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Best of scrum and lean startup for product development

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Best of scrum and lean startup for product development

  1. 1. Prepared by : Anish Cheriyan, Director, Huawei Best of Scrum and Lean Startup for product development Prepared By Anish Cheriyan, Director, Huawei Technologies
  2. 2. Topics • Typical Challenges of Large Organization • Development method based on degree of uncertainty • Background of the Business Problem • Lean Startup and Scrum practices applied
  3. 3. Typical Challenges of Big Organization • One size fits all solution for the management method • Failure is a failure • Delayed Validated Learning
  4. 4. One size fits all solution for the management method Picture Courtesy: wikimedia.org Large Organization have ready made past proven life cycle following waterfall, scrum, scrumban or related life cycle. Teams somehow forcefiet the project into such framework.
  5. 5. What happens if you fail Failure is not considered good in most situations or may be in all situations. Picture Courtesy: dietlogo.com
  6. 6. Delayed Validated Learning In most cases the validated learning comes after we do the big bang development. Concept Plan Design and Develop Testing Release Beta Test Final Release Most learning happen here 2 week to 3 months duration
  7. 7. Method based on degree of uncertainty Based on degree of uncertainty development method can be used.
  8. 8. Background of the Business Problem • Embedded Development. • Customer was not clear about the problem. • Not clear about what feature is required.
  9. 9. “A Startup is a human institution designed to deliver a product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty” Eric Ries
  10. 10. Our Approach Concept Plan … Problem Validation Solution Validation Scale We used the Lean Startup framework to validate the problem and the solution and for scaling we used the product development life cyde
  11. 11. Scrum and Lean Startup Applied Idea/Unkno wn problem Product Ready Scale (Product Development) Integrated Product Development Process
  12. 12. Key Practices used . Lean Canvas . Interview, . Survey . Presentation . Go out of the building . Wireframing . Wireframing . Working Prototype . Iterative Development . Customer Demo . One Metric that matters Concept Plan Develop Release . Scrum Life Cycle . Continuous Delivery . All related practices Lean Canvas, Wireframing and iterative development practices were extensively used.
  13. 13. Key Results • We have been able to finalize around 15 key features of the product using Lean Startup and Scrum approach. • Right now realization is in progress. • We are 100% confident about the success of these features as customer has seen the working feature.
  14. 14. Thank You “Life is too short to build something which nobody wants”