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MIS 2101 Presentation

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Discusses Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and Temple INTL certification programs and how they all can help drive further success for students and nonprofit organizations.

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MIS 2101 Presentation

  1. 1. Logan Peterson certifications.logpeterson.com
  2. 2.  Google Analytics  HootSuite Social Media Management  Temple Harrisburg International Nonprofit Training and Leadership (INTL)
  3. 3.  Expand your breadth of knowledge  Learn skills to be directly used in the workplace  Give your resume and online portfolio greater validation and credential  Broaden the job markets to which you can apply
  4. 4.  What is required?  Watch about 8 hours of video lecture  Exam of 70 multiple choice questions testing your knowledge scoring at least an 80% in 90 minutes  What is learned?  Less about using the analytics dashboard  More about data analytics strategy  How to segment data to make data relevant  How to determine key points of interest (KPI’s) for solving different types of business problems  Etc.  Is it really free?  Yes… but the exam must be retaken every 18 months  How does it relate to class?  No matter what your career path, you will need to segment, interpret, and present data  Helps develop the vocabulary base for these conversations  With technology in every aspect of the work place, data can be collected at any level of the organization
  5. 5.  What is required?  Watch about 5 hours of video lecture  Take an exam of 60 multiple choice questions testing your knowledge scoring at least an 80% in 60 minutes  What is learned?  Focuses less on social media strategy and more on how to utilize Hootsuite’s dashboard  The dashboard is powerful and so this training is important for success in social media management  Is it really free?  No… you need to pay $21/month, but there is a two-day free trial  Sign up for the free trial, watch the videos, take the exam, get the URL for your certification, and then cancel your subscription... No charge  How does it relate to class?  We live in a social media world  No matter what you do, you will interact with social media professionally in some way  This tool can help lower that burden of managing your pages and your organization’s pages
  6. 6.  Six online non-credit courses through Temple Harrisburg  Each class consists of anywhere from 3-6 sessions and is done  Online discussion with classmates as well as an occasional project  Classes include:  International Collaboration on NGO and Nonprofit Management - 1  Marketing and Communications  International Collaboration on NGO and Nonprofit Management - 2  Leadership and Management  Program Evaluation and Measurement  Financial Management  Is it really free?  Yes… because this certification program is just starting it is currently free to all Temple students/faculty ($1,500 value)  How does it relate to class?  Getting a job and making money is great and essential to life  But… holistic satisfaction comes from making a difference  This certification gives you the credential to get into the nonprofit sector and help make that difference
  7. 7.  The combination of these three certifications is pretty powerful  Nonprofits make a difference in our communities  But they have needs in the areas that we study in MIS 2101  Technology implementation and training  Using data to drive decisions  Social media management  When you will graduate, you will get a job  But you will also have time to get involved with a nonprofit board of directors  Benefits of this include:  Networking  Resume building  Self-satisfaction of making a difference  By working towards the INTL certificate and getting your education here at Temple and also seeking additional certifications such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite… you are setting yourself up for success  And it’s all free.
  8. 8.  Hootsuite certification is about using their social media management dashboard  Shortfall in the certification in that it does not discuss social media strategy  To learn more about the strategy of social media, I recommend Gary Vaynerchuk’s book: “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” To see a summary of these certifications (with URL’s and the INTL discount code), visit: certifications.logpeterson.com