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UNITY annual report 2016

We drive our clients’ innovative strength and operational
excellence. We work together with you to lead projects to
The Year in Review
3 Awards received:
“Best of Consulting” Award,
ASCO Certification and
“Rising Star –...
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UNITY annual report 2016

  2. 2. 33 We drive our clients’ innovative strength and operational excellence. We work together with you to lead projects to success. Our core clients profit from more than 20 years of experience in digitalization. Companies from the auto- motive, aerospace, healthcare and medical technology, energy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as machinery and plant engineering trust our expertise – from SMEs to global players. With 210 employees, we are present at 14 locations worldwide and lead successful pro- jects around the globe. Innovation & Transformation. It’s not just our name, it’s what we do.
  3. 3. HIGHLIGHTS OF 2016 The Year in Review 3 Awards received: “Best of Consulting” Award, ASCO Certification and “Rising Star – Industrie 4.0” €28.5 Million in revenue UNITYinnovations: Networking Platform for 250 top managers More than 70 Industrie 4.0 projects Provider of Systems Engineering training courses 4 New Partners appointed New Global Players gained – 20 DAX 30 and 16 EURO STOXX 50 companies are our customers Strong growth in Switzerland and China 210 Employees worldwide
  5. 5. In a dynamic, competitive arena businesses need to act strategically and continuously evolve. Developments in markets, business environments and technologies such as the progressive digita- lization of the economy are creating promising opportunities for success. Our customers recog- nize the importance of foresight and innovation, without losing sight of what is most important in an operative business: high levels of efficiency in business processes and service delivery. Two aspects are of particular importance to our customers: innovative and strategic products, ser- vices, and business models, as well as efficiency FOREWORD BY THE SUPERVISORY BOARD For the Markets of Tomorrow in their operative business. UNITY is continuously at the forefront of key areas such as Industrie 4.0, data-driven services, business model innovations, systems engineering for intelligent networked systems and IT management. This stems from its close alliance with the Heinz Nixdorf Institute and the Frauenhofer Institution for Mechatronic Sys- tems Design as well as the Leading-Edge Cluster “Intelligent Technical Systems Ost-WestfalenLippe” (it’s OWL). This collaboration results in valuable knowledge regarding new technologies and their possible applications – technologies that will create new markets and decisively shape the service offerings of tomorrow. UNITY will always Supervisory Board (left to right): Dr.-Ing. Dieter Schacher (Vice Chairman), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Gausemeier (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Gerhard Picot
  6. 6. The winning formula “Future- Oriented Corporate Management” 7 The Supervisory Board, December 2016 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Gausemeier (Chairman) be a particularly attractive partner in regards to the strategic development of a company, as well as creating products and services to conquer the markets of tomorrow, and intelligent solutions for complex and challenging business processes. UNITY has mastered the path of success from early business ideas to market entry. Twenty DAX 30 companies as well as many SMEs in the elec- tronics industry, mechanical, process and medi- cal engineering are represented in UNITY’s client portfolio.
  7. 7. In the 21st year of UNITY‘s history, we have continuously improved the innovative strength and operational excellence of our customers in many projects. We were thus able to contin- ue to grow worldwide – particularly in China where companies are seeking optimization for structures and processes after years of contin- uous growth, and in Switzerland where UNITY is conquering the market with its young, dy- namic management team. Our customers are driving technology and, in particular, digi- tal transformation. New market opportunities and innovative business models challenge or- ganizations, just as the successful management of related changes. We know what our customers appreciate about us from our many projects: our clear focus on innovation and digital transfor- mation, our practical development of excellent business processes as well as the UNITY hands- on mentality. We are extremely pleased to have been presented with the award “Best of Consult- ing 2016.” In the middle of this annual report, you will find seven current project stories that offer interesting insight to the diversity of our cus- tomers and our services. In particular, we would like to point out the case of DUALIS GmbH IT Solution (pgs. 24 – 25), that we have supported over the past six years from its successful market development to its sale to Dürr AG, one of the world‘s leading mechanical and plant engineer- ing firms. The “UNITY Company Builder” is an incubator for startups in the digital age. We can offer help with our vast consulting experience and risk capital. In addition, 2016 was a year of successful political involvement. Our business model for integrative and highly effective consulting was threatened by an amendment in the German Temporary Employment Act. In the draft amendment, there was no differentiation between our industry and FOREWORD BY THE MANAGING BOARD Digitalization as the Driver of Change More than 20 years of experience in digitalization
  8. 8. 9 Stephan Bille Christoph Plass Tomas Pfänder Dr.-Ing. Frank Thielemann Christoph Plass, Stephan Bille, Tomas Pfänder, Dr.- Ing. Frank Thielemann low- level temporary work. Together with industry, associations, scientific and political partners, the legislative process has secured the appropriate use of work and service contracts for creative or complex projects in corporate consulting and the IT industry. We are looking forward to 2017 with great con- fidence. UNITY has gotten off to a good start in its financial year. We know that there is great interest in our services and anticipate more than 10% growth. This is only possible with a strong team of partners and employees. We would like to thank our customers and our employees for their loyalty and cooperation. We hope you enjoy reading this year’s annual report. The Managing Board, December 2016
