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How to be a Digital Parent

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My short talk held at the inaugural #DigCitSummitIRL on the 28th of April 2018 at the Science Gallery. There is a Facebook Live stream available of the whole day on the same date with a morning and afternoon session. I was in the morning!

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How to be a Digital Parent

  1. 1. How to Be a Digital Parent Melanie Boylan
  2. 2. The P.A.R.E.N.T. Trap • Paranoia – Is everyone really on Social Media like they say? • Acceptance – No they’re not but it is something they need to know • Research – Wayne Denner Facebook Talk2Wayne Page • https://www.ikydz.com/ • Exercise – Try it for yourself! • Negativity – They will face it! • Threats – It’s a platform you can take them off
  3. 3. Why Put Your Child Online? • I’m online… • Their friends are online… • You show them things online • Builds awareness • Creates normality • Gives an element of control
  4. 4. Why it Worked for My Kids…well us… • Gave back control – ish • Helped with creativity • Gained responsibility • Stopped making it a no-no • Stopped it being a big deal
  5. 5. It’s YOUR choice