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5 Mar 2016

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Alison t7 2016.v3

  1. COMM 202 – TUTORIAL #7 Alison Buchanan | T30 + T37 Laptops away, name cards up!
  2. AGENDA Informational interviews Networking at events 1 2
  3. WHERE DOES NETWORKING HAPPEN? • Chance meetings (i.e. sitting beside someone on an airplane) • Facilitated events (company info sessions, networking events) • As a result of a direct request
  4. INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWS: WHY? 1. Get your foot in the door (faster) 2. Gain insight about a company, industry, or career path 3. Practice your interview and networking skills 4. Find a potential mentor 5. Show them who you are beyond your resume and cover letter
  5. INFO INTERVIEW ASSIGNMENT 10% of your final grade Due Thursday April 14th Minimum of one page In-person and not current UBC student/staff/faculty or family member • Contact details (name, company, title, phone, email • List of questions asked • Major insights gained – What did you learn during your informational interview? **This is the most important part, should be 40% of final paper. • Did you request/receive any information regarding additional connections? • Follow up action – What will you do to maintain this connection? *Screen shot of thank you email required • What are your next steps having conducted this information interview? assignment guidelines
  6. NEXT STEPS TO LAND YOUR INFO INTERVIEW 1. Find 4 or 5 potential contacts – WHERE?! 2. Research them (Google, LinkedIn) and reach out to contacts you have in common 3. Decide what you want to talk to them about and brainstorm questions and points of commonality 4. Send out your invites! Don’t be offended if they don’t immediately reply
  8. COMM 202 NETWORKING + REFLECTION • Alumni, senior students, and local professionals convening for an evening of networking with this semester’s COMM 202 students • Excellent opportunity to practice and refine your networking skills and learn more about how to make the most of your time at Sauder! SAVE THE DATE: COMM202 Networking Event Thursday, March 10th from 6-8PM 10
  9. REFLECTION PAPER ASSIGNMENT • Your goals in attending the event o What is your purpose in going? Define SMART goals beforehand • How did you prepare for the event (research potential delegates)? • A brief summary of who you spoke with (3+ convos) and what you learned in the conversations • A reflection on the lessons you have learned about the networking process • Next steps you will take to continue building a assignment requirements 10% of your final grade Due Monday March 14th Minimum of one page Submit to Turnitin by 11:59PM
  10. RESEARCHING CONTACTS • Be sure to check out the delegate info on the course blog • Skim the LinkedIn profiles of delegates you’d like to speak to o Note any interesting topics you’d like to know more about o Hone in on similar experiences or shared groups o Think about questions to ask • During the event, be interested without being I had a chance to look at your LinkedIn profile, and I was really interested to learn about…
  11. DRESSING THE PART • The networking event is Business Casual. What does that mean to you?
  12. DRESSING THE PART • For ladies: o Dress pants, khaki pants, dark denim, or skirts (hemline just above your knees or longer!) o Blouse, dressy tank with a cardigan or blazer, or collared shirt (avoid spaghetti strap tops) o Flats or low heels
  13. DRESSING THE PART • For guys: o Dress pants, nice khakis, or dark denim o Collared shirt (patterned or plaid is fine!), jacket if you like o Dress shoes or loafers
  14. DRESS FOR SUCCESS • Research the event dress code if you aren’t sure what it means!
  15. NETWORKING EVENT MECHANICS Web to web Eye color Name tag on right Smile  Comfy Shoes
  17. THE APPROACH Avoiding the awkward: • Don’t interrupt. When joining a networking circle, wait for a lull in the conversation. • Never have food and a drink, you need a free hand to shake! • Go with a wingman! But not a Siamese twin
  18. INTRODUCE YOURSELF Just simply say hi! • Hi, my name’s Alison, Alison Buchanan. • Hi Alison, it’s nice to meet you. My name’s Andy. Show you’re interested in talking to them • Hi Andy it’s great to meet you as well. I was actually hoping to chat with you this evening as I noticed on your LinkedIn profile that you…and I would love to hear more about your experience. Start the conversation. Ask a question / have them talk about themselves / Stay positive • Do you have any advice for students…looking to make the most of their time at Sauder? …looking for a career in your field?
  19. CONTINUING THE CONVERSATION • LISTEN • Be careful not to monopolize peoples’ time • Listen for facts, feelings, free information and implied statements • Introduce others, tying them into the conversation • Identify commonalities • Ask open ended questions
  20. THE GRACEFUL EXIT • Spend 5 to 10 minutes with one person; wait for a lull • Excuse yourself kindly and assertively: o “It was nice to meet you” o “I’m glad you were here today. It’s been great chatting with you. Thanks so much.” o “I don’t want to monopolize all your time today. Thank you for taking time to speak with me and I hope you enjoy the rest of the event.” • Shake hands and exchange cards or ask to connect (if the conversation was meaningful)
  21. FOLLOW IT UP • After great conversations, send a personalized email or LinkedIn request (or maybe an informational interview request?  ) Hi Sabrina, It was so great to get the chance to speak with you at last night’s networking event. I was really inspired by what you said about “building your personal brand”, and I am looking forward to putting your advice into practice. I would love to continue our conversation about your experience at YVR. I understand that you are very busy, but it would be great to meet for about 20 minutes. Would you be available to meet on Monday or Tuesday next week? Coffee is on me! Thank you,
  23. 202 NETWORKING EVENT PET PEEVES 1. Asking questions and not listening to the answer 2. Asking rapid-fire questions so no one else can speak 3. When a person’s outfit is distractingly unprofessional 4. When students only talk about their option choices or career path! Try connecting over
  24. 202 NETWORKING EVENT: PRO TIPS! 1. Eat dinner beforehand 2. Do some research on the delegates, but don’t get consumed in stalking every LinkedIn profile 3. Dress classy and comfortably 4. Have a few interesting questions / topics to chat about ready to go. How do you want to be remembered? 5. When all else fails, find a 202 TA and we’ll help you join a circle 6. Head to an area that is less packed
  25. ACTION ITEMS! Resume & Cover Letter due March 8th @ 2:00PM (Turnitin + COOL) Networking Event Thursday March 10th 6-8PM o Networking Reflection due Monday, March 14th @11:59pm on Turnitin Last chance for office hours! Puppy of the week 8

