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Esha pandas

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Esha pandas

  1. 1. Pandas Written by Esha
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. What they eat 2. What they look like 3. About there bodies 4. Fun Facts
  3. 3. There is a movement in the jungle of an animal crawling up and down bamboos. Munching and munching. Two hundred to three hundred pounds. Black and white colored. But who is this black and white animal? Pandas eat bamboo in the jungle. They climb the bamboos up to eat. They break it down with the strong teeth. There strong teeth help them chew the bamboo into little pieces. Pandas are herbivores. Pandas only eat bamboo. Sometimes they eat leaves ,but they mostly eat bamboo. Pandas eat 85 pounds a day. Isn`t that a lot? Well I think that is. Do you eat 85 pounds a day? I hope not. Pandas eat a lot each day that’s why there so chubby and fat. That’s why there 200 to 300 pounds. What they eat
  4. 4. What they look like Do you know what colors pandas can be? Pandas can be the colors white, black ,or red. They are very cute in looking. They look really similar to red pandas because red pandas are pandas. They have some black and white on there bodies. The red pandas are plain red. They are good and cute looking. They have some black and white spots.
  5. 5. About there bodies Did you know pandas are 5 ounces when there born A panda can weigh 200 to 300 pounds. They are really heavy. They have molar teeth to crush the bamboo. They have really thick fur that keeps them warm in freezing winter. Red pandas can be over 5 feet tall. They are not as heavy as giant pandas because they are much smaller.
  6. 6. Fun Facts Pandas can swim well. Do you know pandas live up to 20 years. Panda bears that are born are called cubs. Did you know red pandas live with there mom for a year. They walk really slowly because they are really heavy.
  7. 7. About the Author The author of this book is Esha. She is in third grade. The author picked this topic because she likes pandas.