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  1. (Basic Folds & Symbols)
  2. Opening Prayer Dear Lord and Father of all, Thank you for today. Thank you for ways in which you provide us all. For your protection and love we thank you. Help us to focus our hearts and minds now on what we are about to learn.
  3. Julia Child Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. My Inspiration
  4. Let’s Build Some Words! Directions: Students will be given show me boards. They will be asked to look at the following sets of pictures. Students should decode them to discover what compound words related to the previous lesson are hidden in the pictograph. Explain the use of each.
  5. What will likely to happen if these plates move? Folds are a wavelike bends in layered rock. They represent rock strained in a ductile manner, usually under compression.
  6. A sheet of paper as plate tectonic boundaries
  7. Basic Types of Origami Fold The crease bends the paper up and the crease resembles a valley.  The crease bends the paper down and the crease resembles a mountain.
  8. Let’s Fold In! Students will be grouped into 3. Each group will be given instructional chart on how to fold an origami paper. They should be able to do the indicated fold and attach the output to the chart provided by the teacher. (Paper Folding Activity)
  9. Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
  10. Directions: Look at the pictures in SET A, B and C. Ask the students the following: 1.Do you understand what the pictures in SET A tells? Why not? 2.Now look at pictures on SET B. Can you now understand it better? Why? 3.What do you think those symbols in the diagram represent?
  11. 1.During your paper folding activity, how were you able to follow the folding instructions? 2.Do you think you could follow the folding instructions without these symbols? Why or why not? 3.How important do you think symbols are?
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