  9. 9. Teja Washausen Partner Head of Competence Center Production and Digital Planning Thilo Böhm Partner Head of Business Unit Industry Dr.-Ing. Daniel Steffen Partner Senior Manager of Innovation and Product Development Philipp Wibbing Partner Head of Business Unit Automotive Managing Director of UNITY China Michael Wolf Partner Head of Business Unit Industry Rolf Stübbe Partner Senior Manager of Digitalization and IT Dieter Schatz Partner Managing Director of UNITY Switzerland PROMOTING GROWTH – WORLDWIDE Our Partners The managing board, together with its partners assumes responsibility for UNITY’s strategic leadership. Our goal is to continue to drive the course of growth. In 2016, our leadership team was expanded to include the following new partner appointments: Thilo Böhm, Dr. Michael Herbst, Dieter Schatz and Dr.-Ing. Daniel Steffen. Dr. Ulrich Deppe Partner Head of Competence Center Inno- vation and Product Development Markus Knobel Partner Senior Manager of Production and Digital Planning Thomas Ulrich Partner Senior Manager of Production and Digital Planning Werner Richi Partner Managing Director of UNITY Holding Heiko Janssen Partner Head of Competence Center Digitalization and IT Dr. Michael Herbst Partner Head of Business Unit Industry Magnus Meier Partner Head of Business Unit Automotive
  10. 10. 11 SWITZERLAND AND AUSTRIA UNITY has been present in Switzerland since 2004 and in Austria since 2008. Both teams advise SMEs, international companies and groups, clinics and hospitals as well as public institutions in Switzerland, Austria and worldwide. Werner Richi, Dieter Schatz and Nicolina Litschgi manage UNITY Switzerland and the managing directors of UNITY Austria are Doris Bock and Christoph Plass. We work with the managing directors of UNITY subsidiaries in China, Brazil, Egypt/MENA Region, Austria and Switzerland to continuously expand our international business. EGYPT/MENA REGION The UNITY subsidiary in Cairo is located in the center of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In this region marked by changes in structure, we have offered UNITY’s full range of consulting services since 2003. This subsidiary is managed by Ahmed Aglan. CHINA China has experienced structural change in its economy for the past few years. Therefore, technology-oriented management approaches from Germany are of great interest to our clients in China. UNITY opened its first subsidiary in Shanghai in 2014 and its second subsidiary is in Beijing. UNITY China is managed by Xialong Hu and Philipp Wibbing. BRAZIL UNITY expanded to South America in 2014 and opened its first office in São Paulo. As one of the BRICS countries, Brazil offers great potential for UNITY’s consulting business. Cai Alexander von Igel is the managing director in Brazil and Jan Eichbaum is counselor. Subsidiaries Project Locations Languages
  11. 11. THE WAY WE WORK The UNITY Consulting Approach When clients become core customers, it not only shows excellent project results, but also proves a close and trust-based cooperation. Our customers profit from our comprehensive expertise in the areas of innovation and digital transformation. Our success is based primarily on our consulting approach. UNITY customers value three qualities that characterize our approach: we are integra- tive, we offer custom solutions and we are highly effective. INTEGRATION We combine top-down and bottom-up approaches. UNITY involves all levels of the hierarchy neces- sary for project success while utilizing established communication structures for change. By working closely with our clients, we are successful in opera- tionalizing their strategic objectives. CUSTOMIZATION We customize best practices and standards to suit our customer’s specific requirements. With our industry and technology experts, we are able to put together the right team to meet your require- ments. We have the ability to provide the neces- sary know-how for individual projects, which makes us an attractive partner. EXECUTION Known for our hands-on mentality, our skills com- plement those of our clients, which leads to quick success. This forms the basis upon which our client’s existing team can be further developed. UNITY is always focused on achieving its customer’s goals and empowering its customer. We include the organization and support the exe- cution of the project. A workshop about future scenarios in an innovation management project.
  12. 12. Use best practices and customize them to our client CUSTOMIZATION Complement abilities and empower the client’s team EXECUTION Involve all hierarchical levels necessary for project success INTEGRATION 13
  13. 13. WHAT WE DO Our Consulting Services The foundation of our work is the 4-Level Model for Future-oriented Corporate Management (Foresight, Strategies, Processes, Systems). Based on systematic foresight we develop holistically thought-out strategies which in turn form the basis of well-structured business processes. These must be supported by technical systems; only then can IT to be utilized to its full potential. Furthermore, our consulting services are oriented towards our clients’ process chains. We provide consultation in all of the four process chains while taking digitalization and Industrie 4.0 into consideration. INNOVATION AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Efficient innovation management and targeted R&D management are requirements for successful positioning in today’s competitive environment. This includes the development and management of ideas, as well as the ability to set the right ideas in place for market ready products and ser- vices. MARKETING, SALES AND SERVICE A deep understanding of customers and end users is increasingly important for companies wishing to acquire and retain customers for the long term. Above all, it is crucial to align attractive products and services with customer processes. ORDER PROCESSING, PRODUCTION AND SUPPLY CHAIN Optimum order processing across the supply chain and production ensures efficiency in the operating business. Wasted resources and long lead times are eliminated. Digital planning helps ensure successful future implementation. CORPORATE MANAGEMENT Increasing competitive pressure has also boosted the significance of efficient administration, hence the key term “lean administration.” We design lean administration and support processes for our customers to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency within the company. Process management workshop using the method OMEGA
  14. 14. 15 CustomerExpectations Industrie 4.0 CustomerSatisfaction MODERN MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE & BEST PRACTICES PRODUCTIVITY & REVENUE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE GROWTH & INVESTMENT SECURITY Innovation, Product Development From the initial idea to the successful market entry of product/service Customer Understanding, Acquisition, Retention Consistent customer-oriented marketing, sales & services Order Processing, Production, Supply Chain From the demand through the efficient production to the delivery Corporate Management Maximal productivity due to lean administration and program management Foresight & Strategy Processes & Transformation Digitalization & IT