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  1. TA Feedback: mention the comments on Turnitin and recap how they can find them The ultimate goal: landing the info interview How to connect via others on LI (start thinking about info interviews, meet someone at the networking event); short term event networking Rubric Event prep: Dressing the part Description of the upcoming event (CPA Hall, paint a picture) Reflection paper slide Researching contacts Approaching groups Handshakes Conversation topics; finding commonality Activities: get in circles, practice hand shakes, practice introductions
  2. Let them discuss before showing them the text Note that we will be specifically zeroing in on facilitated events and ‘direct request’ networking
  3. While this slide is up, would be cool just to share a personal story you had with info interview success Also mention that for the 202 assignment, their purpose can be: “I want to make a more informed career/option choice”
  4. Only needs to be one-page Check out the VERY DETAILED instructions on the blog Deadline is far away but invites should begin going out now
  5. Lead the discussion on where they can look for contacts (events, Alumni search on LinkedIn, getting connected through friends or the BCC, friends of the family…) There is a whole list of questions on the blog + Michelle is going over info interviews in depth in lecture Give some guidelines on invites (but there’s a sample later on in the slides)
  6. Show blog post of names attending
  7. Demo this, especially if you have not yet taught the LinkedIn class
  8. Explain how different events have different dress codes, i.e. some info sessions are BUSINESS FORMAL. What is the difference? Note that the internet is a great resource; the BCC Pinterest have put together some boards for ‘outfit inspo’
  9. Web to web – strong, firm handshake. Web of both hands should connect. Have them practice. Eye colour – when meeting someone you should make enough eye contact to be able to walk away knowing the colour of their eyes Comfy shoes – for girls! A lot of standing around so make sure you wear comfy shoes Clothes that stand out – EVERYONE will be in black suits. It is important to suit up but change it up with cool shirts, ties, grey suit etc. No perfume/cologne, breathmints not gum, no coffee, long skirts. Nametag – always goes on your right (the same side you shake hands with). As you go to shake someones hand to intro yourself that side of your chest sticks out more. Smile – nothing worse than someone who doesn’t look interested or passionate or excited about the conversation. It is hard to say no to a smiling idiot.
  10. Ask: What’s your strategy to approach?
  11. First 2 points self explanatory First point – approach across from the professional, not next to them because they won’t notice you. Third point – go with a wingman at first. A lot easier, less stressful and more natural to engage in 3 way conversation. Often in 2 way conversation you spend so much time trying to think of the next question to ask that you don’t pay attention to what they are saying to you right now. With 2 of you there one person can talk while the other thinks etc…..BUT DON’T STICK WITH YOUR BUDDY THE WHOLE TIME. You don’t want the professionals thinking you are dependent and can’t function without them. Share your personal experiences here (you probably have some funny stories)
  12. Repeat their name ACTIVITY: try doing a handshake, introduction + a few opening questions
  13. Tennis practice: keep the ball moving Do we need examples of questions? Should this be a list or a link to more questions OR activity to brainstorm good questions and share/ask each other
  14. Demo this? Especially the business card ask. Or maybe have them try. Reiterate that people at the event are unlikely to have business cards, but they can pave the way for a LinkedIn connection
  15. Make sure they know that a thank you is fine! We don’t always need to push for additional face-time Also think about how YOU can add value for that contact – it’s not just about what they can do for you 20 minutes rationale + choice between two positives
  16. Explain check in when they arrive (either end); if late register in front of BCC MUST do this to receive credit for assignment Unsecured coat check Don’t need to stay for the entire event; hard close at 8PM
  17. So, practice active listening and have intelligent follow up questions Share the stage with your group, introduce them, wing man for each other Last semester, the only question I was asked was “I saw you are in BTM – can you explain what that is?”
  18. Remind them that they’ll need to check in and should bring minimal items to coat check Check out the delegate name tag table if they really want to know if they’re there
  19. AFTER MAR 8: Replace Resume/CL note with: Sign up for your mock interview via COOL Or find your Info Interview + Sign up for your mock interview