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Inbound Recruiting: the Candidate and Employee Experience

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Marketers have focused on the customer experience. It's time to focus on the employer brand. Without people, you don't have a product. Learn why the employer brand is so important and how to let your people and culture tell a real story that goes beyond the job.

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Inbound Recruiting: the Candidate and Employee Experience

  1. 1. #INBOUND17#INBOUND17 I N B O U N D R E C R U I T I N G Y O U R C A N D I D A T E A N D E M P L O Y E E E X P E R I E N C E Lane Sutton @LaneSutton
  2. 2. #INBOUND17 NI CE TO MEET YOU. @LaneSutton #TBT
  3. 3. #INBOUND17 1. WHY 2. WHAT 3. HOW 4. ACTION ITEMS 5. Q&A AGENDA @LaneSutton
  4. 4. #INBOUND17 We’re at a marketing event. Let’s talk recruiting. Inbound works across the modern org, beyond marketing & sales. Marketing is to sales as marketing is to recruiting. @LaneSutton
  5. 5. #INBOUND17 People are your most important asset @LaneSutton
  6. 6. #INBOUND17 Everyone’s a recruiter @LaneSutton
  7. 7. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton
  8. 8. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton
  9. 9. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton
  10. 10. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton
  11. 11. #INBOUND17 M A K E I T E A S Y T O A P P L Y @LaneSutton
  12. 12. #INBOUND17 • Glassdoor • Social media • Referrals & WOM OUTBOUND I NBOUND • Job ads • Job boards • Staffing agencies • Cold emails or InMail @LaneSutton You contact them They find you
  13. 13. #INBOUND17 War for talent @LaneSutton
  14. 14. #INBOUND17
  15. 15. #INBOUND17 1. Show graph 2. And why they leave REASONS CANDI DATES APPLY LinkedIn Talent Report, 2015 @LaneSutton
  16. 16. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton
  17. 17. #INBOUND17 The story you want to tell Simon Sinek @LaneSutton
  18. 18. #INBOUND17 Let culture and your people tell the story. @LaneSutton
  19. 19. #INBOUND17 M Y M O M W O R K S A T G E
  20. 20. #INBOUND17 ”People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” M A Y A A N G E L O U ^^ that’s brand + experience. @LaneSutton
  21. 21. #INBOUND17 Not just a job, it’s someone’s career. A career changes someone’s life. @LaneSutton
  22. 22. #INBOUND17 Your candidates = your consumers. 18% of rejected candidates were customers. 6% of applicants switched. Lost $5.5 million in revenue. @LaneSutton V I R G I N M E D I A , H R O S C A S E S T U D Y
  23. 23. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton
  24. 24. #INBOUND17 Culture is why they come and why they stay. Happier employees spread to happier candidates and customers. @LaneSutton
  25. 25. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton
  26. 26. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton
  27. 27. #INBOUND17 It’s not just the millennials. It’s called adapting to the changing talent market. @LaneSutton
  28. 28. #INBOUND17 Future of work The gig economy Remote work Work anytime/anywhere Artificial intelligence Coworking spaces, less offices No meeting or email culture Less management: Holacracy
  29. 29. #INBOUND17 Future of recruiting CRM Artificial intelligence Chatbots Text-based recruitment
  30. 30. #INBOUND17 Job seekers are savvy They see through the fluff. They’re checking Glassdoor. @LaneSutton
  31. 31. #INBOUND17 75% L I N K E D I N of job seekers consider a company’s employer brand before applying. @LaneSutton
  32. 32. #INBOUND17 Careers Site Blog @LaneSutton ReferralsEvents
  33. 33. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton
  34. 34. #INBOUND17 passive active @LaneSutton
  35. 35. #INBOUND17 Recruiting Marketing Hire the best talent External Common business goal Passive to active Attract candidates Convert to hires Supports the entire company PEOPLE Attract prospects Convert to leads & customers Supports sales REVENUE @LaneSutton
  36. 36. #INBOUND17 Many brands. Differentiate. Masterbrand, corporate, or consumer brand Sub-brands or subsidiaries Product brand Employer brand @LaneSutton
  37. 37. #INBOUND17 ALIGNMENT Stay on Brand @LaneSutton Consumer & Employer Brand
  38. 38. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton
  39. 39. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton
  40. 40. #INBOUND17 @LaneSutton #HRtech
  41. 41. #INBOUND17 Remember the buyer’s journey? @LaneSutton
  42. 42. #INBOUND17 • Need: a job • Checks job boards (Indeed)Awareness • Identifies companies of interest • Visits careers site & JDsConsideration • Researches company, Glassdoor reviews, and EB Interest • ATS + CRM ApplicationApply • Interview candidate • EmailsSelect • Offer Hire • Employee ambassadors • Strong culture & NPS • Referrals Retain Advocacy
  43. 43. #INBOUND17 • Quality of candidate • Source of candidate • Ultimately time to hire or cost per hire • Campaign KPIs • Social engagement • Careers site traffic • eNPS METRI CS @LaneSutton
  44. 44. #INBOUND17 PERSONAS Engineer Evan • 1-5 years of experience • Interests: engineering, UX, product management, CS Club • Channels: Medium, dev blogs, Stack Overflow, • Companies: SaaS • Motivations • Goals • Skills @LaneSutton
  45. 45. #INBOUND17 Mapping the candidate experience @LaneSutton
  46. 46. #INBOUND17 Spotlight your employees Candidates want real stories from real people. @LaneSutton
  47. 47. #INBOUND17 Personalize your messaging Don’t sound like a robot. @LaneSutton
  48. 48. #INBOUND17 EMAI L @LaneSutton
  49. 49. #INBOUND17 Respond to reviews! You would on TripAdvisor, why not on Glassdoor? @LaneSutton
  50. 50. #INBOUND17 INGREDIENTS • Values, attitudes, and opinions • Culture • Personas • Content • Audience • Tech: ATS/CRM
  51. 51. #INBOUND17 • Define your culture, values, & EVP. • Know your personas. • Nurture your candidates, keep ‘em warm. • Align and meet with marketing regularly. Share resources. • Interview your employees and share their stories. Video • Go live on the right channels. Start organic & free. • Share useful and human content. • Respond to reviews. • Train your recruiters and hiring teams to build their brand & social. • Determine KPIs. Test and repeat. T H E H O W . Y O U R A C T I O N I T E M S @LaneSutton
  52. 52. #INBOUND17 • Employment Branding Forum group on Facebook where we geek out • #EBchat on Twitter • HR Open Source, HROS.co • Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals • Resonate podcast and “In the Pipeline” from Clinch • ERE and RecruitingDaily RESOURCES @LaneSutton
  53. 53. #INBOUND17 QUESTIONS? lane@lanesutton.com linkedin.com/in/lanesutton
  54. 54. #INBOUND17#INBOUND17 T H A N K Y O U