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Digital story telling in the 21st century

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Digital story telling in the 21st century

  1. 1. Digital Story Telling in the 21st Century<br />By Janeen Duncan<br />Teaching with Technology<br />ED 5700 <br />Dr.Smirnova<br />
  2. 2. What is Digital Story Telling?<br /><ul><li>Using computer based tools to write stories.
  3. 3. Stories are made with images, text, recorded audio narration, video clips and or music.
  4. 4. Usually two to ten minutes long.</li></li></ul><li>What is Digital Story Telling? cont.<br /><ul><li>British photographer, educator and digital storyteller, Daniel Meadows defines digital stories as "short, personal multimedia tales told from the heart." He maintains that the beauty of this form of digital expression is that these stories can be created by people everywhere, on any subject, and shared electronically all over the world.</li></li></ul><li>Storybird<br />Http://storybird.com/<br />You can read digital stories or make your own. <br />It’s very easy to choose pictures and type sentences.<br />Signing up is easy and free.<br />You can download your students books and print them.<br />
  5. 5. Story I made with Storybird<br />http://storybird.com/books/a-day-in-the-forest-6/?token=musbpm<br />
  6. 6. Kerpoof<br /><ul><li>http://www.kerpoof.com/#
  7. 7. Very colorful and interactive
  8. 8. You can spell a picture, make a movie, make a card, make a drawing, make a picture and tell a story.
  9. 9. You can email or print your project.
  10. 10. You can rate projects too.
  11. 11. For grades K-8</li></li></ul><li>Card I Made with Kerpoof<br />
  12. 12. Resources to get Started<br /><ul><li>An EDUBLOG – 31 of My Favorite Digital Story Telling Sites
  13. 13. http://ilearntechnology.com/?p=3190
  14. 14. A Wiki - 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story
  15. 15. http://50ways.wikispaces.com/</li></li></ul><li>Benefits of Digital Story Telling<br /><ul><li>Motivates students to write and read
  16. 16. Engages students with a multimedia of their generation
  17. 17. Educators can use digital story telling to captivate their students interest
  18. 18. Students can share their story globally
  19. 19. Students can share their stories again and again</li></li></ul><li>Benefits cont.<br /><ul><li>It gives voice to struggling or special education students
  20. 20. Students can express themselves freely
  21. 21. Students can show emotion in their stories
  22. 22. Helps students be effective communicators of the 21st century
  23. 23. Increases students technological skills</li></li></ul><li>My References<br /><ul><li>Levine, A. (2011). 50+ web 2.0 ways to tell a story.. Retrieved from http://50ways.wikispaces.com/
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  27. 27. Woolley, M. (2010). Literacy alive-digital sstory telling for 21st century learners. Retrieved from http://www.slideshare.net/markwoolley/literacy-alive-digital-story-telling-for-21st-century-learners</li>