  16. 16. Successful projects are our passion. Over 250 clients trust us worldwide, from renowned SMEs to global players. Selected references are listed on the following pages. 17
  17. 17. “The future scenarios that were developed with UNITY form a fundamental basis for the further development of our strategic direction. With the help of the scenarios, we can identify strategic search fields, develop new business models and expand competences that are relevant for the future.” Matthias Koeppel, Director of Strategy Football, adidas AG THE “FUTURE OF FOOTBALL 2030” AT ADIDAS
  18. 18. 19 As one of the largest manufacturers of sporting goods in the world, looking towards the future is a must for adidas. In particular, knowing how to deal with increasing complexity and the successful implementation of digitalization and internationalization efforts are deciding factors for the economic success of tomorrow. In order to be prepared for future challenges of the global market within the “football ecosystem,“ as well as set a scope that strategically focuses their activities, adidas developed consistent scenarios together with UNITY for the “Future of Football 2030.” In this project, a cross-departmental team analyzed the factors that comprehensive ly describe the complex “football system,“ including: governance and league structures, players and brands, new technologies, communication and worlds of experience as well as social phenomena and value structures. Projections were developed for all of these factors and combined into consistent future scenarios by UNITY. IT technologies, biometrics, data and algorithms were identified as a fundamental basis for new business models. New types of fan orientation and thus far unknown forms of football experiences were considered. The scenarios were the foundation of further analyses, such as: what types of future business models will there be in football? How will Industrie 4.0 change the production of sporting goods? What role do brands, leagues, players and fans play? By posing these questions, adidas’ task at hand now is the long-term orientation of the football business unit’s strategy towards the future scenarios that were developed as well as to focus on relevant search fields. UNITY Project Manager: Dr. Dominik Fischer 140RELEVANT KEY FACTORS AND IDEAS CONSISTENT FUTURE SCENARIOS 3 STRATEGICALLY DERIVED DIRECTIONS adidas With corporate headquarters in Her- zogenaurach and employing 55,000 people in over 160 countries, the adidas Group produces more than 778 million product units every year and generates sales of €17 billion (2015).
  19. 19. COST SAVINGS POTENTIAL OF SEVERAL MIO. EUROS REDUCED TIME TO MARKET END-TO-END PROCESS DEFINED AND OPTIMIZED The introduction of new products in the pharmaceuticals industry is character- ized by high levels of complexity and high quality standards. Considering the increasing number of new products and types of applications, stable, continuous and efficient processes are a key success factor for the future. In the course of redistributing and consolidating areas of responsibility for the pharmaceuticals division, the product supply organization that was just established a few years ago was restructured and optimized together with UNITY at their site in Basel. All Bayer Pharmaceuticals activities were considered in this project, from initial Make or Buy decisions to establishing the supply chain to serial production. The future end-to-end process for product supply was defined cooperatively with all of the areas involved, such as development, product supply, procurement and quality. Roles, responsibilities as well as process steps and respective delivery objects were all continuously defined and almost 100 potentials were identified and unlocked. In addition, measures were derived and fixed into a roadmap in order to increase the organization’s maturity level. The roadmap included the areas of project management and standards, organization and culture as well as management structures and regulations. Detailed project overviews were prepared as a basis for implementation. Furthermore, future best practices were converted into standards systematically and made available to employees for daily use. Thus, transparent and efficient work modes were guaranteed with high quality standards. UNITY Project Manager: Moritz Pfeiffer EFFICIENT AND STABLE END-TO-END PROCESSES IN PRODUCT SUPPLY AT BAYER PHARMACEUTICALS
  20. 20. 21 “The expertise of UNITY consultants, their extremely accurate execution of the project and making our employees enthusiastic about these topics have led us to a robust implementation plan that we are currently executing. This allows for, not only transparency in our processes, but also contributes to comprehensive improvements to our organization’s maturity level.” Dr. Karsten Kattmann, Head of Product Supply Pharmaceuticals Basel, Bayer Pharmaceuticals Bayer Pharmaceuticals The Pharmaceuticals Division, Bayer‘s largest in terms of sales, is focused on the following areas oncology, car- diology and hematology, gynecology, neurology, infectious diseases, men’s health, ophthalmology, and diag- nostic imaging – and with its products, aims to make decisive contributions to medical progress.
  21. 21. “Within a short period of time, we managed to adapt the complex and compre- hensive Mercedes me portal to the Chinese market and developed additional services for the local customers, ensuring a successful launch in China. The struc- tured and methodical approach in project management of UNITY’s consultants made a considerable contribution.” Robert Bruce, Department Head – Digital Customer Experience, DGRC Daimler Greater China © Photo: Daimler AG
  22. 22. 23 The online portal Mercedes me offers customers individualized access to the world of Mercedes. Daimler significantly improves customer experience and interaction to experience the Mercedes brand that focuses not only on the car, but also on the lifestyle and needs of the customer. The portal provides an inte- grated ecosystem for vehicle solutions and premium mobility services, as well as other features such as finance and entertainment. With its customized content and services, the digital platform simplifies and enriches the lives of Mercedes customers. For the introduction of the successful portal to the Chinese market, it was neces- sary to take the specific mobility requirements of customers in China into con- sideration. An agile approach was chosen in order to quickly adapt to these needs. UNITY supported this approach not only by pure implementation of the functions, but also through its agile project management. The coordinated and harmonized procedure matched with periodical deployment of functions was a key factor of success for the rapid implementation. Taking market needs into account and the quick, local adaptation of digital customer experience were just as crucial. The rapidly developing Chinese market requires a high level of innovation for both brand awareness and customer loyalty. UNITY’s task was to continually ensure a high level of innovation through an agile project management. UNITY Project Manager: Xiaolong Hu Daimler Greater China Based in Beijing, Daimler Greater China Ltd. (DGRC) is responsible for the operations of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Daimler Trucks, Daimler Financial Services and Daimler Parts in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Republic of Korea. CHINA CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AT DAIMLER 15MONTHS TO INTRODUCE THE PORTAL IN CHINA 11SERVICES READY IN 2016 DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PORTAL IN ASIA 1ST
