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STRV Insights

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STRV is a top-tier, one-stop mobile app development shop working with leading startups from top US accelerators. Since 2004, we have developed more than 200 mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as frontend and backend solutions.

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STRV Insights

  3. 3. WORK We design and develop mobile apps, web and backend solutions. We have gradually added new services such as Quality Assurance, Product Development and Startup Consulting. We work on client projects, but we also have our internal startups (Surge, Ordr, Startup Fund) https://www.strv.com/our-work
  4. 4. CLIENTS We work with a number of US-based startups, including Tinder, ClassDojo, Flip and Rednote… just to name a few. We have a diverse portfolio in terms of industry, size and business model. Our developers are in direct contact with US clients and have a chance to work from our San Francisco and Los Angeles offices.
  5. 5. PROJECTS We are usually involved in the early stage of product development, and we develop the first prototype and Minimum Viable Product. The typical project length is a few months. Our engineers can experience in several new projects throughout the year. We aim to assign people to projects that help their professional development.
  6. 6. IMPACT The combined user base of all our apps is more than 150 million. Some of our collaborations have been featured on TechCrunch, Mashable, Recode and Wired and incubated at Y Combinator and 500 Startups. We have our own venture fund.
  7. 7. ORGANIZATION We love freedom. Most of our management overhead has been removed to be as effective as possible. We have platform experts who are the “go-to people” for guidance or expert help. We don’t care when and where our people work. Only results matters.
  9. 9. TECHNOLOGIES We work with cutting-edge technologies emerging out of Silicon Valley. We continuously update our technology stack and extend our knowledge base. We attend global conferences, organize meetups and share our knowledge with the community.
  10. 10. iOS TECH STACK Languages: Swift 3.0 Dev tools: Xcode, AppCode Libraries: Alamofire, Realm, SwiftyJSON, Unbox, Argo, ReactiveCocoa, RxSwift Third-party services: Firebase Analytics: Google Analytics, Fabric, Mixpanel Testing: Quick, Nimble Continuous integration: Fastlane, Jenkins, BuddyBuild Distribution: AppStore (iTunesConnect), BuddyBuild, HockeyApp
  11. 11. ANDROID TECH STACK Languages: Java, Kotlin (optional) Dev tools: Android Studio, Gradle, Maven Libraries: OkHttp, Retrofit, RxJava, Glide, Picasso, Android Data Binding, Dagger, Realm, GSON, Jackson, LeakCanary Third-party services: Firebase Analytics: Google Analytics, Fabric, Mixpanel Testing: JUnit, Mockito, Espresso, Robolectric Genymotion Continuous integration: Travis, Circle Distribution: Google Play
  12. 12. FRONTEND TECH STACK CSS: Stylus, PostCSS, CSS Modules, styled components Frameworks: ReactJS, ReactNative, express (SSR) Build tools: Gulp, webpack Libraries: redux, react-router, redux-saga, immutablejs Animations: ReactCSSTransitionGroup, React Motion Continuous integration: Travis Testing: Jest, enzyme, nightwatch
  13. 13. BACKEND TECH STACK Languages: JavaScript, Ruby Platforms: Node.js, Ruby on Rails Cloud: Heroku, AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Databases: Postgres, MongoDb, Firebase, ElasticSearch, Redis Queues: Rabbit MQ, Firebase Queue Containers: Docker Server frameworks: Koa, Express, Hapi
  14. 14. PEOPLE
  15. 15. EAGER TO LEARN, EAGER TO TEACH We organize developer events, we attend international conferences, our engineers are invited as keynote speakers. What our people say: “I am proud to be part of a team where everybody is highly skilled at what they do. When I go to the office each morning, I know I will learn something new that day from these great people, or I might teach them something new.”
  16. 16. FREEDOM & RESPONSIBILITY We don’t control you, we don’t have office hours, we have a flat organization and we let you work directly with the client. What our people say: “I am grateful for a place where I have the freedom to carry out my responsibilities the way I want; a place where I can be just myself.”
  17. 17. BE OPEN AND HONEST We have a transparent system for assessment and grading of engineers. We have regular All-hands meetings to share company information. Overall happiness score is 8,6 / 10. What our people say: “The best part is to work in a team where there's a mutual respect, and opinions from all members are considered; also where openness and transparency are highly valued.”
  18. 18. FREAKY IS A PLUS, FRIENDLY IS A MUST We organize team-buildings, parties, sport events, xbox tournaments and much more for our community. What our people say: “I work with people who are inspiring in work and great friends in private.” “I am working with a team of people who also love their job and are always willing to help (like really!)”
  19. 19. DIVERSITY We have more than 130 people. You will find 17 different nationalities at STRV, and our common language is English. You will find people, dogs and several other kinds of species in our office. At STRV, you can be just yourself.
  20. 20. OFFICE We have offices in NY, LA, SF, Brno and our main office is in Prague. There you will find all the comfort you need: a gym, bar, jacuzzi, Xbox, foosball table, billiards and free snacks (and beer!) We host plenty of events, parties, meetups and team-buildings. There are many classes organized by our people for our people: gym, language lessons, cooking classes...
  21. 21. MEET OUR FOUNDERS 2004 - David Semerad and Martin Stava joined forces in high school to cooperate on their first few web projects. 2009 - Five years later, as things were getting serious, the first official entity – uLikeIT – entered the scene. 2011 - We welcomed Pavel Zeifart and Lubo Smid to the team as co-founders and the company started to expand to the US market. 2016 - The team started growing exponentially, and our new home in Prague’s Karlin district was opened.
  23. 23. BEST PLACE FOR WORK AND LIFE Prague, the capital of the Czech republic, is in the heart of the European Union and is rated Top10 World’s-Best City for Digital Nomads. According to HSBC, the Czech Republic is the 4th best country for expats to live in. It scores high in the following areas: cost of living, fun, weather and foreigner-friendliness. The large expat community will make you feel at home.
  24. 24. LIVING Average cost of living for expats is $1,286/m Average salary of a developer is $3,000/m Pint of beer is $1.97 (free of charge in our roof-top bar). Renting an apartment in the center is $600/m You can communicate in English almost everywhere. Exploring the rest of Europe is easy thanks to excellent road, railway, and flight connections.
  25. 25. WE TAKE CARE OF YOU We provide maximum support: ● Visa sponsorship and legal assistance ● Flight ticket to Prague ● 1 month paid housing ● Relocation agency to help with all the required paperwork and practicalities ● Tax and financial advice
  26. 26. AWARDS
  27. 27. OUR AWARDS ● StartUp of the Year ● Office of the Year ● Deloitte Fast50 for fastest growing tech companies in CEE ● 20 design awards ● Google Certified Developer ● Featured on Forbes, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch and many others