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Hands-on Language Learning with Mobile Devices

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Hands-on Language Learning with Mobile Devices

  1. Hands-on Language Learning with Mobile Devices SHELLYTERRELL.COM/MOVEIT @SHELLTERRELL
  2. “… young people are reading and writing more than we ever did at their age, but they are doing it using their computers and mobile phones.” - David Crystal “On Myths and Mindsets,” 2012
  3. Ideas for ⬆ the 4 skills with mobile devices Ideas for using devices offline Ways to promote active learning Ways to manage a classroom full of devices Key Takeaways
  4. Introduction to Mobile Learning Keeping Students Focused Get-to-KnowYou Activities & Icebreakers Photo Challenges Video Tasks and Projects Audio Tasks and Projects Session Outline
  5. Which types of mobile devices do you and your learners have access to?
  6. Make videos Record audio Take pictures Send messages Add notes Use maps Play games How many of these tasks have you completed with your mobile device? AnnotateDraw
  7. Taking photos Making videos Recording audio Session Focus
  8. How do we keep students on task?
  9. Tip! Time tasks
  10. Tip! Pair or group students
  11. Tip! Set up a mobile device area June Jose
  12. Tip! Outline clear expectations and consequences
  13. Get-To-Know You Activities, Mingling and Icebreakers Less than 5 minutes Gather information Make connections ShellyTerrell.com/MoveIt, @ShellTerrell
  14. Share an image with a peer & the story behind it Icebreaker Example: Show-N-Tell With a Cell ShellyTerrell.com/MoveIt, @ShellTerrell
  15. Follow up activity! Use the 5 senses and adjectives to describe the image Smell Touch Sight Sound Taste
  16. Photo Challenges
  17. Photo Challenge Example: I Spy With My Device 1st Teach the shapes 2nd Students take a close up photo of a real world example ShellyTerrell.com/MoveIt, @ShellTerrell
  18. Photo Challenge: I Spy With My Device 3rd Students show peers who guess the object 4th Then peers guess the shape
  19. Photo Challenge Example: Go On A Selfie Adventure! ShellyTerrell.com/MoveIt, @ShellTerrell Pet, sibling, hero Hobby, talent Favorite book, place Toy selfie adventures
  20. Take a photo example of the vocabulary Create a photo writing prompt What photo challenges could you give your students?
  21. Video Tasks & Projects
  22. Video Project Example: Invention Commercial 1st Students improve an invention or invent an app 2nd Storyboard the commercial 3rd Produce a commercial (1 minute or less)
  23. Student Storyboard for MicroWow
  24. News Broadcast How-To/Do ItYourself (DIY) Book Trailer What other video projects can help students improve their English?
  25. Audio Tasks & Projects
  26. Audio Project Example: Record a Chain Story 1st Place students in a circle 2nd The first student receives the mobile device and records his/ her beginning of the story 3rd Each student takes the device and records their part of the story
  27. Listen to or produce podcasts Create a radio jingle Create sound effects for a story (Novel Effect iOS app) What other audio projects can help students improve their English?
  28. Which mobile learning tip or idea from this presentation are you most excited to try? Photo Challenges Video Projects Management Tips Audio Projects Icebreakers