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Active learning

Active Learning Classrooms: Everyone is engaged!
Teachers are no longer the main source of information. How do we teach students to handle these sources? How would your students answer these questions?

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Active learning

  1. 1. From whom are they learning this? 7 1 ' Fnends? ‘ Strangers? Tllemselves?
  2. 2. It means we need to rethink the tools we use and the types of problems we ask students to solve. ll
  3. 3. How could you gather and discuss data via: _
  4. 4. How could you gather and discuss data via: _
  5. 5. How could students publish and evaluate work using:
  6. 6. Tonight's Homework: Answer the following question using any resources you wish. You must explain, justify, and evaluate your opinion and resources.
  7. 7. You have $1000 to donate towards hunger relief. To which organization in which country would you give it? . . _ : ~«. ... . )4,
  8. 8. Find an online presentation program. Use it to create a 2-minute presentation ofthe pros and cons of the program _7.____, ___. _.. .-—-. -
  9. 9. Any lesson you create, no matter what tools are used has to be. .. re I evalfi challenging
  10. 10. Students do not need to be entertained. .. h . pr. (li(o_- O O (]U(‘llt')! ‘:lllQ o". '1l. lf()l(‘lll¢_'! lK _"; researc I pol-ms . :_'. VL . ’ *8“ . .m». ,.«. aa. ... ..e a e m e t Subjc. ‘(ir». ufv 7 n n they need to be engaged.
  11. 11. Entertainment is not the same as engagement Entertainment Engagement: in 1-~. svw‘- . !Fl'lVF‘ for enjoyment for learning short-lived long-term results escape fro . solving problems A using the creativity of the otlw . 8 7 participant Entertainment can and should be
  12. 12. Our charge is to provide meaningful and ‘IC -7-; powerful
  13. 13. 2. Start small ' What is one thing you could do in the next 2-3 weeks to better engage ' ’ with 21“ century skills?
  14. 14. 4.. Take a risk ° Change cannot occur without conflict 8' Try it and see what happens