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Why I Want to be a Teacher

The reasons why I want to become a teacher.

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Why I Want to be a Teacher

  1. 1. Why I Want to be a Teacher College of Education and Sports Studies Submitted to the faculty of Urbana University In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Science in Education Department of Teacher Education By Matthew Wilt Urbana University Urbana, Ohio 2013
  2. 2. 2 Throughout my entire life, I have been affected by education in some way, shape, or form, beginning in preschool and progressing into grade school where I truly discovered my career path of teaching. I started preschool at the age of three at It’s A Rainbow World CDC in West Liberty Ohio. It is here that I had my first set of teachers who began my educational career. Not only did I gain close relationships with them, but my mother also expanded her relationships with them and now works there. My mother has always been a role model for me to model and guide my life after. Even prior to my formal educational beginning at It’s A Rainbow World CDC, she has been working with me, teaching me how to read and write. She has always taught me life lessons and the proper way to do everything, shaping me into the person I am today. Throughout my life she has been there when I needed help, whether it was with school or sports. No matter the issue, she was there to pick me up and put me back on my feet just as she does with her children she teaches. Currently she works at It’s A Rainbow World CDC as previously mentioned, teaching young children how to write and count, the letters of the alphabet, proper manners, and much much more. With my mother working at It’s A Rainbow World CDC, I had many opportunities to interact with the young children as I grew older. This introduced me into the world of education. As I grew older, and worked more with the young children, I learned how much enjoyment my mother received from working there. So, seeing her love and dedication for her career, I was inspired by her to become a teacher and help guide children on their path to success. She always taught me to be kind and caring for everyone around, and to always lend a helping hand to those in need; quality characteristics of a teacher. With her inspiration and guidance, I will continue her dream and now my dream of teaching.
  3. 3. 3 As I grew older and entered grade school, I had my first formal education teachers. As I reflect on the values my teachers held, my kindergarten teacher showed qualities of a master teacher. Before school had started that year, she had visited me at my house and had already begun the getting to know you process. This meant a great deal to me. As I prepare to become a teacher, this is something that I will bring to my classroom to create a community where children feel safe and comfortable to learn and have fun. Progressing onto first grade, I met another teacher to model myself after. She made learning fun and enjoyable. As that year went on, my class and I learned so much from her. When it was time to leave first grade and move on, no one wanted to leave. Her classroom was so inviting and exciting. When it came time for school, I was always ready to go and ready to learn something new. This continued when I entered fourth grade. My teacher in fourth grade taught my class and me many lessons that we still use today. He had a great impact on my education, and on shaping me into the person I am today. His class was the first extremely challenging class that I had had in my educational career. He pushed us every day to give our absolute best and to never give up. Every day he would read to us exciting books and teach us about the world around us. He had problems of the week which made us think outside the box and forced us to be creative. Our class even had its own government of which I was the Grand- Poobah, or president, with different legislature and policies that we created. As I reflect on my experience in his class, I see how much fun and excitement I had about learning something new every day. This is something that I would like to bring to my classroom when I become a teacher because learning should be exciting and filled with enjoyment of learning something new every day.
  4. 4. 4 As I began fifth grade and entered middle school, I had multiple teachers throughout the day who all taught different subjects and brought many different aspects to teaching. It was here that I began writing papers and having to focus on homework, which set the foundation for the future. It was also during this time that I had my first football coach, Coach Rose, who still stands by my side to this very day. Throughout my football career, he has always been there for me, whether it was helping me with an injury during a game or advocating for me to my future coaches. Having him in my life has changed my life, and has been a huge inspiration and influence to me and my life decisions. After a few years in middle school, I was in seventh grade where I met another inspiring teacher and coach. During the summer at the start of my seventh grade football season, I met my new football coaches, of which one was on his way to becoming a teacher, Coach Kauffman. The other, Coach Oakes, worked with children at Adriel. Over the course of my seventh grade football season, I grew to know these two coaches and became best friends with them. With both of them being new coaches, my team and I did not know quite what to expect. As the year went on, the coaches became one of us in a sense. They got to know all of us on a personal level by eating lunch and dinner with us, hanging out with us on weekends, and including all of us in everything they did. Even throughout the offseason they stayed in touch with us, and would watch us play other sports such as basketball, track, and baseball. However, this experience did not stop here. My eighth grade football season brought even more fun and lessons that I still cherish to this day. Coach Kauffman had become a seventh grade English teacher at my middle school, which down the road was extremely helpful. Throughout the season, Coach Oakes would practice with us, as he had football equipment from playing semi-pro football. This was always fun getting to practice with him; trying to tackle him and getting tackled by him. He would also
