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The what's what of Creative Briefing (Session for Clique: 5th Mar, Dubai)

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3 brief and briefing
3 brief and briefing
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The what's what of Creative Briefing (Session for Clique: 5th Mar, Dubai)

  2. 2. The purpose of this document is to give a clear understanding of creative briefing as a process and not a handover of assignments and responsibilities onto another team. The aim is to delve into the art of briefing in order to use it to enliven a project’s scope even before it has reached the drawing board.
  3. 3. Agenda/ Why brief Creative vs. task briefs Steps to follow Drawing a picture The bigger purpose Round-up
  4. 4. ““Etymology et al”Etymology et al” 1.Why do we brief?1.Why do we brief?
  5. 5. “to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak” - Hans Hoffman, Painter
  6. 6. a brief’s an early stage blueprint, a guide, a canvas to what we are about to do
  7. 7. direction inspiration
  8. 8. The right brief.The right brief. Comprehensive before concise. Clarity before brevity.
  9. 9. We wouldn’t have needed a brief if there was a menu or if everything was à la carte. But it’s not really a waiting job, is it?
  10. 10. Why? A brief answers all the Ws A BRIEF What? Who? Where? When? Never answer a How
  11. 11. *Source: Julian Cole’s Creative Briefing Process
  12. 12. ““Ask what you need first”Ask what you need first” 2.Creative vs. task briefs2.Creative vs. task briefs
  13. 13. First thing you do is to scope the requirement
  14. 14. We are dealing with a challenge here When to do a creative brief When to write a task brief
  15. 15. Answer these ✓Existing or new account? ✓Do we know the brand, the business, the strategy, the campaign… the requirement scoped? ✓Have the Ops team worked on this business before? ✓Do we know what they exactly need to deliver? ✓Can they work without any added guidance, strategic or creative direction?
  16. 16. Task Brief A task brief is simply pro forma. It should clearly and objectively state what’s needed
  17. 17. Task Brief The aim is always to delegate a specific work to a team where there’s no apt conceptualizati on required
  18. 18. Creative Brief A creative brief being thoroughly conceptual, tries to encapsulate the larger challenge in a precise form *Source: Saatchi
  19. 19. Creative Brief As mentioned earlier it has a primary goal of inspiring thoughts and mandating the solution its seeking from the creative team *Source: BBDO
  20. 20. Team Exercise: Write a task brief Case #1: Need 3 display banners for an acquisition campaign for a bank’s credit card product line.
  21. 21. ““Lose the templates”Lose the templates” 3.Creative briefing in steps3.Creative briefing in steps
  22. 22. The thing about getting briefed over email. No one likes to get notified. We like being talked to.
  23. 23. A briefing process we like.A briefing process we like. LIAISE Take them through your material. Set a communication agenda. HAVE A CHAT FIRST Tell brand (client), scope (what’s needed), expected timelines (tentative) in a min. SET UP SESSION Sync timelines, get the right people in. REITERATE Have them disagree with your agenda. Set a new one. CONFORM Back-and-forth through the pipeline and have a final set- in-stone consensus.
  24. 24. Work with a checklist if required. The accounts team is clear on the objective and the client’s launch timelines Strategy has an issue with the audience profiling. They would like the client to answer few questions Creative team wants to know if the objectives of the 1st campaign can be communicated little more clearly Step 2: Session Step 2: Session Step 3: Liaise Step 3: Liaise 1 member from accounts/biz team will join for the 4 pm session 2 members from strategy/social will join for the 4 pm session 2 members from Creatives will join the 4 pm session. 1 member will get briefed by them later in the evening
  25. 25. ““Preempt the storms”Preempt the storms” 4.Prep-work for a briefing4.Prep-work for a briefing
  26. 26. So how do we scope the requirement
  27. 27. BUSINESS PLAN where is the client’s business headed? ENTERPRISE PLAN who really are we in business with? the stakeholders, the managers, the partners, the local agency? how are they? BRAND PLAN what is the brand about? globally vs. locally. ACCOUNT PLAN what’s on our roadmap with them? COMMS PLAN what have they been saying/doing? what are they going to say/do? CONNS PLAN what touchpoints (across media) are essential for the brand to activate?
  28. 28. Why? Can you answer these in a session with enough reasoning behind each aspect? CREATIVE BRIEFING What? Who? Where? When? The brand exists because.. Build a campaign that... Targets are the late- boomer.. At an event sponsored by the brand.. Last week of Dec when people are…
  29. 29. Creative Brief Supplementary Research
  30. 30. Team Exercise: Do a requirement scoping Case #2: Take an existing client and fill in slide 27 and 28.
  31. 31. ““Don’t write, draw”Don’t write, draw” 5.Framing a creative brief5.Framing a creative brief
  32. 32. Picking up a template has never been a task.Picking up a template has never been a task. Just image search “creative brief”Just image search “creative brief”
  33. 33. Creative Brief Sample brief #1 *Source: The Planning Lab
