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3. earthen roads 30 aug

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Earthen Roads

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3. earthen roads 30 aug

  1. 1. 1. Borrow Pits 2. Balancing Earthwork 3. Lead & Lift 4. Spoil Bank
  2. 2. Borrow Pits  Small pits dug parallel to the road alignment on both sides of the road formation to draw extra earth required to fill in embankment.
  3. 3. Spoil Bank  Extra earth excavated and to be dumped on the road sides in road in cutting.  Dumped in regular shape for future use.
  4. 4. Balancing Earthwork  While constructing road, it is desirable for a segment of road, that the quantity of earthwork in cutting and embankment should be nearly equal if the soil available is good for the use.  If possible, keeping in mind the limiting values of gradients and curves, the alignment is so fixed to have the equal quantity of earthwork in cutting and banking.  This is known as balancing earthwork.
  5. 5. Lead & Lift  Lead: Horizontal distance travelled by the earth to be moved for banking or dumping.  Lift : Vertical distance travelled by the earthwork after excavating.
  6. 6. Construction Procedure for Earthen Road  Preparation of Sub-Grade: Arranging sub-grade in proper gradient & camber.  The sub-grade is rolled & watered to have OMC & compacted to MDD.  Over it, a layer of soil 10cm thick is sprayed, rolled, & finished to have required camber & gradient.  4-5 days curing.  Opening to traffic.  Watering for 10 days after opening to traffic. Soil Layer 10 cm Thick Sub-Grade
  7. 7. Marking Road Levels & Boundaries  Marking the centre line of alignment on ground with the help of theodolite.  Marking carriageway, shoulder, berms, borrow pits & road boundaries.  Putting pegs & clearing stakes in the sides & cleaning the area within the clearing stakes.
  8. 8. Construction Steps  Clearing & Grubbing: It includes removing any unwanted material i.e. tree roots, grass, loose soil, Preparing the leveled surface  Stripping off the top of soil to avoid the plant growth on the road.  Excavation: if the existing material is not suitable for the road, other suitable material is dumped in the excavated portion.  Embankment preparation
  9. 9. Sheep Foot Roller