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Innoblue Kickoff Powerpoint

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Innoblue Kickoff Powerpoint

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Innoblue Kickoff Powerpoint

  1. 1. @innobluepsu, #startupPSU
  2. 2. Welcome.
  3. 3. Innoblue is the community for student entrepreneurs at Penn State.
  4. 4. Accelerator – APPLY NOW! • Hangouts & work sessions weekly • Turn your idea into a business while maximizing your time, money and resources.
  5. 5. HackPSU – 36 hour hackathon • We’re looking to build an awesome team to make the spring the best HackPSU yet • Huge, crazy fun event (250+ students) + More! Powered By:
  6. 6. “Most people are fast to stop you before you get started but hesitate to get in the way if you’re moving.”
  7. 7. So, let’s get started… What do you want to do by the end of the year?
  8. 8. @innobluepsu, #startupPSU