  23. 23. UNITY recognized the potential of the software manufacturer DUALIS in its digitalization and Industrie 4.0 capabilities early on and has been an incubator for the young company from Dresden since 2010. UNITY supported its strategy development, took over the business coaching, set up the controlling department and established lean, growth-promoting processes and structures. The equity participation of the UNITY Beteiligungsgesellschaft (UBG) created the necessary financial security during its growth phase. With UNITY’s support, DUALIS tripled its revenue within just a few years. Finally, UNITY also supported DUALIS in the M&A process and prepared its sale to iTAC Software AG. As a subsidiary of the mechanical and plant engineering group Dürr, iTAC is an ideal strategic partner for DUALIS to tap into further potential for growth and venture into the age of IoT. Together with Dürr, iTAC drives the digitalization of industrial production processes forward. DUALIS solutions fit perfectly with iTAC’s strategy, as they have been established in the market for years and, in combination with MES, build core IoT applications in factories. DUALIS still operates independently and will continue to develop its market position. In addition to SMEs it will address large companies with iTAC in the future. UNITY Project Manager: Jörg Suckfüll UNITY Company Builder Contact: Tomas Pfänder 300%INCREASE IN REVENUE FINANCIAL SECURITY THROUGH UBG- PARTICIPATION M&A DEAL SUCCESSFULLY PROCESSED UNITY COMPANY BUILDER – OUR INCUBATOR UNITY offers emerging start-ups all the services of a professional incubator. We support start-ups in the areas of Industrie 4.0, IoT, and data analytics in their growth phases, including: company founding, expansion, further development of business models, professionalization of all structures as well as financing all the way through to the exit stage or IPO. Financial involvement is possible through the UNITY Beteiligungs-GmbH. UNITY offers support with its efficient business infrastructure, so that entrepreneurs can focus on business development. SUCCESS WITH THE UNITY COMPANY BUILDER: DUALIS IT SOLUTION
  24. 24. “Thanks to UNITY’s support, I was able to focus on the strategic goals of the company. UNITY helped us work on a more professional level. In addition, the financial involvement of the UNITY Beteiligungsgesellschaft gave us the security to consistently follow the path of growth. Their professional support throughout the M&A process ultimately led us to a strong, new partner that will make excellent, long-term business opportunities possible.” Heike Wilson, Managing Director, DUALIS IT Solution DUALIS IT Solution DUALIS is one of the leading providers of software and services for 3D simu- lation, process optimization (MES) and Production Scheduling (APS-Software). DUALIS has been a part of iTAC since December 2016. iTAC is a company of the Dürr AG that develops internet capable communication technologies for the manufacturing industry. 25
  25. 25. “Together with UNITY, we were successful in designing our surgical suite so that it is optimally prepared for future challenges. One of the most significant success factors was the early involvement of all groups of employees in the construction planning in order to develop a concept that is holistically coordi- nated and supported by all employees. We profited from the comprehensive expertise of UNITY’s consultants and their many years of experience in the clinical environment.” Dir. Dipl. KH-BW Harald Maikisch, MSc, MAS, Administrative Director, Landeskrankenhaus Feldkirch PLANNING A NEW SURGICAL CENTER AT LANDESKRANKENHAUS FELDKIRCH © LKHF Weißengruber und Partner
  26. 26. 27 Over the past 10 years, the number of surgeries performed at the Landeskran- kenhaus Feldkirch has increased by 25%. In order to be able to ensure optimal medical care as the number of patients continuously increased, it was necessary to expand capacity by building a new surgical center. UNITY’s expertise was used for future-proof planning. After a detailed current state analysis, transparency was established in its sur- gical processes and surgical organization, then a target process was worked out by including all of the involved stakeholders. Based on this information, various layouts could be tested risk-free in the simulation of the new building. With a total of 12 operating rooms, this ultimately determined the optimal layout that served as a reliable basis for the construction planning. For detailed plan- ning, UNITY simulated different scenarios of room arrangements and employee deployment from which to derive a business concept and service model that will ensure a smooth start for the surgical center in 2017. With these project results, LKHF avoided costly and time-consuming changes during the construction phase, while it simultaneously ensured efficient and future-proof processes for its new building. The operating room layout that was developed together with UNITY was verified in terms of process flow, layout, use of resources and cost effectiveness, and ensures excellent medical care for the projected number of surgical procedures.  UNITY Project Manager: Dennis Braun LKH Feldkirch The Landeskrankenhaus Feldkirch (LKHF) is an academic teaching and specialized hospital that is located in Vorarlberg, Austria, and is owned by the Vorarlberger Krankenhausbetriebs- gesellschaft m.b.H. The LKHF operates a total of more than 600 beds, 23 spe- cialized departments, and it employs over 1,500 people and performs more than 18,000 surgeries annually. €56MILLION INVESTMENT VOLUME INCREASED CAPACITY 15% MORE EMERGENCY CAPACITY 50%
