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Achieving Sales Mastery through Virtual Sales Training & Reinforcement

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This was the deck we used recently for a panel/webinar with Tim Riesterer from Corporate Visions and I, moderated by Richard Harris of Sales Hacker.

Register to watch the recording here: http://bit.ly/MKwebinarVirtualTrainCoach

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Achieving Sales Mastery through Virtual Sales Training & Reinforcement

  1. 1. Achieving Sales Mastery through Virtual Sales Training and Reinforcement Mike Kunkle Senior Director, Sales Readiness Consulting Richard Harris Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services Tim Riesterer Chief Strategy & Research Officer
  2. 2. Our Plan for Today • Panel style discussion • Topics to include: - Common problems holding most sales readiness programs back - Why ‘just-in-time’ training doesn’t always work – and how to fix it - Ideas for developing virtual skills training courses that stick - How technology can help empower sales coaching and reinforcement • Feel free to ask questions, Q&A will be taken throughout the session
  3. 3. Why are more organizations today doing or considering virtual sales training?
  4. 4. 4 out of 5 companies say their salespeople DON’T get the skills training they need
  5. 5. Most say managers most likely to choose training 56% blame time out of field constraints (37% say budget limitations)
  6. 6. 65% of companies increasing investment in virtual training Flat investment in traditional classroom training
  7. 7. What are the challenges of doing virtual sales training instead of classroom training?
  8. 8. Most effective for behavior change 39% 10% Instructor - led Classroom Manager - led In - field Virtual Online 45%
  9. 9. Effectiveness Doing the right things that get you closer to your goals We increased sales quota performance by 14% Efficiency Doing the right things in the most economical way possible We trained more people on 14% less budget
  10. 10. How can we mitigate the challenges of virtual sales training?
  11. 11. Mitigating the challenges of virtual sales training Effective Learning Systems • Use the right content/sales methodology • Design great learning • Engage managers • Sustain knowledge/transfer skills • Coach to mastery • Measure for success • Manage performance • Lead & manage change :: mike kunkle :: :: transforming sales results :: Content Integration Alignment Change Managers Transfer Perf. Mgt. Measures Coaching Design http://www.mikekunkle.com/2014/07/30/stop-wasting-money-on-sales-training/
  12. 12. Arbitrary Learning Paths Roles-based development plans Tenure-based development plans
  13. 13. Four Ideas for Improving Virtual Training #1. Performance-based Custom Learning Paths o From data in your sales automation systems #2. Needs-based Custom Learning Paths o From behavioral outcomes fluency assessments #3. Situationally-relevant Custom Learning Paths o Embedded in your sales process and CRM experience #4. Product/market-specific Custom learning Paths o Embedded in your product launches and training materials Delivered just-in-time to the right person!
  14. 14. What sales stacks/tech stacks can be combined to support virtual training?
  15. 15. Sales Readiness Ecosystem Brainshark Prepare Tab Brainshark for Training Brainshark for Coaching + + Train Assess Track Validate Coach Transfer Support Sustain Guide Inside Sales “Game Film” Field Sales “Game Film” SAM Content/Context Buyer Engagement 1 3 2 4 5a 5b 6 Effective Learning System Training Content / Sales Methodology Provider
  16. 16. How do managers need to engage differently to make a virtual sales training a success?
  17. 17. Coaching for impact 41% 9% Sales Conversation Importance Practice and Coaching Formal Certification 85% <1/4
  18. 18. Flexible Learning Options Learning Doing Virtual Coach Skills Adoption Service 1-day Workshop Playbook, POV and Solution Whiteboards Blended Classroom Flipped Classroom Virtual Classroom Online Program w/optional Virtual Classroom Online Program w/optional 1-day Workshop Online Pre-work + 2-day Workshop Flexible Delivery Customizable Content Manager Coaching Contextual Reinforcement Executive Conversations Playbook Coaching Playbook Capture Value Playbook Coaching Kits Proven approaches for learning and applying new competencies
  19. 19. Engaging managers differently for virtual sales training success 1. Sales Training • Teach content that get results - Ensure your content will get results and design your training effectively. - Assess to ensure the content was learned. 2. Knowledge Sustainment • Assess retention over time - Test to increase retention - Consider a system like Qstream - Use analytics to know where to train/coach 3. Skills Transfer • Validate the rep can use the skills - Use role play and virtual coaching: Prove reps can do it, in a safe, simulated setting - Help them apply with buyers / customers 4. Coaching to Mastery • Role play and coach frequently - Continue with role play and video coaching - Use field visits and phone observation - Use an effective coaching model
  20. 20. Tweet the presenters with additional questions: @Mike_Kunkle @TRiesterer @RHarris415 Thank you!