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CRM - How to manage your clients effectively

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This is a slide deck of my presentation during the AEO Sales Summit at Confex in London 2019. It touches the new mindset of customer success and how to the event industry, especially exhibition sales will change in the future.

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CRM - How to manage your clients effectively

  2. 2. Ungerboeck Software About Holger • 17+ years of experience in Tech, Sales & Customer Success Mgmt • Customer Centricity Promoter • Digitalization enthusiast • Business Process AnalystHolger.Friesz@ungerboeck.com #HolgerIsHappy | @Holger_Fr
  3. 3. Ungerboeck Software C ustomer R elationship M anagement
  4. 4. Ungerboeck Software brand centric customer centric
  5. 5. Ungerboeck Software “ „ You‘ve got to start with the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and work backwards to the technology. - Steve Jobs
  6. 6. Ungerboeck Software 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Past Future Ratio Booth Sales & Service Sales Booth Sales Service Sales Service Sales is the future
  7. 7. Ungerboeck Software CUSTOMER VALUE OVER TIME Source: Frederick F. Reichheld, The Loyality Effect, 96, S. 38
  8. 8. Ungerboeck Software The customer journey • Who are your clients? • What drives their behaviors? • How do they engage with the events process? • When do they engage with you and what do they want? Determine the best opportunities for you to interact with the different audience groups
  9. 9. Ungerboeck Software “ „ Our ultimate goal is not digitalization, it is value realisation. - Andrew Roswell-Jones, Gartner
  10. 10. Ungerboeck Software Industry Observations Sales is less proactive & consultative No ‚real‘ realtionship building, instead ‚processing‘ mentality Sales Staff without ‚real‘ quota or success based compensation Dashboards seen as gadgets rather than management tools Focus on sales only rather the entire process
  11. 11. Ungerboeck Software What we learn from other Industries Sales & Strategy is driven by numbers / targets Variable Pay Plan 40-50% of OTE (On Target Earning) True Sales People have a client first approach Industry related: Venue Sales focus on services rather SQM Dashboards and relevant KPIs are core to sucessful (self-) management
  12. 12. Ungerboeck Software Technology should make your life easier – not harder
  13. 13. Ungerboeck Software Influence of CRM TECHNOLOGYPEOPLE PROCESS KNOWLEDGE & INSIGHT …affecting 1. Leadership & Culture 2. Customer Management 3. Business Models & Strategy 4. Communication & Transaction
  14. 14. Ungerboeck Software Vertical vs. horizontal CRMs Vertical CRMs User community across industries Requires heavy customization for event industry Multiple systems required to cover core processes Training on different Systems High IT costs to keep distributed systems current Horizontal CRMs Unified platform for core business processes Operational excellence through process optimization Purpose built / event centric functionalities Single source of truth for data Specialized training required
  15. 15. Ungerboeck Software The unification of CRM & Event Management 360° Overview of Event and Clients à Focused Service Event targeted Sales All info for all departments at their fingertips at all times Consistent data from acquisition to invoicing to operations Client data, orders, history All event / production related information
  16. 16. Ungerboeck Software Sales Post GDPR Methods change! Now, you will spend the time only with contacts that matter
  17. 17. Ungerboeck Software DASHBOARDS & KPI
  18. 18. Ungerboeck Software KPIs FOR ORGANIZER Sales & Marketing Lead, Conversion, Opportunities, Revenue by customer (type) Event related Re-Booking, Churn, Revenue / Margin by Event, Booth Sales Operational KPIs Stock Utilization, Session Utilization, Catering Financial KPIs Bookings, Bad Debt, Outstanding Rev
  19. 19. Ungerboeck Software DASHBOARD FOR VENUES Everything at a glance. Organizer pipeline. Ultilization. Sales activities. Forecast. Drill-down capabilities.
  20. 20. Ungerboeck Software DASHBOARD FOR CONFERENCE ORGANIZER Everything at a glance. Registrants pipeline. Sales activities. KPI and statistics. Drill-down capabilities.
  21. 21. Ungerboeck Software DASHBOARD FOR EXHIBITION ORGANIZER Everything at a glance. Exhibitor pipeline. Sales activities. KPI and statistics. Drill-down capabilities.
  22. 22. Ungerboeck Software MOBILE DASHBOARDS Access all important KPI and statistics on a mobile device.
  23. 23. Ungerboeck Software CRM & Opportunity Accuracy
  24. 24. Ungerboeck Software Customer Relationship Management Customer Experience is the driver of revenue. Service matters! Loyalty is almost priceless. Value it! Define the right KPIs & measure it. Dashboards are key! (financial) targets drive behavoir. Benefit from it!
  25. 25. Ungerboeck Software A fine selection of our valued Partners
  26. 26. Ungerboeck Software About Ungerboeck We believe in live communication & synergizing the collaboration between people. Since 33 years, our mission is to enable those, who are working each day to bring people together and to support their digital transformation journey. We provide a leading technology platform to run your core business processes for venues, exhibition & conference management.