  27. 27. INDUSTRIE 4.0 IMPLEMENTATION AT LUFTHANSA TECHNIK As a leader of technology and innovation, Lufthansa Technik (LHT) discussed the specific meaning of Industrie 4.0 to their company as a provider of maintenance, repair, and overhaul services (MRO) early on. The goal of this project with UNITY is to drive their implementation of MRO 4.0 forward. In order to meet the management’s high expectations, the focus is placed on rapid implementation and prompt achievement of initial successes. Furthermore, UNITY is responsible for managing the MRO 4.0 program using a combination of smaller, faster projects and larger, more comprehensive projects. UNITY’s expertise was utilized to develop end-to-end processes in production, for which a comprehensive Roadmap 2020 was created that consists of specific implementation projects in the following four dimensions: “networking,” “equipment,” “process, products, components,” as well as “organization, staff.” The consultants function as the main point of contact of overall program management, and as interdivisional coordinators in order to drive projects forward with the individual project lead- ers. In addition to breaking the activities down into manageable parts, another key success factor is the rapid acceptance of planned innovations on the shop floor. One of the implementation projects aims to create transparency in the require- ments and the availability of ground support equipment (GSE), as well as establish new processes for supplying equipment. Thus, GSE, service staff and coor- dinators will all be networked together. For example, by utilizing additional sensors, a ground power unit will be able to automatically request refueling services,should it not have enough diesel fuel to fulfill the subsequent order. Overall, this project will be a blueprint for the coordination of equipment across all LHT locations worldwide. UNITY Project Manager: Frederic Korupp 65% OF ALL GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT NETWORKED IN 2017 5PILOTS IMPLEMENTED IN ONE YEAR 23IMPLEMENTATION PROJECTS OVER THE NEXT 2 YEARS
  28. 28. 29 “UNITY has significantly helped us make Industrie 4.0 tangible for the MRO business. With their expertise, UNITY consultants were able to transform our ambitious goals into prototypes and transferable working models. Core elements of the project include systematic networking in production, optimized resource management using key figures, and successively improving process maturity levels. Acting as a customer advocate, UNITY helped validate our requirements for corresponding tracking technologies and IoT platforms.” Gerrit Rexhausen, Program Manager MRO 4.0, Lufthansa Technik Lufthansa Technik Lufthansa Technik AG is the leading global provider of aircraft MRO services (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) with 50 facilities worldwide. With over 26,000 employees, it con- sists of 32 operating subsidiaries and affiliates in Europe, Asia and the United States. © Photo: Lufthansa Technik
  29. 29. “Together with UNITY, we developed a clocked production facility with modern, lean processes taking future MRO 4.0 requirements into consideration. The new supply chain concept enables constant material delivery and thus a lean assembly line. With its expertise, UNITY helped us to structure all ideas and created processes, layouts, concepts, strategies and tools that will enable a sustainable contribution to the overall company success.” Martin Stucki, CEO, Marenco Swisshelicopter © Photo: Marenco
  30. 30. 31 After having completed two prototypes, successful test flights, the final stages of the certification process, over 90 LOI (Letters of Intent) and sales of four helicop- ters, Marenco plans to ramp up production in Switzerland in 2017. In order to accomplish this, processes, production facilities and customer services had to be planned and realized in advance, so that a reliable start of production and a smooth industrialization can be guaranteed. UNITY has supported Marenco since 2014 in all of its planning phases, particu- larly in the development of assembly processes and factory layouts for the final assembly, as well as the continuous implementation of sub-assemblies such as main and tail rotor blades, main and tail gear boxes including MRO facilities, and the manufacturing of the carbon fuselage. In addition, UNITY created a global supply chain concept and developed planning tools for daily operative applications. Within the scope of these projects, production processes as well as resources were set up, equipment and necessary instruments were developed together with suppliers, and the required investment was calculated. Due to the highly com- plex assembly steps, critical processes and required resources were reviewed and verified using dynamic production simulation. Marenco is well within its time schedule after breaking ground in August 2016 for the construction of the first factory, where the final assembly of the SKYe SH09 Helicopter will take place. Through factory planning alone, UNITY made a 50% contribution that allowed Marenco to achieve their target costs. UNITY Project Manager: Sebastian Dannenberg Marenco Marenco Swisshelicopter was founded in 2007 for the direct purpose of devel- oping, building and commercializing new concepts of light turbine helicop- ters. Applying a visionary industrial concept, Marenco will begin series production of this new type of helicop- ter in 2017 locally in Switzerland. FACTORY PLANNING & INDUSTRIALIZATION AT MARENCO SWISSHELICOPTER FACTORY LAYOUTS LEAN1GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN 50% CONTRIBUTION TO ACHIEVE TARGET COSTS
  31. 31. WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY ABOUT US ... “Establishing group-wide, standardized and continuous support processes as well as devel- oping corresponding IT architecture models are challenging projects. Thanks to outstand- ing competence in project management and methodology, and paired with technical know-how, UNITY played an important role in supporting our change project.” Thomas Gehring, Program Manager Magellan, RUAG Corporate Services “All of the divisions in our company greatly valued the collaboration with UNITY. We were able to draw on a great deal of experience in outpatient and operating room projects, and the planning of our children’s clinic.” Jutta Dernedde, Managing Director of Medicine, Gesundheit Nord – Bremen Hospital Group “Together with the UNITY team, we have reoriented our market approach. By revising our sales processes in parallel with pinpoint- ing our USPs, we have laid the foundation for differentiating ourselves from our competition sustainably.” Matthias Remmert, Managing Director, Remmert GmbH & Co. KG “During this project, we put our global innova- tion management to the test. With UNITY, we were able to identify clear potentials for im- provement and draw up an innovation system that will increase synergies and potentials for innovation throughout GEA. This helps us meet customer expectations even faster through innovative, customer-driven solutions.” Dr. Armin Tietjen, Executive Vice President Product Engineering & Development, GEA
