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Intro to Service Design in Corporate Environment - Jason Fiske

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In this presentation, Jason Fiske shares his experience introducing and implementing service design at Farm Credit Canada. He focuses on what worked well and how champions of service design can implement the practice within a similar corporate environment.

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Intro to Service Design in Corporate Environment - Jason Fiske

  1. 1. Introducing Service Design in the Corporate EnvironmentIntroducing Service Design in the Corporate Environment
  2. 2. Employee Digital Experience @jasonfiske Saskatchewan Chapter @sdnsaskatchewan Co-founder @tesanidesign
  3. 3. Our story Let’s start with how we got here 1
  4. 4. Service design and…….FCC?
  5. 5. Email Online Banking Web Content Farm Mgmt Software Call Centre SEO Mobile Website Relationship Staff Social Media FCC Online Experience
  6. 6. Service design… OH YEAH!!!
  7. 7. Product Owners Developers Designers Marketing Solution Architects Project Management Customer Support Content owners Data architects Web writers Executive Management Business Analysts Governance Committee Change Management Policy and Process Management Business Solutions Brand Management Credit Management
  8. 8. Understand the current state
  9. 9. Customer journey maps
  10. 10. Immediate benefits • Immediate engagement • Energy from supporters • Better understanding of scope • Empathy • Made the intangible tangible • Highlight intersections
  11. 11. Service Blueprints
  12. 12. Blueprints are the gateway drug to service design. Patrick Quattlebaum Adaptive Path ”
  13. 13. No one should come to me with requirements until we go through this exercise. Solutions Architect ” OK. Now I see what you guys are trying to do for customers. This makes sense to me. Developer ” This is like group therapy…in the best way possible. Customer Service Rep ”
  14. 14. Support the complex service environment
  15. 15. Design sprints
  16. 16. Prototype
  17. 17. They still like us
  18. 18. Keeping it alive Growing knowledge within the company 2
  19. 19. Day long service design training
  20. 20. Lunch and learn sessions
  21. 21. Yammer group
  22. 22. Where are we at today? Applying service design throughout FCC 3
  23. 23. Dedicated roles • Lead, Design Thinking • Two service designers • Innovation Lab
  24. 24. Service blueprints for everyone!
  25. 25. Design sprints are BAU
  26. 26. Design thinking and methods are core to addressing business problems and opportunities
  27. 27. What did we learn? Tips for implementing service design in the corporate environment 4
  28. 28. Collaboration is the key Don’t go it alone. Involve stakeholders early and often. Breaks down silos. Establish key partnerships
  29. 29. Start small Screw up small instead of screwing up big. It’s easier with smaller wins. Find your groove.
  30. 30. Market and sell SD Have an elevator pitch. Share artifacts and prototypes. Invite yourself to present. Merge with traditional business terminology when appropriate.
  31. 31. Find your champions Milk the hell out of them.
  32. 32. Be proactive Don’t wait for business problems to find you.
  33. 33. Demonstrate value Solve business problems and opportunities with tangible outputs and solutions. Don’t just make pretty images.
  34. 34. Lean on change management Can’t be innovative or evolve to a better experience if you’re adverse to change.
  35. 35. Our recommended approach Tips for implementing service design in the corporate environment 5
  36. 36. I don’t know. I’m making this up as I go. Make it your own
  37. 37. Any questions? You can find me at ◉ @jasonfiske ◉ jason.fiske@fcc.ca Thanks!