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FROGEE Reading list 2020

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The reading list for the FROGEE webinar about Gender Economics. The webinar will start 2020-06-29/30, 9:45-16:00.

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FROGEE Reading list 2020

  1. 1. FROGEE Reading List Discrimination: Theory, Measurement and Applications (3 hours) Daniel S. Hamermesh Barnard College and IZA Please read as much as possible, but surely the boldfaced items. I. Theory Joseph Altonji and Rebecca Blank, “Race and Gender in the Labor Market,” Handbook of Labor Economics, Vol. 3, 1999, pp. 3164-80. Roland Fryer and Matthew Jackson, “A Categorical Theory of Cognition and Biased Decision Making,” B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 2008, pp.1-14, 24-31. Kerwin Charles and Jonathan Guryan, “An Empirical Assessment of Becker’s ‘The Economics of Discrimination’,” Journal of Political Economy, 2008. II. Measuring Discrimination Altonji and Blank, pp. 3146-63. Kevin Lang and Ariella Kahn-Spitzer, “Race Discrimination: An Economic Perspective,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2020. Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan, “Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination,” American Economic Review, 2004. Judd Kessler, Corinne Low and Colin Sullivan, “Incentivized Resume Rating: Eliciting Employer: Preferences without Deception,” American Economic Review, 2019. Jan Feld, Nicolás Salamanca and Daniel Hamermesh, “Endophilia or Exophobia: Beyond Discrimination,” Economic Journal, 2016.
  2. 2. III. Applications, and Patterns of Discrimination Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn, “The Gender Wage Gap: Extent, Trends and Explanations,” Journal of Economic Literature, 2017. Stephen Donald and Daniel Hamermesh, “What Is Discrimination: Gender in the American Economic Association, 1935-2004,” American Economic Review, 2006. Daniel Kreisman and Marcos Rangel, “On the Blurring of the Color Line: Wages and Employment for Black Males of Different Skin Tones,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 2015. John Cawley, “The Impact of Obesity on Wages,” Journal of Human Resources, 2004. Erik Plug, Dinand Webbink and Nick Martin, “Sexual Orientation, Prejudice and Segregation,” Journal of Labor Economics, 2014.