  32. 32. 33 “Together with UNITY, we optimized our business processes and IT landscape for the future, thus working out a significant aspect of our growth strategy. We were able to greatly reduce project risks through UNITY’s expertise in introducing new processes and ERP systems. As the project leader during the introduction phase, I can confirm that the col- laborative preparation made a valuable con- tribution to the management of this project.” René Fischer, CIO, B&W Vehicle Development “Together with UNITY, we have developed a concept to coordinate appointments as well as operating room registrations, which has greatly improved our process efficiency. Not only does UNITY offer support during project conception, they also provide support through- out the entire implementation of the project.” Fortunat von Planta, Hospital Director, Kantonsspital Uri “In preparation of redesigning the ICE3 high- speed train, UNITY developed a logistics concept that has a decisive impact on today’s production and is a significant factor of success for efficient and on-time production. UNITY consultants worked hard to familiarize them- selves with the unique characteristics of a rebuild- ing program. This cooperation was successful due to UNITY’s outstanding methodological competence, its structured approach and, in particular, through its presence and accep- tance by all of our employees across all hier- archical levels.” Dr. Axel Hennighausen, Head of Site Nurem- berg, Deutsche Bahn Heavy Maintenance “UNITY provided excellent support through its expertise and methodological competence in the optimization of our PDP and introduc- tion of a R&D PMO. A concept was systemati- cally developed for efficient development work across business lines as well as R&D PMO. UNITY was an important and reliable partner during the entire project phase. By using the solutions that were prepared, development projects can be conducted fast- er and a cross-company project portfolio can be processed more effectively.” Frank Opletal, CTO, Voith Paper “The high-level of expertise that UNITY consultants have in the area of production optimization, has brought us a significant step forward in our project.” Christian Steffen, Managing Director, August Dreckshage GmbH & Co. KG “With increasing competitive pressure, inno- vative ideas are a particularly decisive factor for successful market positioning. UNITY empowered our workshop team by repeatedly and successfully conducting ideation. We ran a process together, through which a vari- ety of ideas were generated, developed and tested on the customer. This way, ideas were identified that provide direction for shaping the set-up of the airport of the future.” Markus Papke, Manager Innovation, Eurowings Aviation “With UNITY, we have successfully started cultural change in the leadership and collabo- ration in the administration department of the state capitol Potsdam.” Dieter Jetschmanegg, Head of Communication, Economy and Advocation, State Capitol Potsdam
  33. 33. 3535 UNITY drives innovation for future success.
  34. 34. DIGITALIZATION AND INDUSTRIE 4.0 UNITY -- Your Partner in the Transformation Process UNITY draws upon a high level of technological expertise in digital transformation processes and has proven success in Industrie 4.0 implementation. Our competence in methodology leads to higher perfor- mance in the transformation process. Based on our product dependent and unbiased perspective, we deliver the best possible project results. We are: INNOVATORS Whether it is Smart Services, Products, Factory or Data – we develop all your Industrie 4.0 solutions. INTEGRATORS We integrate Industrie 4.0 processes into your company – along the entire value chain. STABILIZERS Successfully shape the trans- formation of your corporate culture that is necessary for Industrie 4.0 with us.
  35. 35. 37 Our Industrie 4.0 Consulting Services INDUSTRIE 4.0 READINESS CHECK Determine your company’s current business position by using our assessments for business models, services, digitalization and Industrie 4.0, and then derive recommendations for action from there. INDUSTRIE 4.0 PROGRAM Together with you, we define the appropriate steps for your Industrie 4.0 and digitalization solutions. STRATEGIES AND BUSINESS MODELS We help you discover innovative business ideas, transform them into actual business models and realize them. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION/WORK 4.0 Master the transformation of your workplace! We support the introduction of governance structures and competence development. ADVANCED SYSTEMS ENGINEERING/DESIGN TO ORDER We realize your Industrie 4.0 solutions using prod- uct development and ordering processes accord- ing to systems engineering principles. AUTOMATION/PLM/MES We digitalize your manufacturing equipment, specify intelligent automated equipment and increase your manufacturing efficiency. ARCHITECTURES AND PLATFORMS We develop continuous architectures and plat- form strategies that are compatible to digital busi- ness models and are continuous from the office to the shop floor. DATA ANALYTICS We show you optimization and business poten- tials and develop data-based services together.
  36. 36. STAYING AHEAD Involvement in Research and Science acatech (National Academy of Science and Engi- neering) advises government and society on tech- nical, scientific and policy issues of the future. It promotes the exchange of science and business, thus making it a major driving force in the de- velopment of Industrie 4.0. Dr.-Ing. Frank Thiele- mann is a member of the acatech senate. UNITY also plays an active role in networks for product development and production, health technology, information and communications technology and mobility. We are involved in these research projects: ▪▪ “INBENZHAP – International Benchmark for Industrie 4.0” – Worked out options for shaping industrial production in Germany. ▪▪ “Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index” supports com- panies in the development and implementation of Industrie 4.0 strategies. The focus here is model development. ▪▪ The goal of “IT Platforms for Smart Service Worlds“ is to determine the need for harmoni- zation in production area IT platforms. The exchange of information between science and industry is a principle upon which UNITY was found- ed. We are able to ensure that our consulting services are always based on the latest scientific research through our close association with the Heinz Nixdorf Institute of the University of Paderborn. Further- more, we work with many universities in the form of seminars and workshops, and we are involved in future-oriented research projects, particularly regarding the topics of digitalization and Industrie 4.0. Factory planning project: virtual tour of a real factory that does not yet exist www.acatech.de/uk
