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  1. 1. The Disruptive Payer Landscape 2015 Gina Tilton May 2015
  2. 2. Payer Imperatives • It is critical to engage payers for the health of patients, the financial health of pharma companies and the fiscal health of health care systems. • To gain trust Pharma needs to provide payers: • customer-centric solutions • data-driven insights and interventions
  3. 3. Healthcare disrupted by two megatrends: 1. New Incentives  Payers and systems (on a global scale) are grappling with the challenge of putting costs on a sustainable trajectory — a task exacerbated by a looming chronic disease epidemics, aging populations, expanding access, and rising expectations for health care across emerging markets.  To address these sustainability challenges, public and private payers are increasingly moving from fee-for-service payment systems to pay-for- performance models —no longer paying for volume and activity, but rather for value and outcomes.
  4. 4. Healthcare disrupted by two megatrends, cont. 2. Game Changing Technology.  The emergence of big data and new patient empowering information-leveraging technologies, such as social media, mobile devices, smart phone apps, wireless devices, sensors, etc., is empowering patients with transparent information giving them more control over their own health.
  5. 5. Non Traditional Disrupters • The disruption of health care is attracting non- traditional entrants from a wide range of industries — information technology, data, analytics, mobile telephony, retail trade and others. These companies are being drawn by the tremendous opportunity to apply their strengths to the challenge of making health care more sustainable.