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Institutionalisation of Gender Equality Delegate Position

  1. Università degli Studi di Cagliari Institutionalisation of Gender Equality Delegate Position RoundTable StoriesofInstitutionalisationinUniversitiesandResearchCenters InspiringPractices Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022 Ester Cois
  2. A New Role · For the first time, in April 2021, the University of Cagliari introduced in its organizational chart the position of Delegate for Gender Equality as a part of its strategy towards a more inclusive University. · The Delegate is the contact person about the promotion of gender equality and diversity and the fight against any kind of gender-based discrimination for all the communities that interact daily in the university context: the academic and research staff; the technical and administrative staff and the students Pro-Rectors and Delegates at UniCa Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  3. A New Practice! This role has two main responsibilities: a) Connection and coordination between the 32 strategic actions identified by the Gender Equality Plan, aiming at the promotion of an increased balance between men and women in their career paths, and in teaching and research contents Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  4. A New Practice? b) Operatively monitoring and securing the implementation of the inclusive policies undertaken by the University, also by using other tools, such as §Gender Budgeting §Plan for Positive Actions Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  5. Institutionalisation a) Formalization · Regulation: Formal introduction, in the main University documents, of a top position/office, as a stable component of the governance team, expressly dedicated to improving internal decision-making processes from a gender-sensitive perspective · Visibility: Definition of a role corresponding to the principle of gender mainstreaming as a cross sectional dimension to all areas (teaching, research, third mission, human resources) of the new strategic plan of UniCa Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  6. Institutionalisation b) Operationalization Stabilization: Integrate and give continuity to the functions of the collective work carried out by the core team + hub that, during the 4 years of the SUPERA project, led to the drafting and approval of the GEP Synchronization: define an operational chain that links the development of research on gender and diversity issues (Center for Gender Studies) with the promotion of organizational well-being in the University (CUG) Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  7. The Practice: Strenghts · The transversality of the office of the Delegate for GE testifies the strategic and permanent commitment of UniCa in favour of gender equality in an interconnected way between all its three main functions: · 1) Research (Production of Scientific Knowledge) · 2) Education (Teaching cultural content and developing critical thinking) · 3) Third Mission (Participation in the public debate on Citizenship, Social Justice, Democracy, Human Rights, etc) Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  8. The Practice: Lessons Learned Planning: Importance of medium and long- term work-plans on measurable objectives to spread an effective cultural change Involvement: Need to promote an increasing awareness of the relevance of gender issues through bottom-up participatory strategies and by sharing top-down governance decisions Resilience: Ability to recognize and understand structural and personal resistances in order to find effective methods to counter them (surveys, fab- labs, co-working techniques, training, mentoring, etc.) Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  9. The Practice: Challenges · Projects: Seizing the opportunities of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and of the new European research funding programs to strengthen UniCa's participation in international networks for the promotion of diversity and gender inclusion · Policy: Taking into account the impact of the post- pandemic (and now geopolitical) socio-economic crisis which has further worsened the gender gap also in the university and research fields (from the glass ceiling index to the glass door index) · Dissemination: Using the expertise learned thanks to the Supera project to become a benchmark (Unica GEP chosen by National CRUI as an inspiring practice for all Italian universities) Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  10. The Role of the Supera Consortium · A long and adventurous journey! · Constant comparison between specific cultural contexts, sharing of positive models and risk contrast strategies · Learning of techniques and strategies to be used for the implementation of the actions of the gep, especially for the establishment of a top figure for gender equality · Sharing of global challenges (even a pandemic!) and local changes (e.g. government and governance): co-learning and mutual support Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  11. The Role of the H2020 Programme · Positive Action: Gender Equality Plan as an essential requirement for eligibility for research funding in the European framework since 2021 · Scaling: Opening of borders, beyond the perimeter of universities, from the national level to increasingly heterogeneous and productive European partnerships · Multiplier effect: the reputational capital and experience acquired in a network constitute a node to enter others (e.g. thanks to the Supera Consortium, UniCa’s participation in Smile, Unisafe, Casper, Educ, etc.): eg. Crowdhelix Platform Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  12. SUPERA Principles a) Cumulativeness · Diachronic vision: the strong impulse given by the previous Rector for the creation of the first GEP of Unica and taken up and strengthened by the current Rector for its implementation have constituted a growing endorsement for the introduction of the Office of the Delegate for GE and its recognizability inside and outside the university · Organizational functional integration: Coincidence of the (new) Office of Delegate for Gender Equality with the (existing) Presidency of CUG (Guarantee Committee for Social Inclusion); Creation of a supply chain, coordinated by the Office of the Delegate for GE, between the University Center for Research on Gender Issues and the Gender Information Management System (starting from May 2022). Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  13. SUPERA Principles b) Inclusiveness The coordination and monitoring of the 32 GEP strategic actions make the office of the Delegate for GE a reference along 4 key-areas: A) Recruitment, maintenance, career progression, work-family reconciliation policies (horizontal and vertical segregation); B) Transparence and inclusiveness in decision-making processes; C) Promotion of the gender dimension in research and teaching; D) Contrast of gender prejudices and stereotypes, sexism and sexual harassment. This full coverage gives the Delegate a connective orientation, aimed at gathering needs and suggestions from all the communities that interact in UniCa, in a participatory, inclusive and intersectional way, to promote Diversity in all its expressions. Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  14. SUPERA Principles c) Innovation The GEP, together with the new Plan for Positive Actions (2022-2024), both coordinated and monitored by the Delegate for GE, and the new Strategic Plan, where GE is a transversal area, design a challenging path of medium-long term institutional change, aimed at achieving an organizational culture more and more equal and inclusive. The introduction of this innovative role as a top position of the current gender mainstreaming infrastructure at UniCa has been an outcome of SUPERA effectiveness in providing training, capacity building and continuous support throughout the project’s execution. In turn, this role aims to promote training, capacity-building and support for strenghtening GE principles and practices throughout UniCa. Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  15. SUPERA Principles d) Sustainability • Integration of the GEP actions, coordinated by the Delegate for GE, in the 2022-2027 UniCa Strategic Plan (currently under drafting) • HRS4R (Human Resources Strategy for Researchers) application currently ongoing (full involvement of the Delegate for GE) • Creation of a specific section of UniCa official Web-Site focused on GE issues and activities, in coordination between the Delegate for GE and the Pro-Rector for Communication Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  16. Thanks for Your Attention! · Sample text Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  17. The SUPERA partners Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022
  18. SUPERA project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No. 787829. Beyondtickingthebox:sustainable,innovativeandinclusiveGEPs SUPERAFinalConference,Madrid,25thMarch2022