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Assistive technology tools for struggling students in post-secondary education


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Assistive technology tools for struggling students in post-secondary education

  1. 1. Assistive technology tools for struggling students in post-secondary education
  2. 2. twitter.com/chacullen Echarlenec@spectronics.com.au
  3. 3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/williamhook/9017190514/
  4. 4. Must be •Goal directed •Supported within the curriculum plan •Integrated with other technology •Supported with training and learning
  5. 5. the most crucial factor = you
  6. 6. https://twitter.com/kayleygilbert
  7. 7. designed for AVERAGE
  8. 8. ban the AVERAGE
  9. 9. Chris Windsor / Getty Images
  10. 10. design to the EDGES
  11. 11. bit.ly/litsupport
  12. 12. Coming Soon
  13. 13. Technology for reading and access to learning content
  14. 14. Settings & Extensions
  15. 15. iPad Settings •General/Accessibility/Vision / Speak selection •General/Accessibility/Vision / Speak screen Chrome Extension •Co:Writerfor Chrome Co:WriterDesktop •Speech Settings Text to speech
  16. 16. readup to 500 wpm speak150-170 wpm
  17. 17. comprehension problemsbelow 100 wpm wordsneed to pacedat 2 or 3 pre second
  18. 18. Apps •Readability Score •Symbol Support •iReadWrite Chrome Extensions •Google Dictionary •Read&Writefor Google Other resources •http://www.readability-score.com/ •www.rewordify.com Comprehension & Vocabulary Support
  19. 19. Apps •ClaroPDF •PDF Expert 5 •iAnnotatePDF Reading PDFs
  20. 20. Apps •KNFB Reader •Prizmo •Pixter •TextGrabber OCR tools
  21. 21. Supporting organisation and other executive functions
  22. 22. organisation & study
  23. 23. quality of thinking drops awayquickly once working memoryincreases beyond four items
  24. 24. Apps •tldrReader •bitlyURL Shortener Chrome Extension •TLDR •Google URL Shortener Resources •www.textcompactor.com Cognitive load
  25. 25. QR Codes
  26. 26. Websites •qrstuff.com •qrcode.kaywa.com •zxing.appspot.com/generator •qrvoice.net QR Code generator
  27. 27. Apps •Scan -QR Code and Barcode Reader •QrafterPro Available for any device! QR Code readers
  28. 28. Apps •SafeShareTV •Nicertube Chrome extensions •Clearly •Readability Resources •Reader Button in Safari via Speak Selection Minimise Distraction
  29. 29. Apps •Pinterest •Side by Side •Sling Note •Google Scholar Chrome Extension •Split Screen Information Gathering
  30. 30. Apps •Easy APA •EasyBib Resources •Google Scholar Referencing
  31. 31. Apps •ClaroSpeak •Voice Reader •Recorder Create Audio
  32. 32. Apps •Sonic Pics •Movenote •Explain Everything Chrome •www.youtube.com/editor Video editing •iMovie Video Creation
  33. 33. videois a tool to support instruction, not an instructional tool
  34. 34. Apps •Tubenotes Resources •VideoNot.esis a free web tool that allows students to take notes on a video they are watching Video Notes
  35. 35. Apps •Book Creator •Creative Book Builder eBooks
  36. 36. Software •iBooksAuthor via Macbook eBooks
  37. 37. Learnerslearn more when working in pairs when using technology
  38. 38. use the cloud
  39. 39. •Evernote •Dropbox •Google drive Using the Cloud
  40. 40. Apps •Forgetful •Mylillist •Nozbe •Reminders •Calendar Google Calendar •Share and collaborative features Reminders
  41. 41. Supporting writing and the new literacies
  42. 42. write
  43. 43. why? Q W E R T Y
  44. 44. Sacred Heart College NZ – digitised all exams across school Sacred Heart College NZ Normal rather than unusualDigital Exams Fair and equal test
  45. 45. writing can be cognitively overwhelming, physically exhausting, time consuming……so they have negative attitudes to the writing process
  46. 46. avoiding failureis a strongermotivation than obtaining a positive success or reward
  47. 47. Apps •Popplet •Inspiration Maps •MindNode •MindMeister Mind Mapping
  48. 48. Apps •Ginger Page •iReadWrite Read&Write11 •Spell check •Verb check Spelling & Grammar
  49. 49. Apps •Co:Writer, WriteOnline, iReadWrite ClaroSpeak-Australian Edition, iWordQ, AppWriter Chrome Extension •Co:Writerfor Chrome Co:Writer •Word prediction Word prediction
  50. 50. iOS Keyboards •Swype(Android also) •Swiftkey(Android also) •Keedogo •SuperKeys HandWritingRecognition Apps •Write Pad •MyScriptNotes Mobile Keyboard Alternatives
  51. 51. Apps •Dragon Dictation Settings •General/Siri Mac/PC •Dragon Naturally Speaking (PC) •Dragon Dictate for Mac Speech Recognition
  52. 52. Apps •Sonic Pics •Movenote •Explain Everything Chrome •www.youtube.com/editor Video editing •iMovie Video Creation
  53. 53. Apps •Evernote •Skitch •AudioNote •SoundNote •Notability Google •Google Drive Notetaking
  54. 54. Give it a go!Start. Go. Begin.
  55. 55. What next?What are my next steps?
  56. 56. Jason Gibson & Jason Caroll
  57. 57. Thank You