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How to give an effective presentation!!

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How to give an effective presentation!!

  1. 1.  How to give an extraordinary Instructor Md.Tota Miah Lecturer Department of Business Administration Varendra University  Key issues in a PowerPoint Today’sAgenda
  2. 2. RichardTurere (Invention of Lion Lights)
  3. 3. Death By
  4. 4. Death by stoning Death by Hanging Death by Fire Squad
  5. 5. It’s happening! Death by Power Point.
  6. 6. Always keep in mind! Nerves are not a disaster. The audience expects you to be nervous.
  7. 7. Giving a presentation is just like Democracy : Democracy : “It is of the people, by the people, for the people.” Presentation : “It is of the ideas, by the presenter, for the audience.”
  8. 8. List Of Fears :  Speaking to a Group : 41%       Death : 19%  
  9. 9. Three Golden Rules for Effective Presentation
  10. 10. 1. Show images, not text  Images are key unlock the memory  It makes the audience to feel interesting  It breaks attention!  Audience got bored with reading!
  11. 11. 2. Speak, Don’t Read  You are the star of the show not the power point  It would be like a tennis match!
  12. 12. 3. Focus on you, Not the Slides  People come to presentation to see you not your ppt.  If you look only slides, they will look after something else
  13. 13. It is easy to make a .ppt slide show. However it is a little hard to make it effective.
  14. 14. 2.Making your.ppt effective :  Use at least an 18-point font  Use different size fonts for main points and secondary points  this font is 24-point, the main point font is 28- point, and the title font is 36- point  Use a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial or lato
  15. 15. Slide Structure - Bad  Random stuff..bla bla bla blah….you know what..I am gonna over do this…Bla bla bla blah…blah…It feels good to mess with you all..lol..xD :D lol  IgNoRe whAtever’s wRitten Up tHere..^^  Yay !! More random words…  I Really like this font.. Hellz Yeah..
  16. 16. SHOW them, don't Tell them..  Don’t be afraid of using theVisuals… Use a GREAT DEAL of Pictures.
  17. 17. What would have been happened if you were like him?
  18. 18. Overview:  What key points a genuine presentation should contain : a. Introduction. b. Body. c. Conclusion. d. Q&A.
  19. 19. Starting of a Presentation Attention Ti me
  20. 20. Starting of a Presentation Story/Quotation You know What Number/ Audience Engagement
  21. 21. First Impression is always the last impression :  “Introduction is the most important part of your presentation, even more than the real matter”  Grabbing the attention in starting 15 seconds of your presentation is MUST for an effective presentation.
  22. 22. Start off with…  Who are you? (Name + Qualifications)  What is your topic?  Why is it important? How it can help the Audience ?
  23. 23. SpeechAnxiety Do practice your speech at home Do forget about forgetting Breathe slowly and deeply before/during speech Keep your body relaxed
  24. 24. Useful Tips and Tools to Overcome Speech Anxiety  Skills Training  Do memorize your first and last few sentences  Do divert your nervous energy into helpful gestures and movements, do not repress your nervousness  Don’t mistake with a pencil, watch, or ring while you speak  Don’t speak too rapidly
  25. 25. Body Language During Presentation : Albert Mehrabian, a well-known communication theorist  Body language – Contributes 55% toward message impact  Tone of voice – Contributes 38% toward message impact  Actual words – Contributes 7% toward message impact
  26. 26. Body language is your super power………….
  27. 27. Reflect your words in your actions : Smile!
  28. 28. Maintaining Eye- Contact :  To Gain Someone’s trust you have to look him/her in the Eye.  Eye contact is the key to a Successful interactive Presentation.
  29. 29. All you have to do is: Lock, talk and Pause
  30. 30. Stance-Pace : Posture and gesture  FACE the Audience not your Power point presentation.  Power point isn’t for you…it is for your Audience.
  31. 31. Stance-Pace : Do’s and Don’ts
  32. 32. Let your Hands do the talking (Gestures and posture)
  33. 33. Ummms & Ahhs :  Just Replace “Ummms & Ahhs” with a “PAUSE”.  Never make use of words like: “Sort of” “kind of” “yeah maybe..probably”
  34. 34. Ending of a Presentation Attention Ti me A Good Ending is just as important as a Good Introduction.
  35. 35. Ending of a Presentation Food for though/ Powerful Question A Quick Recap Call to Action
  36. 36. Questions and answer  On Being asked a question you must 1.Listen to it carefully. 2.Maintain Eye Contact and Nod to the Guy who asked it. 3.If Question is legit..then repeat it and share it with the rest of the Audience.
  37. 37. Q&A : Compliment the asker : “That’s a good question” and “I really appreciate your concern about this point” 5. Now Finally Answer the Question.
  38. 38. Now it’s your turn to “NAIL IT”
  39. 39. “ Great speakers aren’t born, they are trained.” Presentation is a skill ….. Developed through experience and training.