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The Digital Opportunity for Primary Care

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Arvind Madan - Director of Primary Care, NHS England

Publié dans : Santé & Médecine
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The Digital Opportunity for Primary Care

  1. 1. Dr Arvind Madan Director of Primary Care, NHS England
  2. 2. Primary Care Ageing population Increasingly complex patient diagnoses Slower than required growth in numbers of healthcare professionals Changing user expectations Variations in outcomes
  3. 3. 1 in 20 of 1.2 trillion Google searches are health-related ~ 50 million visits per month to NHS Choices Go online for health information
  4. 4. 6% of appointments could have been dealt with by practice staff other than the GP 4% of patients could have avoided contact with the practice if self-care support had been available 120 80
  5. 5. 92% of practices offer patients online access to their Detailed Care Record Online Appointment Booking 98.7% of practices offering 8.4 million patients signed up 12% of all appointments are available online Online Repeat Prescriptions 97.4% of practices offering 8.2 million patients signed up 4% of all repeat prescriptions requested online Online Access to Records
  6. 6. Access to patient data at the point of care Interoperability to allow data sharing between health and care professionals Patient empowerment through the use of endorsed apps and other digital tools
  7. 7. Enable patients through signposting and remote management to help them prevent ill-health through self care Increased practice efficiencies through a wide choice of innovative technology that supports new ways of working Access to data and tools that enable providers to evaluate, measure and improve episodes of care and services Support and guidance for professionals to help them make best use of technology and connect with each other
  8. 8. Better use of technology for practices • Increase in revenue funding to CCGs • Data Quality Training • Information Governance and cyber security • Increased uptake of Patients Online • Increasing online self-care and tackling digital exclusion • Development of 111 Online • Wi-Fi in GP practices for staff and patients • Mobile access to records • Apps library on nhs.uk to support clinicians and patients • Telephone and e-consultation tools • Remote care of long-term conditions and Telehealth • Paperless 2020 e.g. EPR, EPS, GP2GP, e-discharges • Summary Care Record and record sharing across practices and services • Advice and Guidance support services • Improved data extraction and payment system • Digital Maturity Index and buying framework for CCGs
  9. 9. “I can choose from a wide range of innovative systems and solutions that can improve the way I work” “My working hours are flexible, as I can manage my patients remotely” “I’ve been supported to use new technology confidently to deliver better care” Enabling you to offer digital services to your patients which allow them to take ownership of their own care Enable patients with long-term conditions to be remotely managed through sharing of personal health care data Supporting new ways of working through online access and reducing bureaucracy through linking digital workflow and task management Making real-time digital records available inside and outside the practice Educating and supporting you to make the best use of technology Seamlessly linking health professionals and digital records Providing access to the right data and tools to enable you to capacity plan and measure the service demands based on patient need Analyse data and intelligence to allow you to make service improvements and modifications I can signpost and remotely manage my patients and help them prevent ill-health through self care I can evaluate the quality of service that I provide to my patients I can work efficiently and make sure my patients are seen by the right professional Technology that builds confidence to support empowering your patients to take advantage of the digital tools and apps on offer and sign post to the right services “I’ve have been given the right business tools to understand my patients health needs” I can access support to improve my digital skills and services Support services available to accelerate and adopt new ways of working Online clinical communication network available to provide practical advice and guidance Simple payment systems
  10. 10. Back Office Systems Staying Well Self-help content e.g. NHS Choices Risk Assessment Tools e.g. One You Well-being tools e.g. Apple Healthkit and wearables Feeling Unwell Transactional tools e.g. Patient Online Sign posting e.g. pharmacy, mental health services Symptom checking e.g. 111 Online Remote Care Email Consults (minor illnesses and requests) Long-term Condition Apps (Reactive and proactive care) Telehealth for ongoing monitoring e.g. virtual wards Data based population management e.g. risk stratification • Human Resources • Finance • Practice management • Rota management • Secondary data use • Quality metrics • Data extraction/Payments • Commissioning intelligence • Patient Record • Electronic Prescribing • Electronic Record Transfer • E-referral and E-discharge Patients use practice website as a resource to: • stay well • source credible advice • remotely manage clinical interactions
  11. 11. Patient empowerment, self care and prevention New ways of working and reduced bureaucracy Providing access to data and tools to measure quality and efficiency Supporting hard to reach groups Order and attach test results electronically Patients able to provide pre- referral info Book all primary care appointments online Free patient and professional WiFi NHS endorsed library of apps 24hr digital urgent & emergency care via 111 Repeat prescriptions Click and Collect Digital GP consultations via phone, email, webcam, messenger where appropriate Telecare apps widely available Telehealth devices used by patients for diagnostics Remote monitoring of long term conditions Online patient consent options Electronic engagement with health professionals E-discharge summaries received in GP Record Transfer e-records between practices Remote access to real- time digital records Approved apps on nhs.uk that signpost and share information with GP Shared records across federations Ability to deliver virtual GP services Wider choice of systems and infrastructure Full read/write access for urgent & emergency care Single GP payment system Electronic receipt of all clinical info Real-time info sharing using NHS SPINE Interoperability standards included in provider contracts Morbidity and activity data analysis across federations Local automated extract services Standards and system accreditation Digital maturity and assurance tool for commissioners Trial local extract services Purchasing by local commissioners Patients have digital access to practice DRAFT - not for wide circulation