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3. Relationship Vocabulary - Bomb game.pptx

  1. 1. Throw the ‘bomb’ to anyone. 2. When the 10-second countdown clock stops at 0, the bomb explodes. 3. Who has or sits the nearest to the bomb when it explodes must answer a short question. 4. If you fail to answer the question correctly in 5 seconds, you will have to do what the audience ask Bomb Game Instructions and rules:
  2. Be Quick!
  3. Be quicker!
  4. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Questions
  5. Question 1 Two people who are married or in a romantic relationship. C____ Key: couple
  6. Question 2 The man who you’re engaged to be married to. F_______ Key: Fiancé / Fiancée (woman)
  7. Question 3 Your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. P_______ Key: partner
  8. Question 4 I work with him. He’s my ____. C______ Key: colleague
  9. Question 5 A person you share a flat with. F______ Key: Flatmate
  10. Question 6 When Dara p_______ to his girlfriend, she accepted and they started to plan their wedding. Key: proposed
  11. Question 7 Justin and Selena s___ _ because they argued all the time. Key: split up
  12. Question 8 Bill and Melinda h___ a lot i_ c______. For example, they both enjoy cooking. Key: have a lot in common
  13. Question 9 After months without communicating with each other, Alexora and Sonita g __ __ __ again on Facebook. Key: got in touch
  14. Question 10 When my friend, Mony, went to Japan, we l_ _ for a few years. Key: lost touch.
  15. Question 11 It’s the first day of term and the students are doing the activity to g__ _ __ each other. Key: get to know
  16. Question 12 Eric and his girlfriend have been t_____ for a couple of years. They love each other a lot. Key: together
  17. Question 13 They went ___ _____quite a lot and then fell in love. Key: went out together
  18. Question 14 Last week I met a lovely girl in my English class. I really f____ her. Key: fancy
  19. Question 15 What he cares is video games and he didn’t spend time with his girlfriend. So, she d_____him yesterday. Key: dumped