  37. 37. 39 EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT IN DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS A development process for complex cyber-physi- cal systems and associated software tools were worked out in a research project. www.mecpro.de BUSINESS MODELS FOR INNOVATIVE SERVICE PRODUCTS This project develops innovative service products to realize individual, availability-oriented busi- ness models. www.innoservpro.de BUSINESS MODELS FOR INDUSTRIE 4.0 Based on business model patterns, an instrument was created for the development of business models in the context of Industrie 4.0. www.c-lab.de/en/rd_projects/gemini AUSTRIAN CENTER FOR DIGITAL PRODUCTION The goal of this project with the TU Vienna is to establish an „Austrian Research Center for Digital Production“ that includes smart products and production development processes. LEADING-EDGE CLUSTER FOR INDUSTRIE 4.0 UNITY is a core member of the Leading-Edge Cluster “Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfa- lenLippe“ (it’s OWL). www.its-owl.com INTRODUCTION STRATEGIES FOR INDUSTRIE 4.0 In this collaborative project we develop instru- ments to increase performance in SMEs through Industrie 4.0. www.cor-lab.de/inlumia 39 VIRTUAL STARTUP OPERATIONS USING 3D SIMULATION Working with the Heidelberg University Hospital to build a new building for their surgical clinic, UNITY developed an innovative simulation meth- od that fulfills processes for optimal patient care. UniversitätsKlinikum Heidelberg INDUSTRIE 4.0 IN MANUFACTURING The goal of the SEF is to create, test and validate Industrie 4.0 solutions for medium-sized compa- nies in a real manufacturing environment. www.smart-electronic-factory.de
  38. 38. YOUR CONTACT Dennis R. Schmidt Phone + 49 40 600988 283 dennis.schmidt@unity.de www.unity.de/en/unity-consulting-products INNOVATIVE CONSULTING TOOLS Tested and Proven YOUR CONTACT Dr. Dominik Fischer Phone + 49 221 789587 830 dominik.fischer@unity.de www.unity.de/en/innovationscrum UNITY possesses excellent methods in foresight and innovation management – from strategic foresight to trend, innovation, technology and idea management to integrated roadmapping. The leading innovation systems on the market integrate UNITY methods to develop mid- and long-term strategies, and ideally the early phases of innovation management. Use our strategic innovation management to ensure your future success! FORESIGHT & INNOVATION Quick, precise innovation projects give you a decisive competitive advantage. Our Innova- tion Scrum methods enable you to recognize and eliminate obstacles to product, service or business model development early on. We pro- vide methods, experts and networks that make your existing innovation organization faster and more agile. Shorten your lead-time from idea to successful market entry with Innovation Scrum! AGILE INNOVATION INNOVATION SCRUM UNITY utilizes innovative consulting tools such as scenario development and process optimization.
  39. 39. YOUR CONTACT Dr.-Ing. Daniel Steffen Phone + 49 2955 743 453 daniel.steffen@unity.de www.unity.de/en/unity-consulting-products YOUR CONTACT Dr. Markus Luckey Phone + 49 2955 743  463 markus.luckey@unity.de www.unity.de/en/omega-process-modeller Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is the answer to increased complexity in the develop- ment of mechatronic systems. Together with you, we develop the fundamental system model through workshops using the CONSENS method or SysML and transform a rough product idea into a well-founded, technical specification of services. Improve quality at the beginning of develop- ment and in turn, process efficiency. Shorten time to market! MBSE In order to institute change within a company, it is crucial to have a common understanding of processes as well as knowledge of information and material flows for all those involved. We use OMEGA (Object-Oriented Method of Business Process Modeling and Analysis) to ensure this. Using this tool, business processes are identi- fied, documented, analyzed and then optimized. Implement the necessary changes in your busi- ness and optimize your processes sustainably! PROCESS OPTIMIZATION WITH OMEGA MODEL-BASED SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Use the right methods to achieve goals efficiently. 41
  40. 40. We empower our employees and clients. OUR TRAINING PROGRAM UNITYacademy Qualified personnel is the key to a company’s success. In order to be prepared for the future and always stay ahead of the competition, an organization must continuously improve itself and be open to new ideas. OUR APPROACH Our guiding principle is not just to impart know- ledge to our participants, but to sustainably empow- er them to develop and successfully implement innovative solutions in their everyday professional lives. We use hands-on training for integral learn- ing and offer employees and managers the most current technical knowledge, soft skills and lead- ership skills. Training courses are customized to fulfill specific client requirements and are adjusted to a company’s corporate context, enabling ef- fective implementation in the workplace. OUR SERVICES ▪▪ High quality training for employees and managers ▪▪ Development and concept design for training courses, seminars and workshops ▪▪ Conduction of project-oriented training courses with a high level of practical relevance ▪▪ Support in strategic employee and HR development ▪▪ Executive coaching
  41. 41. 43 WE TRAIN YOU TO BECOME A DIGITALIZATION EXPERT In order to establish future-oriented digitaliza- tion and Industrie 4.0 quickly, companies must develop new competencies – methodically and socially. At the UNITYacademy, we train you to become a digitalization expert. Through hands- on training, we provide you with the most sought- after methods and abilities, ranging from business model development to systems engineering. We prepare you for digital transformation. PROVIDER OF SYSTEMS ENGINEERING TRAINING COURSES UNITY is licensed by the Society of Systems Engineering (GfSE) as a partner for SE Certification – and is one of only 3 training course providers in Germany for SE-ZERT®, the renowned continuing education training program. Comprehensive experience across a broad spectrum of industries enables our trainers to conduct practice- oriented training. In addition to introducing and establishing systems engineering for its custom- ers, UNITY can now sustainably empower employees as well. Competence Development for Digital Transformation 43 YOUR CONTACT Judith Pohlmeier Phone +49 2955 743 235 judith.pohlmeier@unity.de For more information: www.unity.de/en/unityacademy Clear and understandable: graphic recording documents workshop and seminar results.