  5. 5. 5 bring one of his children who he was working with to practice so he could interact with us. That was a great experience to the children he brought, because they got to know us and become friends with us. As we got into the heart of our football season, our team needed some “pick-me- ups,” so Coach Kauffman and Coach Oakes began to motivate us by giving us homework assignments and papers to write that were about why we play football, who we play for, and what it means to us. They read these and always made sure that the reasons we wrote down were the reasons we were playing. This helped us tremendously because it made us think about why we were playing and what motivated us deep inside. It gave us a sense of goals to accomplish and to not let who we play for down. This concept can be applied directly in the classroom as well, which Coach Kauffman did and I will do in my classroom. Coach Kauffman not only taught me lessons on the field, but also off the field. During my eighth grade year, I was a teaching assistant to Coach Kauffman for the entire year, every day of the week. It was throughout this time that I began to realize that I truly did want to be teacher and coach. As I aided in Coach Kauffman’s classroom, I began to feel some of the responsibilities of a teacher and some of the power as well. Every day I sat at his desk and observed him teach his classroom constantly engaging the students and making them feel welcomed. Coach Kauffman became a role model for me because we shared a lot of the same interests. He always made me feel accepted and comfortable. And if I ever needed anything, he was their just as a parent would be. This was very important to me and reflecting back on it, were qualities that every teacher should have with their students. As the year went on, he coached my basketball team. Even though we did not win very many games, it was one of the most enjoyable sports seasons I have ever had. Coach Kauffman continued to be a part of my everyday life until
  6. 6. 6 he moved to North Carolina my sophomore year. However, the lessons he taught me will be with me forever. Coach Oakes however, still to this day continues to be in my everyday life. As I entered high school, he moved up with us and coached us throughout our high school career. Throughout my high school career, Coach Oakes was always there for me not only as a coach but as a person. He helped my through many of life’s difficulties and assisted my in shaping my life making me the person I am today. He always came to my other sporting events and supported me, and was always there with me in the hospital if I got hurt playing football. This meant a great deal to me and will be something I cherish forever, and something that I will take and apply to my teaching and coaching career. Throughout my high school career, I also had football and track coaches all of whom have been a large, positive influence on my life. They taught me many life lessons that I would not have learned anywhere else, and of which I will continue to use in my life and teach to my children and my students. Moreover, I had one teacher who would influence my life much more than I had expected. During my sophomore year in high school, my Algebra 2B teacher, Mrs. Skidmore, had a great impact on my life. It was in this class that I officially decided that I wanted to be a teacher. Because of her, I specifically want to be a high school math teacher. Her class was one of my favorite classes in high school because she made the class and math extremely enjoyable. The way she taught her class and presented the material are ways that I will never forget and ways that I will model my teaching after. During my junior year in high school, I entered the teaching assistant program at my high school where I aided a seventh grade math teacher in teaching his class. This was a wonderful experience because he allowed me to teach the class on multiple occasions, which enforced my
  7. 7. 7 decision of becoming a math teacher. I also had the opportunity to work with some of the students one on one, plan lessons, design and decorate a bulletin board, grade papers, and carry out many other jobs of the professional educator. All of these opportunities have opened my eyes to the field of education and strengthened my decision to become a teacher. Throughout my life, my educational experiences have influenced me to become a high school math teacher and coach. All of the people who have helped my along my path, such as my loving mother, Coach Rose, Coach Kauffman, and Coach Oakes, Mrs. Skidmore, and my many coaches and teachers throughout my life, have all inspired me to become a high school math teacher. They have shown me the joy and fulfillment of what being a teacher is all about.