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Enterprise unlimited in association with info tool inc ppt

  1. Enterprise Unlimited in association with InfoTool Inc Offers the newest technology in survey diagnostics “SURVEYTELLIGENCE”
  2. WHAT WE PROVIDE • Use e-survey and diagnostic tools to instantly and precisely isolate critical areas of opportunity within each demographic • SWOT analysis of data gathered • Give a blueprint of the organization-good and bad • Assessment of organizational alignment of employees and levels of engagement • Measurement of values , norms and internal factors that influence organization/dept culture • Guide change, aligning your business so that everyone is working towards a common goal, sustainable profit and growth.
  3. What we provide--• Training of managers to read and use software towards developing, engaging and making workforce more productive • Present a blueprint to the organization to improve overall enterprise integration
  4. Four steps to enterprise transformatiom • • • • Step Step Step Step 1-survey intelligence 2-diagnostic engine 3-alignment analysis 4- implementation
  5. Step 1-Survey Intelligence • 80-90% response rate • Customization of survey measurements to create value direction and control • Five phases a) Understand the vision b) Customized “ business vision survey” c) Demographic architecture d) Pre- launch communication strategy e) Survey management
  6. Step 2-Diagnostic Engine • Correlation analysis • Workgroup performance variation analysis • Gap analysis • Alignment measurement/analysis • ROI actions for each workgroup • Resource allocation for each workgroup • Summary wheel
  7. Step 3-Alignment Analysis • ROI action for better alignment • Alignment of organization and its people with customers • e
  8. Step4- Implementation • Executive and manager report • Formation of internal engagement team • Two day certification workshop for engagement team • Engagement Coaching of executives and managers through the change process
  11. Extraordinary Diagnostic Abilities Needs become explicit! Stakeholder Perceptions High Impact Priorities Detailed Analysis Learning Gaps Strengths & Development Needs Most important Manager’s Needs Comparisons Needs by Country-Manager
  12. Expert Survey Design
  13. Analysis and Consulting Expertise Building……
  14. Excellence through Elimination of Performance Variability “Managing substantial performance variation between similar work groups can raise overall performance by orders of magnitude” Thus creating organic efficiency and effectiveness * Human Sigma, Flemming and Asplund
  15. Manager Skill-Never Lost in Data Each manager will have their own tools to effectively lead their own teams
  16. Harmony by Silo Elimination Creating Organizational Integration Between Work Groups Leaders
  17. Leadership Insight Infotool’s high-resolution diagnostic tool, gives Leaders the insights to lead, and each Manager their tools to manage
  18. Builds Self Development Opportunity
  19. The Analysis Experts All Infotool staff are experienced, ex CEO’s, Senior OD Consultants with MBA’S, PhD's and other advanced degrees, years of experience in partnering with senior executives in culture change and OD, highly skilled in data analysis, “finding and fixing”, and eager to transfer expertise and the analysis skills to your in-house teams.
  20. For further details---• • • • • • • Contact- Col NKS Warrier(retd) 09833356875/09920327112 Contact Dr Ajai Singh 09768012200
  21. Thank You Questions?