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Debra Shepard masccc 2013

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Debra Shepard masccc 2013

  1. 1. The Future of Urban Mobility:A Case Study in Sustainable TransportationDebra Shepard, Senior ConsultantStephan Lienin, DirectorApril 24, 2013
  2. 2. Who we areSustainserv is a management consulting firm that helps leading companies, non-profits,and government agencies to develop sustainability strategies, programs, andcommunications.Founded in 2001 by an international team of PhD-trained scientists, and based in Bostonand Zurich, Sustainserv combines unmatched global perspective, technical acumen, andclient focus to provide customized solutions that drive sustainable business growth.
  3. 3. Public Private Partnerships:Bringing multi-stakeholder sustainability ideas to lifeSustainabilityInterestStakeholderEngagement &Coordination DevelopShared VisionAction Plan &OrganizationalDevelopmentImplementation& Communication• Technical Expertise• Key Performance Indicators• Standards
  4. 4. The Future of UrbanMobility:A case study fromZurichStephan Lienin, Director sustainserv
  5. 5. GuidelinesSustainable Urban MobilityTime Horizon 2035Use all options available:Organizational developmentTechnological innovationBehavioral change
  6. 6. 6How the project was initiated…
  7. 7. 8 discussions forumswith 50 actors over 2years…
  8. 8. 1 Vision5 Goals5 Pilot Projects
  9. 9. VISION 2035Traffic system enables• high quality of life• prospering economy• in a resource-efficient wayDecisions consider total costs.No costs are transferred to the next generations.Compact urban structures reduce the demand for mobility.Decentralized leisure and shopping offerings support shorttravel distances.Technology innovation helps to build a smart traffic networkand therefore reduces energy consumption.New lifestyle with more flexibility on space and time help toreduce burden on traffic systems.
  10. 10. GOALS 2035Short travel distances due to urban planningTransparent mobility costs and full-costaccountingLess commuting traffic due to flexibleworking schemesResource-efficient mobility due to combinedtransport and mobility managementSafe and efficient traffic by using leadingtechnology
  11. 11. Short traveldistances due tourban planning
  12. 12. Transparentmobility costsand full-costaccounting
  13. 13. Less commutingtraffic due toflexible workingschemes
  14. 14. Pilot Study• Credit Suisse, Swiss Re• September 2012• Push for flexible working schemes (one location)• Internal acceptance studied• Impact on public transport measured
  15. 15. Resource-efficientmobility due tocombined transportand mobilitymanagement
  16. 16. www.smile-mobility.at
  17. 17. Safe and efficienttraffic by usingleading technology
  18. 18. Final Reportwww.zukunft-urbane-mobilitaet.ch
  19. 19. Debra Shepard: debra.shepard@sustainserv.comStephan Lienin: stephan.lienin@sustainserv.comSustainserv – Sustainability Strategy and Management | Sustainability CommunicationsSustainserv GmbHGartenstrasse 258002 ZürichTel.: ++ 41 43 322 10 10Sustainserv, Inc.311 Summer Street, Suite 310Boston, MA 02210Tel.: ++ 1 617 330 5001www.sustainserv.com