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Key aspects of sales management

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Key aspects of sales management by Hany Sewilam AbdelHamid

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Key aspects of sales management

  1. 1. Aspects of Sales Management: Key Themes
  2. 2. The Sales Representative  Research  Based on types of messages delivered  Links between performance and specific traits  Observations  Statistically inconsistent does not mean links are nonexistent or unimportant  Situation-specific approach is necessary  Characteristics of customer and salesperson must be considered
  3. 3. The Boundary Role Communication Communication Selling org Buying org Marketing strategy •Policies •Procedures •Programs Procurement strategy •Policies •Procedures •Programs Sales rep
  4. 4. Classification of Sales Jobs  Missionary  Delivery  Order taker  Technical sales  Demand creation
  5. 5. Managing Sales Tasks  Factors influencing Sales personnel behavior Market/account characteristics Customer behavior Marketing strategy Desired behavior of sales personnel Recruitment and selection Effort Training motivation evaluation compensation
  6. 6. Linkages among motivation, evaluation and compensation  Motivation: personal, territory/account characteristics, perceived results & rewards  Effort: type? Quantity?  Results: goals/objectives  Evaluation: measurement criteria, process  Compensation plan
  7. 7. A Sales Management Framework Sales Force Control Systems •Performance measurements •Performance evaluations •Compensation systems •Training Sales Force Environment •Human resource patterns •Communication patterns •Interaction patterns •Management patterns Sales Personnel •Experience •Competencies •Preferences Selling behavior Sales tasks Vendor’s marketing strategy Market/Account characteristics
  8. 8. After the Sale Is Over…
  9. 9. The Product’s Changing Nature Category Past Present Future Item Product Augmented product System contracts Sale Unit System System over time Value Feature Advantages Technology advantages System advantages Leadtime Short Long Lengthy Service Modest Important Vital Delivery place Local National Global Delivery phase Once Often Continually Strategy Sales Marketing Relationship
  10. 10. When the sale is first made Seller Buyer Objective achieved Judgment postponed; applies test of time Selling stops Shopping continues Focus goes elsewhere Wants affirmation that expectations have been met Tension released Tension increased Relationship ended Relationship intensified
  11. 11. Actions that effect relationships Positive actions Negative actions Initiate positive phone calls Make only call backs Make recommendation Make justifications Use phone Use correspondence Make service suggestions Wait for service requests Talk about ‘our future together’ Talk about making good on the past Accept responsibility Shift blame
  12. 12. Building dependencies  Absence of complaints- surest sign of a bad or declining relationship  Seller can become dependent on buyer  Surprises and bad forecasts- symptoms of bad relationships  In a proper relationship both the buyer and seller will benefit
  13. 13. Relationship management  Requires companywide maintenance, investment, improvement and even replacement programs  Co.s require engg & mfg people to spend time with customers  The Sperry Corporation- listening campaign
  14. 14. Making it happen  To manage relationships effectively, managers must meet four requirements  Awareness  Assessment  Accountability  Actions  Relationship mgt can be institutionalized by  Role playing seminars and sensitivity training sessions
  15. 15. Thank you Hany Sewilam AbdelHamid