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Red bull crashed ice campaign

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Red bull Digital strategy

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Red bull crashed ice campaign

  1. 1. S Digital Strategy Kevin Walrod ADV 420 Aug 5, 2013
  2. 2. Red Bull Crashed Ice Race of a Lifetime
  3. 3. Campaign Goal To continue to promote the Red Bull brand name to the world by capturing consumers in a unique way and to promote the rising sport of Crashed Ice skating .
  4. 4. Target Audience Male or female Red Bull consumers aged 21- 35 with some sort of athletic background and ice-skating ability.
  5. 5. By purchasing Red Bull products, consumers will have the chance to enter to win an opportunity to train with professional Red Bull Crashed Ice skaters who will put the contestant through 2 weeks of training exercises, leading up to the time trials, where the contestant has a chance to win their way into a real Red Bull Crashed Ice event. The entire journey will be televised through a series of episodes, showing the steps the contestant must take to become a Red Bull Crashed Ice skater. BIG IDEA
  6. 6. Tools and Tactics Social Media - Twitter – A tool to promote the upcoming TV series, by using hashtags on commercials about the competition. - Facebook – A tool used for updates and details, as well as a place to enter the competition with the consumer’s sign up code that they will receive by purchasing Red Bull products. - Blog – A tool to help monitor positive and negative feedback, as well as questions that consumers will have about the competition details. - Google Adwords – A tool to promote key words that consumers will be using to increase searching results for the competition on Google.
  7. 7. Sample AD In this sample advertisement, Red Bull was in search of finding Crashed Ice contestants for their European events. The poster’s goal was to promote the sport in Europe and increase Red Bull brand awareness. A similar goal to that of this campaign.
  8. 8. Key Performance Indicators - Increase in Red Bull’s brand awareness to the world through documenting the competition’s journey on a short TV series. - Increase in the popularity of the rising sport of Crashed Ice skating by promotional tactics on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Blogging).
  9. 9. Campaign Budget The campaign budget will be set to 1.2 million dollars which includes the strategy, planning, implementation of the commercials, TV series and the cost to run the social media websites. It will also cover the budget for Google Adwords, which is $476 per day and will reach up to 1.73K in impressions per day.
  10. 10. Summary The Red Bull Crashed Ice Race of a Lifetime is a chance for Red Bull to continue to grow their brand’s image and to promote the sport of Crashed Ice racing. This competition will increase the sale of Red Bull products, while giving any consumer that qualifies, the chance to become a professional Crashed Ice skater.