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Sales Qualification

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A quick guide to sales qualification. How to esnure you win more than you lose and you don't chase lost sales causes.

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Sales Qualification

  1. 1. SALESQUALIFICATIONDon’t be fooled.Be real
  2. 2. WE’LL COVER…• Why qualification matters• Simple four step process:  Is there an opportunity?  Can we compete?  Can we win?  Is it worth winning?• No guessing
  3. 3. QUALIFICATION MATTERS• Don’t be fooled (leave those happy ears at home)• Don’t waste time on lost causes• Forecast accurately
  4. 4. IS THERE AN OPPORTUNITY?• Is:  The customers requirement clear?  The customers financial condition good?  There access to funds?  There a compelling event?
  5. 5. CAN WE COMPETE?• Do we:  Know the formal decision criteria?  Have a solution fit?  Have the resources to complete the sale?  Have a current relationship with the right people?  Provide unique business value?
  6. 6. CAN WE WIN?• Are we:  Supported inside the customer?  Trusted and credible?  Compatible culturally?  On top of the informal decision criteria?  Aligned politically?
  7. 7. IS IT WORTH WINNING?• Do we understand:  The short term revenue?  The future revenue?  The profitability?  The degree of risk?  The strategic value to our company?
  8. 8. NO GUESSING• If you don’t know, ask• If you don’t understand, ask why• Slow down for amber• No is better than maybe
  9. 9. QUALIFICATION IS CRITICAL• Don’t be fooled• Simple four part process• No guessing
  10. 10. MIKE MCCORMACAbout Contact• Mike McCormac founded Sales • Connect on LinkedIn Success and More to help • Follow me on Twitter professional sales people selling • Email me high value services achieve more • Phone +357 99 860725• He has an MBA and his sales background includes over 15 years success selling IT services and outsourcing• Mike works mainly in the UK and Cyprus
  11. 11. SALESQUALIFICATIONDon’t be fooled.Be real