainability for the environment, free exchange of goods and skills, and by doing so prepare our future towards sustainable ecosystems. Apps are used for: Urban sustainability> mobile apps like iKringloop, that optimizes giving away your unwanted furniture, or Bondsy, where you can trade goods and exchange beans for bacon; NextDoor creates new ties between you and your neighborhood
  3. 3. Social sustainability: Circle of 6 is created especially to create a security network to protect against rape, the Extraordinaires lets you perform random acts of kindness in your spare time, wehelpen offers a social network where people can ask for or offer volunteer help for all kinds of tasks, Addictaid helps addicts to find help in their area, and many more. Ecological sustainability: mobile apps to save energy (car sharing, energy management in the home), RecycleBank fills the gap between recycling and Foursquare, the app Seasons knows what fruit and vegetables are in season, Oil Reporter lets your report oil spills
  4. 4. And the winner is.... (criteria for winning) an app that helps an ecosystem to be self sufficient and thrive (the planet, your city, your neighborhood or community, your garden) or creates a new one (for example, a community of bike advocates) - an app that is economically sustainable, environmentally sustainable and promotes social well being. - Regardless of the platform (iPhone, Android, etc) your app is especially created for mobile phones. (other criteria?) ( for example: Completeness How well does the app meet the needs of the target user groups? User Experience How does the app "feel"? Is it efficient and easy to use? etc) Be on the frontline to make the world a better place! if you want to read more about ecosystems, you can find some ideas here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecosystem and here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_sustainability http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_Sustainability Who are the organizers?
  5. 5. Appril is the only festival about apps and mobile internet that takes place for a whole month (guess which one?), and reunites a great many media professionals to successfully create a buzzing community in its multiple events across the Netherlands. Appsterdam, inspiration for this competition, is the App Makers ecosystem of independent developers, designers and business specialists based in Amsterdam, to facilitate the creation of great mobile apps.