  34. 34. Creative Brief Sample brief #2 *Source: The Planning Lab
  35. 35. Creative Brief Sample brief #3 *Source: The Planning Lab
  36. 36. Creative Brief Sample brief #4 *Source: The Planning Lab
  37. 37. Creative Brief Sample brief #5 *Source: The Planning Lab
  38. 38. Creative Brief Sample brief #6 *Source: Wundermann
  39. 39. Creative Brief Sample brief #7 *Source: RNSP
  40. 40. Creative Brief Sample brief #8 *Source: Unknown
  41. 41. Creative Brief Sample brief #9 *Source: Hyper Island
  42. 42. Some tips to writing briefs ✓let the thought device the platform – make up your own brief every time ✓build an aura with your storytelling - communicate it well ✓use simple, jargon-less statements ✓write interpretations, not facts ✓use the brief as a tool for the sessions, not the other way round
  43. 43. The not-to-dos ✓all-inclusive statements ✓repetitive remarks ✓pointless information ✓too smart, know-it-alls ✓Prescriptions, e.g. please do this and that
  44. 44. 12 essential questions to answer in a brief
  45. 45. 1/12 Try to answer what’s the true purpose of the entity you are working for. What’s the product/servic e/brand? Creative Brief
  46. 46. 2/12 Irrespective of what stage it’s in or what the brand manager says, we have to identify a problem. There always is one. What’s the problem/ challenge? Creative Brief
  47. 47. 3/12 Not every challenge a brand faces is a comms challenge. We have to know if it is though. What should be the role of comms in this? Creative Brief
  48. 48. 4/12 Who are we talking to or who are we trying to engage with?Who’s the customer, the audience, the community? Creative Brief
  49. 49. 5/12 Do we know everything about our category, medium, platforms and what reception our brand should expect there? What’s the landscape, scene, setup? Creative Brief
  50. 50. 6/12 How is the brand perceived right now? What’s the current belief? Creative Brief
  51. 51. 7/12 What should be the desired response as a result of our work?What’s the changed belief? Creative Brief
  52. 52. 8/12 Of the thousand things we know, what really make a difference for us?What’s our insight? Creative Brief
  53. 53. 9/12 Look at our “has- beens” and see if there’s a thing that we are changing radically here Are we bringing a change in convention? Creative Brief
  54. 54. 10/12 If we flip the insight to arrive at something big and it seems like we turned a new leaf with it, what is it? What can be our catalytic idea? Creative Brief
  55. 55. 11/12 The new shiny, jewel of a thought that we have conceived glows brightest under what circumstances? What’s the right context? Creative Brief
  56. 56. 12/12 Riding on the new idea we have came up with, imagine what would the case study videos and headlines say about it. What’s our news story from the future? Creative Brief
  57. 57. Team Exercise: Create your template Case #3: Come up with your own.
  58. 58. ““there’s an underlying thought”there’s an underlying thought” 6.The bigger picture6.The bigger picture
  59. 59. How can we ever know if our layered thoughts on a piece of paper can actually incite convention-changing ideas?
  60. 60. Customers okay with your brand Customers really liking your brand An intervention
  61. 61. Define “now’ Define “could be”
  62. 62. Even as someone taking a technical brief, you have to ask the strategic question.Even as someone taking a technical brief, you have to ask the strategic question. What’s between “Now” and “Could be”?What’s between “Now” and “Could be”? Even as someone taking a technical brief, you have to ask the strategic question.Even as someone taking a technical brief, you have to ask the strategic question. What’s between “Now” and “Could be”?What’s between “Now” and “Could be”? What does the digital environment currently look like? What is our current digital footprint within the larger digital environment? How is this footprint connecting with your brand by market? How are each of our digital assets currently being used? How are we using digital to connect with our various audiences? Where are we weak and where are we strong on the digital front? Within our markets, what is the role of digital in general? Developing? Launch? Against our audience what is the digital experience we want to create? What is the tone of voice that we will use? Against our business segments what should be the role of digital in marketing, corporate communications and other biz functions? What are the gaps between where we are and where we need to be? From a creative development perspective? From a technical perspective? What are the short term opportunities? What are the longer term opportunities? What are the metrics/monitors that need to be in place to ensure we are meeting our goals? NOW COULD BE Sam ple brief
  63. 63. believe.in.utopia. *Source: Planning toolkit by Clique
  64. 64. ✓Follow the process ✓Scope the requirements ✓Know what’s what ✓Communicate efficiently ✓Don’t get tangled up in data ✓Be mindful of the bigger picture ✓Be objective.
  65. 65. Team Exercise: Divide into teams of three and then let one team brief the other Next session: Case presentation
  66. 66. Did it inspire? Yes/No Did it direct? Yes/No LASTLY, RATE EVERY BRIEFING SESSIONS . WITH TWO SIMPLE PARAMETERS.
  67. 67. Thanks for attending.
  68. 68. To get this session presented in your agency or to your brand team, drop a line to @kunaldgp

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