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180927 presentation enzyre waander van heerde (smb hv meeting)

  1. Guido Maertens, CEO Waander L. van Heerde, CSO
  2. Enzyre will stop patients bleeding to death! ➢ In patients with bleeding disorders ➢ In hemodynamic unstable patients ➢ In acute traumatic situations ➢ Induced by medication (antithrombotics)
  3. US-CDC: Tens of millions of people are at risk! • Number 3 cause of death overall !! • Most deaths in an acute hospital setting (approx. 17%) • Managing blood loss limited due to lack of proper near patients diagnostic tools Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  4. By introducing a disposable point of care biochip
  5. Light (X)n-H-N S N S N CO2H H2N- H2N- luciferase, ATP, Mg2+ USP 1: Platform to detect enzymatic reactions USP 2: Real time Global Assays & Quantitative Factor Assays enzyme containing sample Enzyme-specific aminoluciferin Oxy-luciferin aminoluciferin USP 3: Simple and cheap All in one, no additional tools Technology: Chemiluminescent-based detection IP: Chemiluminescence-based haemostasis assay WO2012096566
  6. Enzyre Product: disposable multichannel device Advantages: ✓ Small blood volume ✓ Disposable ✓ Stand alone ✓ Multichannel ✓ Fast ✓ Accurate ✓ Consumer friendly ✓ Inexpensive
  7. Multiple assays in just one device Quantitative assay Global assayExample Hemophilia Biochip
  8. WFH: Call to Action & Support Letter PRESIDENT Alain Weill VICE-PRESIDENT MEDICAL Glenn Pierce VICE-PRESIDENT FINANCE Barry Flynn BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ampaiwan Chuansumrit Saliou Diop Vincent Dumez Magdy El Ekiaby Cesar Garrido Cedric Hermans Barbara Konkle Dawn Rotellini Carlos Safadi Márquez Deon York FOUNDER Frank Schnabel PATRON Jan-Willem André de la Porte CEO Alain Baumann 1425, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest Bureau 1200 Montréal, Québec H3G 1T7 Canada T 514.875.7944 F 514.875.8916 Enzyre Transistorweg 5 6534 AT Nijmegen The Netherlands Thursday, 28th of June 2018 Concerns: Support letter for the hemostasis biochip project of Enzyre To whom it may concern, The “World Federation of Hemophilia” (WFH) is a global network of national member organizations representing the interests of people with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders in 140 countries. The WFH has the vision that one day, all people with a bleeding disorder will enjoy a more certain future filled with promise, no matter where they live. Our next three-year strategy gives priority to improve the diagnosis and access to treatment for all people with inherited bleeding disorders. This will require to build capacity and awareness through information exchange, education and training. We aim at identifying an additional 50,000 people with inherited bleeding disorders by 2022 with 50% of them living in the worlds’ poorest regions. Additionally, we released a Call to Action in which we acknowledge the urgent need to develop a diagnostic device for hemophilia that is reliable, easy to use and affordable. The WFH believes that the project ‘hemostasis biochip’ initiated by Enzyre could be of great support to meet this Call to Action. The goal of this company is in line with the ambition of the WFH to improve diagnosis and access to treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions. With kind regards, Alain Weill Alain Baumann President, World Federation of Hemophilia CEO, World Federation of Hemophilia
  9. Competitors Large Static Platforms Multiple Assays Large sample No global assays Point of Care Single assay Venous/Capillary blood Cartridges/Apparatus Hospital, GP, home PoC Platforms Multiple Assays Capillary blood Disposable Small sample size 80’s-90’s Zero’s Enzyre solution
  10. Investments and deliverables: Technology Investment €3.8 M Proof of Principle Deliverables: ✓ Sensitive sensor ✓ Substrates ✓ Global assays for thrombin and plasmin ✓ Preprototype €0.6 M start Enzyre Deliverables: ✓ Business Plan ✓ Project plan with 2 yrs roadmap to biochip ✓ Quantitative assays ✓ Partners contracted ✓ Team installed €6M functional biochip: • € 1M blood collection device • € 1M microfluidics • € 1M sensor & PCB • € 1M substrates reagents • € 1M integration Business Case enrollment 2nd generation biochip Opportunities: • Other business cases beyond coagulation • Additional assays • Reduction in cost price Clinical program ✓ Clinical validation with preprototype • € 1M Clinical validation with Biochip Financing ✓ PIDON (PPS) ✓ € 125k equity/mezzanine ✓ € 400k corporate ✓ € 75k loans • Investors (milestone based) • Innovation Loan (match 60%) • Grant (EFRO)(match 60% per partner, Enzyre €1.5M) • Business case dependent licensing • Return on revenues 2021-2025 Completed Completed 2008-2013 2017-2018 2019-2020
  11. Markets and growth Proof of Concept: Hemophilia 0.4x106 chips 7 channels Cost price ±100 € Hemodynamic Intensive Care Existing market +3.3x106 chips 10 channels Cost price ± 50 € Anticoagulants +45x106 chips 8 channels Cost price ± 20 € 1 10 100 1000 Estimatedbiochips(M) Hemophilia Hemodynamic Intensive Care Anticoagulant Estimated Market size >2 B€/yr
  12. Partners: Micro environment at the Novio Tech Campus Enzyre Mercachem/Chiralix: 1 km Radboud University/ RadboudUMC: 2 km Micronit: 125 km Seventh Sense Biosystems: Boston Area
  13. Patient participation Constructive technology assessment
  14. Enzyre Team: Guido Maertens, CEOWaander van Heerde, PhD, CSO Mark van Geffen, PhD Chris van den Brink, Advisor Anneke Sijbers, PhD Lisa van Engelshoven, BSc Danique Steeghs, BSc
  15. Ultimate goal: Platform technology