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Techwear - presentation Athens 2017

Student's project

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Techwear - presentation Athens 2017

  1. 1. “Wear it, use it, love it”
  2. 2.  Our mission is to combine fashion with the new technologies for a more practical use of trendy clothing. Our vision is to promote the idea that accessories can not only be good looking but be also used on a daily basis. Our goal is our accessories to be worn and loved worldwide, setting a new trend by using new technologies.
  3. 3. To produce quality products while respecting the environment and our customers at the best possible price and also to create safe for use gadgets and accessories made of the best materials without using animal skin.
  4. 4. winter accessories including specially designs wearable gadgets Beanies with wireless headphones, heating scarves and special gloves which with battery generated heating covered in a material with which we can use our cell phones. We plan to add more devices soon which will make our products more interesting. Heating products will be carefully made with special materials not to let heat get out and avoid any risks for the user’s health.
  5. 5. We offer a product innovative and not seen before. Accessories to combine both trendy designs and high tech gadgets, something that would benefit our clients and help them with daily tasks.  We focus on low cost but quality production in order to provide products in the cheapest prices possible to avoid overpriced goods. Our customers can be from any age group and of any financial and social class. We mostly depend on those who live in the northern and colder regions.
  6. 6. Capital: 300,000 EURO Cost of service Insurance: 60,000 Emergency bills: 50,000 Maintenance: 30,000 Chancellery: 15,000 Cost of Production Materials: 80,000 Workforce/ Salaries: 40,000 Insurance Emengercy bills Maintenance Chancellery Production Material Salaries *+25,000euros left are saved for the company in the bank
  7. 7. Strengths •Our company offers unique combination of technology and fashionable clothing. •Manufacturing our product in china allows us to provide lower prices. •We guarantee the best quality. •Wide range of items is offered. Weaknesses •Although we are well positioned on the Finnish market we still hadn’t overtaken the international outreach. •Minor capital doesn’t allow us to employ new workers. •Costs of shipping finished products from China to Finland is expensive. Opportunities •Entering the international market will result in rise of demand on our product. •This kind of product is not often seen on the international market. •High tech products are getting more and more popular. •Selling our products in countries with good standard of living may cause higher profits. Threats •Development of technology can result in decrease of interest of our product. •Possibility of appearing opponent companies. •Prices of materials can change depending on market situation.