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Improving the student experience using digital insights

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University of Glasgow use the Tracker

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Improving the student experience using digital insights

  1. 1. Drew McConnell Information Officer Information Services Improving the Student experience using Digital Insights
  2. 2. Why Digital Experience Insights? • A great opportunity • Replaced a now defunct survey last conducted 3 years ago! • Consultation and engagement is what we want to do! • Benchmarking across the sector!
  3. 3. How we used the tracker • Read JISC support materials • Consulted SRC and academics • Added in 6 of our own questions • Lecture recording • Software for BYOD • University website
  4. 4. How we used the tracker • Aimed for 600 responses • 1639 responses over 3 weeks • We sent out 3 emails and a MyGlasgow (news) story • Em… … … that’s it!
  5. 5. Reviewing the results • Took us some time…… • Formed senior Academic and student review group • Information Services working group
  6. 6. Summary of our key tracker data
  7. 7. • 73% rate the quality of digital teaching and learning on their course as good or above (Q18) • 37% agree their course prepares them for the digital workplace (Q17d) • 53% agree software used on their course is industry standard and up-to-date (Q16c) • 89% rate the quality of our digital provision (software, hardware, learning environment) as good or above (Q13) • 70% agree we support them to use their own digital devices (Q9a) • 79% can access reliable WIFI whenever they need it (Q7) Summaryofkeymetrics 89% 70% 79% 73% 37% 53% Quality of digital provision Own device support Reliable WIFI Quality of digital teaching & learning Preparation for digital workplace Up-to-date software
  8. 8. Students’ digital
  9. 9. Institutional digital environment • Students were asked what one thing we should do to improve their experience of digital teaching and learning (Q11) • This was a free text question, which we analysed for themes • Common themes included: • Wifi and eduroam 144 • Moodle 119 • Lecture Recording 144 • Library 90
  10. 10. Student preferences for digital learning
  11. 11. Digital on your course How much do you agree with the following statements about our VLE? % agree I rely on it to do my coursework 77% I regularly access it on a mobile device 59.9% It is well designed 43.9% I would like it to be used more by my tutors 37.3% I enjoy using the collaborative features 21%
  12. 12. Reviewing the results • Results mostly positive! • Until we compared them to Rest of UK data… • Around 5% behind the curve in some key areas.
  13. 13. Benchmark comparisons • The Jisc system allows us to compare our data with total data from other UK institutions that ran the tracker (We have compared the six key metrics shown earlier Question UofG UK Across institution: digital provision Overall rating (Q13) 89% 87.5% Own device support (Q9a) 69.7% 69.5% Reliable WIFI (Q7) 79% 76% On course: digital teaching and learning Overall rating (Q18) 73% 74.2% Preparation for digital workplace (Q17d) 36.6% 42.1% Up-to-date industry standard software (Q16c) 53.2% 59.3%
  14. 14. Taking it forward Information Services • Information Security • Comms plan • Online course? • Cyber Essentials? • VLE (Moodle) • UX The University Helps me stay safe online UofG UK Total Agree 34.59% 41.68% 41.20% Neutral 57.32% 49.91% 50.42% Disagree 8.09% 8.41% 8.39%
  15. 15. The CONCEPT of UX “User experience encompasses all aspects of a user’s interaction with a company, its services, and its products.” Donald A. Norman Design Lab Director, UC San Diego The FIELD of UX “Bringing together user needs and business goals through research, design and testing.” Neil Scott Glasgow-based UX Designer
  16. 16. UX research on VLE Apr-May 2018 • Student touchstone tours • Staff workshop Review of previous research  2017: SRC student workshop  2016: Positive Student Journey project Holly Pringle Kat Husbands
  17. 17. Theme Category Recommendation Clarity Tech AND Best practice Assessment submission screen: * Hide 'Grade' field when not being used * Show details on how and when students will get their grade and feedback Consistency Best practice Increase consistency in overall course layout Consistency Best practice Increase consistency in use of Gradebook - make it clearer whether or not a course is using it Consistency Best practice Increase consistency in use of the Library's online reading list service - ReadingLists@Glasgow - rather than uploading reading lists in PDFs Consistency Tech AND Best practice Increase consistency of experience when clicking on a link or doc: currently they might open in current tab, new tab, new window or download, with no clear logic Consistency Best practice Increase consistency in timing of uploads: some lecturers don't make slides available until after lecture Consistency Tech AND Best practice Increase consistency in format of course short names - using course codes alone creates confusion Dashboard Tech Hide old courses Dashboard Tech Allow users to favourite courses to display first Dashboard Tech Allow users to customise their dashboard Functionality Tech Add push notifications to Moodle app Functionality Tech Integrate Moodle calendar with other calendars, eg My Timetable Functionality Tech Improve forum interface and functionality Functionality Tech Implement a Moodle-wide search function - currently can only search forum posts Functionality Tech Improve online marking interface Layout Best practice Consider wider use of the tile layout Layout Best practice Consider wider use of course completion settings, so students can use checkboxes to keep track of which resources they've accessed Navigation Tech Improve the visibiliy of the navigation column toggle: the nav bar is very useful, but only when users can find it Navigation Tech Simplify nav column - course block: * Hide 'Badges' when not being used (does anyone use them? If not, just remove!) * Hide 'Grades' when not being used * Move 'Participants' to bottom of block Navigation Tech Simplify nav column - universal block: * Move 'Dashboard' to persistent header * Remove 'Site home' & 'Calendar' (both are accessible through Dashboard) * Move 'My Courses' to persistent header * Do we have stats on use of 'Private files'? Only one participant touched on it. Remove it for students?Support Tech AND Best practice Make more how-to tutorials available, both for students and staff, or if they already exist, make them more discoverable and easier to use Support Best practice Encourage course coordinators to include in course induction a demo/explanation of how they will be using Moodle on this course
  18. 18. UofG specific Increased access to recorded lectures would be a significant benefit We are installing Lecture capture tech in 40 more lecture theatres
  19. 19. I would like to be able to run lab software on my own device UofG specific We are developing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) which will allow programs and applications to be delivered to any device
  20. 20. Next steps • Continue to engage with staff and students on the results • Comms plan for wider engagement and data sharing • Push for development and investment which will address/improve student concerns • Participate again!
  21. 21. Thank you! Drew.McConnell@glasgow.ac.uk drewmcconnell