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Recognition from Belgium

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Recognition from Belgium

  1. 1. Nielsen HRO Budapest REWARD & RECOGNITION - 2015 Q2 Brenda Burke 21 Sept 2015
  2. 2. Copyright©2012TheNielsenCompany.Confidentialandproprietary. 2 In appreciation for demonstrating Nielsen values through excellent collaboration with Nielsen Belgium HR. Great working relationship, pro-activeness and straight-forward timely communication when she took over a country as back-up. BUSINESS SUMMARY •Integrated: Continuous close cooperation with the HR partner was a factor contributing to this success. I have built with Emoke a great working relationship so far. Emoke is brilliant in what she does and I really appreciate her pro activeness and straight forward communication. Whenever I have a question, Emoke gets back to me in a timely manner so that I can move on with my work as well which is greatly appreciated. (Barbara Soret, HR Generalist) Emoke Nagy BELGIUM SUPPORT- 2015 Q2 POWER OF TCS