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SXSW 2021 PanelPicker Proposal

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Independent Together: There's No Me Without Us

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SXSW 2021 PanelPicker Proposal

  2. 2. The Problem Social influencers stand at the brand-consumer intersection. But there is much ambiguity around their evolving role as an authority and power broker for followers. The Research Question What jobs do social influencers perform that enable followers to achieve social identity and aspirational goals? Research Premise Followers and consumers are in a perpetual state of being and becoming. Cultural trends present external pressures on social identity and compliance. Followers seek signals on what to do next when cultural shifts contradict social values and norms. NEW VIEWS ON SUBMISSIONPITCH SOCIAL INFLUENCE CONCEPTS
  3. 3. MODELPROPOSAL Step 1: About them / us conversation Step 2: About me & internal conversation (social upkeep) 2-Step Social Influence Flow SUBMISSIONPITCH
  4. 4. THE EVOLUTIONARY SPAN OF SOCIAL INFLUENCE Opinion Leaders circa 1940s Mass media, print Original 2-step flow communication model Groups use opinion leader as filter for information Fortifies in-group experience by sharing similar ideals and opinions Limited by reach of print or tv media SUBMISSIONPITCH ® Influentials circa 1960s Mass media, print Cosmopolitan and local influentials stratified around common interests Focus of distributed content was local or international Geographically bounded; sphere of influence on in- group participants dependent on location Limited by reach of print or tv media Blog-fluencers circa 1990s-2015 Internet, digital platforms Decoupling of geographic requirement for in-group participation Ushered in online community groups Group members achieve in- group status through shared content and ideas as well as identity affirming activities Social Influencers Current -- Social media networks, mobile and digital platforms Real-time content and live events accelerates information cycles Brand owners (upstream players) losing power in cultural conversations. Power of cultural dialog shifting to social influencers and followers (downstream players). Social upkeep needs unmet
  5. 5. FOLLOWERS • Individual • Micro • Organic • Trust • Anticipation • Initiator SOCIAL INFLUENCER VALUE CHAIN SHIFTING POWER OF CULTURAL CONVERSATIONS BRAND OWNERS • Institutional • Macro • Inorganic • Distrust • Trepidation • Follower SUBMISSIONPITCH
  6. 6. Definition JTBD denotes the progress followers are trying to make towards life goals in a specific context (Christensen 2016) Social influencers emit clues suggesting to followers “how to be” and “how to adapt” in an ever- changing socio-cultural landscape Win-Win Insights into JTBD concept can produce mutual benefits for social influencer-follower relationships JOBS-TO-BE-DONE SUBMISSIONPITCH Diagnostic Value
  7. 7. SOCIALUPKEEP A self-evaluation conducted to assess the pulse of the socio-cultural landscape and one’s place in it. SUBMISSIONPITCH
  8. 8. THIS TOPIC MATTERS FORWARD LOOKING SUBMISSIONPITCH The interdependence in social influencer- follower relationships creates a potent bond forceful for all parties when navigating cultural shifts and contradictions that threaten social identity and in-group membership Social influencers are performing specific but currently unidentified jobs that help individuals and social group members adapt and thrive Social influencers will need new concepts, tools and metrics that recognize and affirm evolving social identities and group affiliations