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Conflict and respect

Job Shadowing

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Conflict and respect

  1. 1. WELCOME
  2. 2. What has a football club got to do with education?
  3. 3. March 20th 2015 CONFLICT and RESPECT
  4. 4. Background Government Initiative Playing for Success - 2005 Aims Use the unique setting and ethos of football clubs to engage and motivate those who had been disaffected or disengaged from learning.
  5. 5. Eventually 240 centres Football Rugby But also Cricket Horse racing Snow dome Later Museums Shopping Malls Aquariums
  6. 6. Challenge To improve Numeracy and Literacy To improve self esteem To engage challenging students
  7. 7. Expand success to other areas of education and community learning
  8. 8. No funding – charitable trust over 3,000 learners courses including; By 2012