  42. 42. ACHIEVING SUCCESS TOGETHER Carreers at UNITY THE PATH TO CONSULTING The right skills and mix of consultants on our teams are essential for the success of our projects. For the most part, our college graduates come from the fields of industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, economics and business informat- ics. We offer different levels of career opportu- nities based on qualifications to applicants with substantial professional experience. A CAREER AS A CONSULTANT UNITY offers a transparent employee develop- ment system in the following career levels: Project Assistant, Junior Consultant, Consultant, Senior Consultant, Manager, Senior Manager and Partner. Project and management experi- ence is continuously developed on every level. Our employees gain more project and leadership experience at each level. From the level of Senior Consultant there are four possible career paths: ▪▪ Experts concentrate on continuously developing industry expertise and methods for UNITY projects. ▪▪ Managers take responsibility for major projects. ▪▪ Business Area Leaders concentrate on client relations and new client acquisition. ▪▪ Team Leaders focus on managing and developing consultants. YOUR CONTACT Judith Pohlmeier Phone +49 2955 743 235 judith.pohlmeier@unity.de For more information: www.unity.de/en/career We are only successful if our employees are successful. We offer you interesting, varied and secure work that enables professional growth. At the same time, we give our employees the opportunity to play a role in the success of the company through their personal commitment, thereby helping them to sustainably secure their jobs.
  43. 43. “In 2013 I made a career change and came to UNITY after having worked at a large asset manager. Since then, I have supported many different customers in exciting projects together with my colleagues. What particularly motivates me is the level of trust and the freedom I was given to actively shape the development of the UNITY from the very beginning, before I even became a business area leader.” Sebastian Befeld, Head of Business Unit Industry “The diversity of projects, team spirit and the opportunity to professionally develop led me to UNITY as a junior consultant in 2012. Since then, I feel at home here and have been able to contribute to many projects. The increasing globalization of our projects is what I find so fascinating. Due to this aspect, I have been able to travel to three continents to successfully conduct projects.” Stephanie Michl, Consultant “Looking for a varied and chal- lenging work environment, I started at UNITY in 2013 after receiving my doctorate in com- puter science – without being disappointed! I was not only able to develop myself professionally through many national and international projects but was also trusted in real- izing my own ideas and perspectives to further develop UNITY.” Dr. Markus Luckey, Manager “For more than 15 years, I have enjoyed the freedom to help shape projects across all industries and company sizes as well as the UNITY business. For over 13 years, I have been responsible for personnel, and am Partner and Head of the Competence Center ‘Innovation and Product Development.’ Each year presents us with new challenges that need to be mastered by our team – for example, our current internationalization.” Dr. Ulrich Deppe, Partner With conviction UNITY 45
  44. 44. OUR COMMITMENT Corporate Social Responsibility We value projects that contribute to a sustain- ably livable society. Moreover, we support several aid programs and are committed to various associations and teams. We also invest in long- term education and support the community and sports. In UNITY’s Challenger Program, we assist young adults to attain their ambitious and inno- vative goals. We offer our challengers financial as well as consultative support. They have the opportunity to take our UNITYacademy courses and network with our experts. For more information: www.unity.de/en/commitment
  45. 45. 47 OUR AWARDS Recognititon of our Consulting Services In 2016, UNITY was presented with the “Best of Consulting” award in the category “Project Excellence – Competitive Strategy” by the German business magazine Wirt- schaftswoche. UNITY conducted outstanding work in a project to develop innovati- on management for Lufthansa Technik. Rising Star Industrie 4.0 Experton Group For a high level of Industrie 4.0 expertise For innovative digital planning in the area of hospital con-struction For high quality consulting and customer satisfaction For extraordinary commitment to research and development For employee orientation – 2nd place in a competition for employers For innovative methods in OR simulation For excellent project work in Switzerland For successful corporate leadership For a future-proof hospital project
  46. 46. OUR PUBLICATIONS Books and Studies UNITY has published its expertise in a number of books including: “Managementdialoge (Management Dialogues),” “Chefsache IT (The Management Issue of IT),” “Zukunftsorientierte Unternehmensgestaltung (Future-Oriented Cor- porate Management),” and “Industrielles Klinik- management (Industrial Clinic Management).” In 2016 UNITY additionally made contributions to the following books: “Digital Vernetzt. Transfor- mation der Wertschöpfung (Digitally Networked. Transformation in the Value Chain)” and “Digitale Transformation angehen – Antworten zur Gestaltung der digitalen Zukunft (Taking on Digital Transformation – Answers to Shaping a Digital Future)“. In collaboration with our partners from science and research, we have published numerous studies including: “Systems Engineering in Industrial Practice.”
  47. 47. 49 FACTS FOR EXPERTS AND DECISION MAKERS Our Publication Series OPPORTUNITY In our publication series, “OPPORTUNITY – Facts for Decision Makers,” we report on trending topics relevant to business, especially prepared for manage- ment. Readers learn how to handle current issues in their businesses. Learn more about our publications at www.unity.de/en/studies. THE 6 SUCCESS PATTERNS OF INNOVATION MANAGEMENT 1 FAKTEN FÜR EXPERTEN UND ENTSCHEIDER Innovationsmanagement |1. Auflage Dr. Dominik Fischer, Dr. Michael Herbst DIE 6 ERFOLGSMUSTER IM INNOVATIONSMANAGEMENT MARKETING, SALES AND SERVICES IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY OF INDUSTRIE 4.0 FROM A PRODUCT TO A SERVICES BUSINESS From Products to Services: Design of Innovative Service Offers FACTS FOR DECISION MAKERS SYSTEMS ENGINEERING FACTS FOR DECISION MAKERS Systems Engineering The next Level of Product Development ELECTROMOBILITY Elektromobilität – Neue Prozesse für Unternehmen und Kunden FUTURE SCENARIOS IN RETROSPECTIVE Zukunftsszenarien in der Retrospektive – Was bringt die Szenario-Technik tatsächlich? 1 FACTS FOR EXPERTS AND DECISION MAKERS Innovation Management | 1st Edition Dr. Dominik Fischer, Dr. Michael Herbst THE 6 SUCCESS PATTERNS OF INNOVATION MANAGEMENT DIGITAL BUSINESS PRO- CESSES AND BUSINESS MODELS
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